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My last blog on this very subject was “snatched” away at the  very last moment.  cud they dishearten me fm telling the truth or voicing the concern?

mashallah i hav found a much detailed n up2date info. on the subject.  now wot is it 2 us?  primarily 3 concerns:

1. nat-er guru cia/ nsa  always uses other countries intelligence agencies for “theIr” own intelligence gatherings.  they hav fooled the world in 2001 with an ultimate trick 2 ruin the islamic world.  they hav coerced muslims 2 kill muslims so that they can rob their wealth gradually over a longperiod of time.  they didnt leave iraq after practically ruining the bak bone of that country, they hav fortified their position by buiding an embassy with a whooping 1 BILLION us dollars! 2 ruin n rob the next country in the region probably within next 10 yrs again n so forth.  they hav created an outer shield defense for themselves by creating is.  bak in the 80s their spy satellites cud  c the exact headlines of a russian sitting in moscows gorky park n reading his morning newspaper.  strangely 40 yrs later when technology has advanced with unimaginable precision they cud not, with probably Thousands of spy satellites up there, c ten of thousands of militias training in the desert over a long period of time. on top of that every arabs all fons tabbed.
they hav ambitions in as far as  bdesh.  so i wont b surprised if tbey currently fooling the nsi n using them for their purpose.  the existing arrangements shud b  curtailed n if possible stopped immediatly.  a sovereign independent country shud never get in2 such agreement with any country.

2. most of use us made apps n swares for our social networking, email, brousing , blogging etc daily needs n datas r kept in their servers outside bd mostly in us.  when american privacies r not respected by their govts, y wud our privacies will b respected by that same govt?  our embassy there can prbably find a legal solution 2 this eg., try 2 arrange a court order thaf 2 scrutinize any bangladeshi’s acct with a us service provider, besides us court orders they hav 2 also obtain bd courts order, n in these days of electronix all these can b done in a day.

3. finally, most importantly we r a muslim majority country.  we follow quran n  sunnat.  borh quran n sunnat hav very strongly upheld that anybodys privacy shud not b invaded.  also if som1 shares his secret wifh anotger person then the person listening bcomes the xusgodian n shud notmisuse ir reveal the secret 2 others. so here the bd govt  is 2 ensure the privacies of its citizens over all electronics media.  it shud not evasdrop bcoz it is haram n it shud not help or allow foreign govts 2 evasdropping

Privacy and technology
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United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit | US | United States of America versus Quartavious Davis [PDF]

From the Decision:
“In this case, the government got 67 days of cell site location data disclosing Quartavious Davis’s location every time he made or received a call on his cell phone. It got all this without obtaining a warrant. During that time, Mr. Davis made or received 5,803 phone calls, so the prosecution had 11,606 data points about Mr. Davis’s location. We are asked to decide whether the government’s actions violated Mr. Davis’s Fourth Amendment rights. The majority says our analysis is dictated by the third-party doctrine, a rule the Supreme Court developed almost forty years ago in the context of bank records and telephone numbers. But such an expansive application of the third-party doctrine would allow the government warrantless access not only to where we are at any given time, but also to whom we send e-mails, our search-engine histories, our online dating and shopping records, and by logical extension, our entire online personas.”
See also: Analysis by Elizabeth Goitein at Just Security.
Source: Policy Surveillance
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এক জন মুক্তি যোদ্ধা কত টুকু অধিকার বনচিত হলে এমন কথা বলতে পারে??? যে দেশ কে মানুষ হৃদয় দিয়ে ভালবাসে,কাদের কারনে সেই দেশের প্রতি ঘৃণা সৃষ্টি হয়??? শাসক গুষ্টির চুরি ডাকাতি, দূর্নীতি, নির্যাতন, বৈসাম্য, ইত্যাদি করনে।

How far deperived any of the freedom fighters could hav been 2 speak like this ??? The people who whole heartedly is in love with their country, whose action is 2 b blamed for the same people to start hating that very
country ??? The ruling group’s theft, robbery, corruption, torture, discrimination etc.r 2 b blamed.


I have committed sin by fighting for the independence of the country
I hav fought for my country 2 make it independent so that people can choose n vote
2day bangladeshis do not hav the rite 2 vote at their will.
(Kader SIddique, Bongo Bir).

When u hear it fm him (kader siddique) – the outrageous situation…

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এক জন মুক্তি যোদ্ধা কত টুকু অধিকার বনচিত হলে এমন কথা বলতে পারে??? যে দেশ কে মানুষ হৃদয় দিয়ে ভালবাসে,কাদের কারনে সেই দেশের প্রতি ঘৃণা সৃষ্টি হয়??? শাসক গুষ্টির চুরি ডাকাতি, দূর্নীতি, নির্যাতন, বৈসাম্য, ইত্যাদি করনে।

How far deperived any of the freedom fighters could hav been 2 speak like this ??? The people who whole heartedly is in love with their country, whose action is 2 b blamed for the same people to start hating that very
country ??? The ruling group’s theft, robbery, corruption, torture, discrimination etc.r 2 b blamed.


I have committed sin by fighting for the independence of the country
I hav fought for my country 2 make it independent so that people can choose n vote
2day bangladeshis do not hav the rite 2 vote at their will.
(Kader SIddique, Bongo Bir).

When u hear it fm him (kader siddique) – the outrageous situation of bd electoral process how wiill u blieve the toned down statement (almost the same for all n sorts of elections) fm the embassiess of uk n usa. the funny thing is that they shamelesly get involved in our political matters, n our politicians which r again chosen n shown elected n assigned ministries by these sorcerer evil nations, unlike in the style of their own countries where at least monkies assigned ministries knows how 2 satisfy jews, hindus n iblis shaytwan in all sorts of christian sodomy acts. whereas our 1s just needs a jackass language named english proficiency.

Now these foreign monkey language “proficients” within 2 months of getting office dresses up like italian mafia kingpins or their paid advisers like presidents of us of a or prince of wales of uk. after 6 mos to 1 yr in2 the job ie., after 2 bastard sorcerers ie., ambassadors of uk , usa. combindly (these 2 evil nations shud b called KIS aka kis ass of bhogoban or kingdom of iblis shytwans states). arranges windfall thefts for these good for nothing, specially qualified for having little 2 no knowledge on islam but all devout bhogoban ass kissers like pakis, afghans (rite now performing a broadway bickering exclusive 2 help the donkey bhogobans plans 2 keep everybody else confused in n about the region. That’s how much future monkies now proud 2 call themselves donkey bhogoban r misusing power. Also 2 outcast, imprison, isolate, libel, professionally harass, promote the unqualified etc 2 keep countries like bd vulnerable n if needed remake it quickly a further extension of w.Bengal in order 2 keep the Hindu country assured of reward. Then will come the much deserved turn for the too clever thinking backstabbers of their neiglhbours 2 vanish in2 junky pieces of countries, somewat like former soviet unuon. Rest assured the donkey with a trunk in its ass will implement this regardless how much hindustan helps them against china n for all that matter against us as well.

Donkey monkey u havent learnt yor lessons yet even after yor absolute public humiliation. U goddamned Hindu lover, British backed sorcerer u and yor bogobans thought that u can destroy this Muslim country n own any1 including me. Humiliated abuser of power, evil how do u face the world everyday?

now these us secretary equivalent idiots by this time sent at least once or twice 2 london 2 b trained on anglo-american expectation 2 respect bhogohans n hidus.& upon return they get busy in all sorts of anti islamic acts. their confidence levels rises thnx 2 all these extra curricular activities. by this time on various social parties these cunning monkies start bragging which bank he/ she plundered in disguise of industrial loans, trade credits etc. Is their next story . which countries anbassadors invited him/her how many their everyday story. After attending parties n giving assurance 2 the ambassadors that their govts policy of pushing other countries 2 make alchohol cheap n widely available is “appreciable” n our govt has no objection for them not giving jobs, immigration etc 2 the non alchaholics n smile back @ the church idiots last hope when soon 2 b a drunk social nuisance frowned at a Bangladeshi rejecting alchohols. Finally a wise choice idiot before leaving these embassy parties he makes sure the ambassadors hav heard n nodded their heads with gratitude for the deposited millions of dollars of embezzled money with their countries banks.

the usual money laundering method wud b 2 use the hundi mkt 2 convert the local currency in2 foreign currency n take this foreign currency abroad n mostły deposit them in us, uk, swiss etc countries bank accounts. initially these unknown local thugs in foreign lands r generally introduced by n their law required “good character” certifications r issued by that banks local branch (in absense of that their correspondent another foreign banks local branch). money that has not been taken in2 legally e.g., in london thru proper banking channels, the money for which no1 can show underlying commercial transactions n bak at home no taxes hav been paid against these earned rather stolen monies making them possibly the 2 nd darkest black money in the world after the sales proceeds of drugs n arms sell offs. here 2 mashallah i am very confident 2 say that the biggest black mkt drugs n arms dealer in the world is the us government thru its 2nd biggest evil n stink called cia. this is the brainless n faithless “mathor potti” of america (human shit collectors, cleaners very much live ike the american law makers, CIA clowns, dea officials practically on the shit, off the shit).

arrogant n. humiliated shytwan iblis helps selecting ruthless bhogoban beleivers 2 b us presidents with 1 n only aim 2 kill islam fm this earth. n the monkey gets immediatly busy in achieving wot another monkey named feraun tried.&
let the americans n their chamchas find out wot happened 2 feraun n its friends but i want 2 ask the americans bing the leader of anti money laundering laws, having a very sophistibcated central bank fed n its quite a few regulatory bodies how come national thieves of other countries manage.2 keep money in american bank branches?

our last pm’s younger son’s money was kept with an american bank’s singapore branch. much after popularly known as us coup when coco’s (recently passed away.@ around 44…we r all for allah n 2 him shall we return) mother lost her pm seat in the election. After that n a very unusual case siemens of germany confessed 2 an american court that in a telecomm tender they bribed coco 2 arrange thru his mother 2 give the comtract 2 siemens. Eventually siemens was awarded the big contract. aft siemens confession audit found indeed substential money was transferred in cocos us bank acct in spore by siemens. Now take a note of this point – both siemens n the us bank (known 2 operate as fed outside us) has branches in dhaka as well n both spore n us maintain large diplomatic outlet in dhaka.n spore. now we r probably 4-5 yrs aft the payoff in spore (few yrs lapsed since then too) when power has shifted hands in bangladesh. it seemed like sirmens in a stunt move walked in2 a us court for self incrimination. i am not getting in2 the policies n politics ot bizness practice, ethics, conflict of interest etc. but i will hilite n raise a couple of questions;
1. when money got in2 spore most likely fm germany in2 a german bank. there spore siemens wont pay bcoz generally inter company lendings r not allowed. wot reason was declared 2 monetary authority of spore.since lntl movements of funds within banks need 2 b reported. If any other coz shown other then bribery 2 b paid german banks spore license shud b revoked by mas for fraud. also Siemens wud come under fire both in spore n Germany for lying 2 it’s bank n unethical bizness practice, include bd. Now if truth said
n if bribery was shown it.wud raise a big question bcoz no central bank tolerates unethical practices in their mkt. Y i never heard or got answers 2 these very importanr points

2. when fund was deposited in cocos american bank acct in spore did the american bank fill out anti money laundering form. lets assume they did. n if the gernan co had lied (no way they can say the truth n face law) again fm their confession 2 us court wot disciplanary action was taken against them by the us court first for anti competition corruption in Dhaka. (bcoz some us cos must have competed for the tender) n for that matter by bd govt also againdt siemens for corruption in govt procurements. I hav heard again no news of reprimanding siemens.
3. last but not the least , possibly most imp question. when coco approached 2 open acct with the american bank under wot law they allowed him 2 open an account. there r 2 sifes of.strict laws here. 1st spore law dosent allow non residents 2 open accts there. mayb they hav rules like harvard where siblings of any head of states gets dirext admission. now the money deposoted in2 cocos acct by siemens (now assuming they didnt totalky lie but technically declared something like advisory fees etc.).who authenticates these declarations. These r supozed 2 b very sensitive in mpnitoring “terrorism” activities. so these forms r 2 b.verified by the financial institute taking the deposit. did they verify? y was no flag raised then? Now if they say rhey verified (apparently not) how did they got punished for lying? 5-6 yrs had passed aft the txn took place, there must hav been at
least 1 auxit by both mas and the banks own internal./ external audits. y wasnt any flags raised by any of these? Was it cover up, wrong procedure or incompetence? Since global co, global banks n governments involved with substantrial corruption, looks like courts 1 sided judgement, n dangerous levels of audit lapses – tells me bis shud have gotten involved too. Bb shud hav.made public the bus papers, have they?
similar incidents in cases of egypt, libya, tunisia., iraq etc; the day after these cia agents fallen out of grace 2 b replaced by the next 1 for the next set of robbery by america, all western big banks starts singing 2gether n discloses the autocrats have several hundreds of millions of dollarsin deposit with them. y kept quite so long? bcoz of law? A public servant whose salary is public info, how he deposited w/o being asked questions about hundreds of millions of dollars in2 his acct? wot happened 2 that law?

couple of minutes bak a ballot paper hijacking cot in the camera in front of the elexion conmision officials was also snatched away fm me. it was done electrronically while i was about 2 reshare the blog shot on recent dhaka ct mayors election.
not only that, 2day aft 6 to 7 days later i am bing able 2 reshare (thru extremely manual n difficult process. on top of that yesterday an almost final draft of this blog was snantched away fm me).

PS: the use of bhogoban is 2 not 2 b referred 2 the hindu religion but originates there. it is  2 insult the judio christian joint venture that hopes 2 add Hindus in their lunacy acts with the help of 2 shytwans ie, jinns voluutereed 2 create sorcery, black magic or bun (generally called in this country since the pre historic times of hindu religion in the ole bongo desh). They hav a farther ambition 2 crrate some sort of monkey religion. where every1 except muslims hav a place.  blieving in evil powers, sharing power with iblis’s all evil including, also obamas area of interest – sodomy promotion ( actually overconfidentt lunatics hopinlg that it is possible n shown by gay lovers obama n iblis 2 the us senate n westminister house of lords both famous for keeping a judio christian mandatory  social act alive 2 dominate n rob the world. These mentally sick due 2 sodomy, lying, stealing,  promoting filth n doing harm 2 people using magic so called intelligent, wise n far sighted asshole leaders of mostly judio christian club and a few illeterate fans of theirs finally  got caught in their extreme greed based unjust, destabilizing n dangerously evil acts.   bhogoban monkies r primarily cameroon, modi (in the watsh list), netaneyahu, merkel, putin, holland et als. these n their 4-5 predecessors r the initiators, n obama n iblis r the joint rulers.Snatchings (NY Upon B.Ganga)

Dhaka, Venezuela


Here is s thought fm a blogger in venezuala.  i hav got it translated.  i know another ct that resembles caracass but on the other side of globe n starts with D.  both V n B has oil n gas export related dispute with a country the name of which starts with a very big n heavy U.  y coding names?  protecting fm bing a blogger less world.  just try 2 imagine how n when these sort of  bold n courageous (wud b never except battle field scenes n that too has shytwans purpose) reporting wud hav come out of cnn, bbc, al jazeera et al.


Voices of Death

When a bullet ends a life, it promotes, at the same time, the birth of many voices. They speak all that somehow have to do with what is no longer. These are the voices of death we learned to listen in such a violent city like our Caracas. Their stories are sad, evil, calm, indifferent, passionate and grateful. Each story has its protagonist and his truth them. Today all have here your gallery …

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Venezuela: The country’s easy kidnapping
Photo: Juan Toro Ten During 2013, there were 405 kidnappings in Venezuela, according to the denunc …
Friday, March 7, 2014
The war of figures
At home 17,962 homicides occurred during 2013. That’s according to figures from the C …
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Friday, January 31, 2014
“We are more evil than the underworld”
Terry Camilo Cortez was among a group of armed motorized marches caring d …
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Voces de la Muerte

Cuando una bala acaba con una vida, impulsa, al mismo tiempo, el nacimiento de muchas voces. Hablan todos los que de alguna manera tienen que ver con el que ya no está. Esas son las voces de la muerte que aprendimos a escuchar en una ciudad tan violenta como lo es nuestra Caracas. Sus relatos son tristes, malvados, tranquilos, indiferentes, apasionados y también agradecidos. Cada historia tiene su protagonista y ellos su verdad. Hoy todas tienen aquí su tribuna
Voces de la Muerte

Cuando una bala acaba

sábado, 19 de abril de 2014
Venezuela: El país del secuestro fácil

Foto: Juan Toro Diez Durante 2013, ocurrieron en Venezuela 405 secuestros —según las denunc…
viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014
La guerra de las cifras

En el país ocurrieron 17.962 homicidios durante 2013. Eso según cifras del C…
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viernes, 31 de enero de 2014
“Nosotros somos más malos que el hampa”

Terry Camilo Cortez formó parte del grupo de motorizados armados que cuidaban las marchas d…
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Earlier posted:

thought u only c these in movies….




Read here 2 find out who the real criminals r.

0riginally posted (now modified) a few months bak in:


Human memories r short, more so given the fact that there r so many varieties of lies, conspiracies, cruelty, deceits, conflicts , crimes, murders n wot not that shakes our conscious so much and/ or disgusts us so deeply that after the initial numbness is over we try 2 recoup and maintain our sanity or in case of lies or hatred 2 ensure the poison has not spread in our minď too. we try never 2 recall the incident bak but we naturally remember the persons unique characters n names bhind such atrocities.

This world has bcome a strange place where everything seems 2 b not wot it used 2 b but trying 2 b wot it used 2 b under a spell. There is simply too much bloodshed out in almost everycorner of the world n mostly innocent people r getting hurt or crippled n not even enuf doctors, nurses or resources 2 deal with them. It would b intetesting 2 know how many people dies everday in the world due 2 acts of war, descrimination, corruption n crimes. My gutfeel is a # that wud b very disturbing.

Ok, the guatanamo bay was created with a promise that, if they wud not b asked about it, the world wud b a safer place. Has it been? Absolutely not! Had anybody asked them the reason? I sure havent heard any reason as 2 y america needs 2 send drones 2 kill in the tribal northwest of pakistan, y bangladesh entered the league with bagla bhai (brothers), south sudan, boko haram, is et al., all came in2 the scene post guatanamo. A strong n very independent commision cud possibly find out wot truly happened in that strange prison chosen in a very strange location in the map. B forewarned if u cant get them now they will keep on lying1 after another bcoz it seems they hav been able 2 already establish a new set of code of conducts which says that they must b first heroic in the style of hollywood n take as much foto sessions as possible n for that reason they hav the rite 2 lie. Whereas they shud b the icon of integrity n characters.

wot is it that america n britain has against islam? i knew it is only shytwan that has its agenda against islam. shytwan fell out of grace bcoz of human bings (it was actually bcoz of its own arrogance) n vowed 2 allah 2 take revenge on human being for that. 2 protect humans fm iblis n its follower shytwans harm allah has sent prophets of islam (blieving in 1 allah) from adom 2 mohammad (saw’s) some with n some w/o his books of revelation e.g. taurat (torah), ingil (bible) n lastly quran thru the last prophet mohammad (saw). now the human race hav always been saved thru islam. islam came 2 different human localities thru different prophets over the entire history of mankind with the only exception of mohammad who has been called as the mercy of allah and mentioned in the quran sent for the entire human.race. so now it is very obvious y shytwan cannot tolerate islam; bcoz it knows only islam can well prepare n protect haman bings against the seduction, deceit, lies, crookedness n conspiracies of shytwan(s) against human beings.

Now let me go bak 2 the question the beginning of the previous paragraph n that was y britain n america is in shytwans shoes? seems like the 2 r these days mostly.trainers n supervisors (living in a fools world) of shytwans. well they dont want 2 blieve in islam that is,wot i wud say, their problem but dont they hav some moral training, cant they use with.islam at the least?

Being Taught Unusual Language.



First of all it dilutes the truth.
Secondly it shows nigah power.

Hi guys, wazzup? Hope all of u mashallah along with yor family r in good health. not much (so much) 2 update fm me. Still the deadly pains continues, basically the hours i am awake n the “strength” n length of various pains have increased too since i can only catch average 2 hours or little more of that 2 sleep in a day. This has been going on for over 2 months now. also conducive 2 loose yor sanity.

On the desh update, in my opinion, the situation thnx 2 হুসেইননার (here the unusual language starts n gets stronger as more truth comes out – with this confession evil is protected n i am schizophrenic).

arab spring has finally reached the non arab bd too with a vengance. Oh! by the way dont think en route kkk’s কাইল্লা informers iblis marine platoon by mistake missed the 2 cud b very profitable countries – iran n india. there the shytwans’ policy is other way around so no destruction more pampering.

History shows u.s. presidents in their short history hav been able 2 elbow in past their european cousins 2 earn the coveted seats among the genious muslim killers. The current combo of yahud, muslim n nasara names is the summa, kumma, laude of all n earned an extraordinary bonus fm the european half cousins, even bfore he earned his first salary, if i am not wrong n wot if i am – does a month or 2 make any difference here? Now, a cashcow for america aka, evil another president bho (although taught something else in bangla the english proximation of those disgusting n unspeakable words would b somefhing like bastard, humann menace and ososa (অস্অসার) giving shytwan. The foul mouth genious has sent me his 1st n middle names) shaytwan awaits its next bobby monkey fisher gambit move, whereby using the 2 other highest sunni muslim killers after him – iran n gujrat riot’s bhogoban bill clintons trusted n tested best friend modi. No wonder the europeans (not the brits though it is the 51st state) say wot we c 2day america has seen n made money out of it 20 yrs ago.

Only if they had read the quran they wud know that the american ivy leagues r in the sky. Quran says while fereshtas (angels) r waiting in the sky with allahs order 2 execute n discussing these orders among themselves, evasdropping shaytwans steals a few. These shytwans when spotted r chased or stoned with burning comets. Those survive they get heros welcome bak 2 america n r allways in the super purple heart list of the white house, meaning in the priviledged list not requiring any.appointments 2 c the great visionary monkey in the oval office.  Then the next planning, tedrawing etc. starts much much ahead of all else.

Now i hope sharing the “open secret” of ivy league, i hav not created admissions rush crisis for these evasdropping, foul mouth n filth trainers. wonder y so.much parannoya of this all.sorts of power country that want 2 steal fm every1 their freedom n privacy. bfore we get the answer 2 that for bd we hav 2 wait.up.helplessly.for this.
white nigger der dara made helpless shown nigger ‘s.(in both cases.niger is used as if me nigger addressing the genuine niggers, so it dosent matter. u ask me i say 2 an over confident god damned nation) next cruelty, crookedness n destruction 2 upkeep the existing devide n conquer n work.2wards achieving 2.goals of.bhogoban; return the power 2 as promised, and as promised by the maigga make sure this country is sarcificed @ the bedi of bhogoban.

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