Map of Palestine


Just watch how BARBARIC, UNJUST n DAY LITE ROBBERS r USA, UK n ISRAEL alltogether these 3 countries or the true axis of evils.

During the 40s (far left map palestine in green), taking advantage of a confusing world in a transit between still at shock fm ww2 up2 which time humanity never saw 2 this extent of prejudice n killings in & outside the battlefields.  at the same time consolidating n getting bak on their feet again the newly independent states fm the colonial liars n ruthless occupiers.  taking advantage of the global hangovers of  these mega contrasting situations n on the other hand, in the name of gaining independence but just actually 2 kiss up the bak of the colonial masters some got used 2 sharing beds with the colonial masters & totally forgot their hypocratic lying character.  as a result wot these 3 murderous rapists hav done 2 the palestinians, is so obvious fm the rest of the 3 maps – far rite being currently the tiny dots of green palestine n the rest jews leisurely n happily protecting american base israel.

few months bak i hav mashallah written elaborately on the subject n tom inshallah i will reshare it. despite syria (allah give rhem courage, finance n arms 2 fight against yor enemies n also punish israel n iran the 2 hily ambitious n ethicless opportunists scoundrels for violating intl laws n helping bashar with oil n armies while israel helping with usual staff.)  despite syria – checnya, kashmir etc. r also locked in2 almost similar deadly independence war. palestine we hav not forgotten n inshallah wil never forget about yor fight against the 3 evil monsters regardless of how much spell powers they have.
allah! u r the allmighty n muslims r yor most favorite yet also most gafels (distracted) 1s in this age. yet so whenever u tested them even under the lunacy they call arab/ non arab spring, mashallah each n every capable muslims with or w/o arms n trainng jumped in2 defending their motherlands islamic borders with only chanting yor sacrred names. their courage n brilliance in the battlefields w/o formal military academic training shocked the senior foreign battlefield journalists those who wud hardly ever praiae muslims. so allah pls forgive us for bing gafels n fm yor endless mercy guide us fm syria 2 chechnya, kashmir 2  bdesh everywhere with a comprehensive victory. allah we. pray 2 u  wot u have tought us 2 pray – “(pray:) our lord! condemn us. not if we forget or fall in2 error; our lord! lay not on us a butden like that which thou didst lay on those before us; our lord! lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength 2 bear. blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. have .mercy on us. thou art our protector; grant us victory over the unbeleivers.” (quran 02:286)

So Called Leaders of the Free World

Ramadan Mubarak



Soon inshallah the month of ramadan will arrive.  An extemely significant month for muslims thruout the world.  For anybody 2 get this month for another year is indeed a very  fortunate event.

This is the month allah started revealing the Qur’an for the human beings thru hazrat gibril (aws) (gabreal) 2 prophet mohammad (peace b upon him).  it started when he was 40 yrs old n continued for 25  yrs (up2 the yr prophet died at the age of 65).  So prophet mohammad was ordained as a prophet n messenger of allah at the age of 40.
Quran has 114 suras or chapters.  The suras r mostly linked with various incidents, occasions, decisions etc. of the prophets life in the 2 cts mekkah n medina (s arabia) he used 2 live.  There r lots of important true stories throughout the history of mankind also in it 2 give guidance n warniing, as appropriate.  So, in all sorts n sizes of matters –  trivial 2 fundamental or small 2 big, including personal, family, social, financial, governmental, various sciences (some mentioned more than 1400 yrs bak  in this book but bing proved only recently  by the scientists, also known as the miracles of quran) manners, humanitarian aspects, law n justice, family/ relatives/ friend issues, gender issues, rites of n  with the neighbours etc., basically wotever u name it that is required for a human bings lawful n decent living  with adequate  rites can b found in quran.   Bsides, since the time of prophet, for critical matters those having no direct  mention in either quran or hadises, hav been resolved by a panel of expetts made fm rulers, justices, law experts (both sharia n common laws), quran specially kalam rules experts n theamatics (tafsir scholars), hadises ezperts, relevant subject matter specialist n whoever else deemed necessary by this board  or the  chairman of this board (mandatorily the head of the state) gets 2gether 2 discuss the matter.  First they look for solutions inside quran n hadises close 2 matters like this.  If not found,  certain incidents or decisions taken in other matters, or hadises, ayats themaetics extrapolated if deemed suitable then reviewed fm all arguable points of view, then  phylosophically judged (if needed argued, debated again) n draft copies of at least a few such review sessions circulated for all involved 2 absolutely indipendently agree on all points as in the case of quran n hadis they wud do.  Bcoz these r nothing but lawful n necessary extensions of quran n sunnats themaetics under permission of allah.  So ultimate fear of allah must b in mind for all decisions made. Allah has entrusted this board 2 kias ( discuss the matter) n most piously, honestly with patience n wisdom wants them 2 implement expeditiously the izma (an all agreed decision) 2 carry forward the bizness of islam. 
Sometimes i wonder n worry how will the heads of states of OIC (probably 52 member states) will face allahs judgement when kias n izma by the virtue of the fact is faraj n none of these countries r following the process.  The  very people neglecting their duties r the 1s blaming islam not bing up2date, progressive!
My objective in writing this blog is primarily 2 fold.  When.i talk 2 the young generation i find the sorry state of islamiat teaching in our skools.  It was bad during our times.  But nothing compared 2 wot it is now.  Having an elaborate syllabus is not necessarily teaching with depth n proper emphasis.  N the notorious cable, movies, inets dont  help the nations good cozes at all.  So inshallah i wud like 2 hope the youth wil come up the curve n take more interest in the most beautiful, powerful, decent n most intellectually challenging n stimulating subject called islamiat.
Now bak tracking a little bit.
All these ayats or verses of quran came as either halal (allowed), haram (banned) n results of yor deeds ie., jannat (heaven) or jahannam (hell), with vivid descriptions of the 2 places.  2 further caution, the book also gives a few examples of allahs ultimate anger on some extreme transgressor nations for acts like  violating others rites,  for bing too arrogant,  allways cheating fellow humans, sodomy, performing sorcery etc. for which acts the entire nation was destroyed n some remain as examples so that we take lessons fm these – never 2 follow them.  Soon after receiving n conveying the last ayat hazrat (arabic vocative for prophets, prophets wives n angels) mohammad bcame sick.  N a few days later the best of the best among human beings left us (inna lilla hi wainna ilahi rajiun, we r all for allah n 2 him shall we all return).
This in short is the backgroud of allah’s  noor (heavenly lite) n human bings ultimate source of knowledge n most important guidance ie., Quran.  In honor of that n his foremost will 2 pardon humans who truly repents n goes bak 2 allah, he not only declared undisclosed amounts of heavy rewards straight fm himself (in usual cases it is delegated 2 fereshtas for recording all deeds n corresponding rewards – 10 marks added for good deeds n 1mark for bad deeds (quran 6: 160) that is for.a normal persons normal days usual activities) for all who hav fasted the entire month.   Now, wot cud any1 who had tried n did his best 2 earnestly purify himself thru fasting the whole month n promises 2 stay alike for the rest of the 11 months, expect as reward for ramadan fm allah who is “innaka Antal Wah-haab” or “for thou art the grantor of bounties without measure” ( quran 03:08).
2 make the month of ramadan very rewarding, allah has also made it a month of fasting or roja (bangla) or siam, arabic (mashallah my neices husband’ s name is also siam).
On top of this Allah has made ramadan a month of huge bonuses for each kind of religious n charity acts.  wot it means is that if eg., namaj aka salat (like roja another 1 of the 5 essential pillars of islam)  which is mandatory 5 times  a day (sounds a lot but practically thinking all 5 of it added up demands all 2gether roughly 1 hour  out of 24 hours of a day) will b rewarded many times more during ramadan than the namajes performed during the rest of the 11 months.  N it dosent stop there.  the extra discretionary prayers known as nafals (1  can pray as much as he likes during the rest almost 23 hrs left  over aft finishing the 5 mandatories) will also b rewarded many times more during the ramadan.  During ramadan people prefer 2 pay their jakat (another pillar of islam – 3 out of 5) too.  bcoz like siam n namaj charity donations r also calculated n rewarded many times more in the month of. Ramadan.  If an individual holds certain amounts of gold or silver or corps ( here it is called ushar), and .his net liquid assets  worth is in excess of that certain amount of golds or certain amount  of silvers or certain amount of corps then on these excesses over the fixed amount mentioned above will b calculated @ 2.5% on the excess for jakat   N for ushar net liquid assets after deducting a certain amount of crops.   
Now a basic question how a siam is performed?  Usually an hour before the dawn u take a meal (must wake up n eat something).  Its called seheri.  Then till sunset u  can perform all yor regular chores n duties  but cannot eat, smoke, drink, hav sex with yor wife   after iftar which Is breaking fast at dusk, then up2 next seheri all halal that bcomes haram between sehri 2 iftar bcomes halal between iftar 2 seheri.
Siam has been made  compulsory for muslims 2 b compassionate towards the poor.  Unfortunately now a days u c more richer n varieties of food bing consumed in ramadan then the rest of the year.  More or less it feels as if a. month for food festivals.  This is indeed sad 2 c the ummats of hazrat mohammad gossipping loudly while eating iftars for an hour or so with table filled items even forgetting about another faraj, maghrib namaj, even though we all know  the prophets sunnat of having all meals quietly n mashallah preferred only dates for iftars.
Given the heat wave pls make sure u drink sufficient water otherwise next days roja might bcome difficult or even impossible.   may allah save us fm such unfortunate situation.  Another imp rule might come 2  rescue.  When fasting if u accidentally eat or drink something n then realize u were fasting then do the following n inshallah yor fasting will b saved:
– as soon as u remember u r  fasting, stop eating
–  if there is food in yor mouth throw it away
–  quickly wash inside yor mouth with water
–  ask forgiveness 2 allah for this unwanted mistake n also for his help against shytwan which makes u forget
–   continue on fasting n break the fast with iftar, as usual.  No kaja (replacement) roja or kaffara (fine for mistakes, usually feeding the poor) necessary.

Now last but not the least.  America with its aggression under the disguise of arab n non arab spring has successfully created a zone of influence fm all the way in the west morocco 2 all the way in the east upto bangladesh except iran n india.  Lots of geo political calculations n natural resources 2 b exploited.  Syria falls under strategic geo-political calculation.  Under the blaff of tunisia, libya n egypt ( all of them bak 2 allmost square1) syrians bcame hopeful n started their revolution against west’s bloved tyrant bashar al asad, thinking it can b done in a short period of time.  But by now west was not happy 2 loose 3 of its long tested agents   some wud argue about quaddafi, but as circumstances later proved the doubt he was indeed their agent.  Same like quaddafi, bashar, after lots of hypocracy, also proven an western agent too.  So the west this time didnt respond 2 the popular movement (even though they hav huge bases n armouries in s.arabia) but was in a revenge mood.  N wot a revenge they r taking yr aft yr.  Also making sure that the most oil reach kingdoms in the region like quatar, kuwait, s. arabia etc. countries undemocratic, authoratarian n arrogant rulers sheikhs dont get affected by all these turmoils.  For protection sheikhs pay them heavily n willing n unwillingly allow them 2 open army,  navy n air force bases.  While it is a significant 1st step 2wards making arrangements 2 rule the countries or a significant country in the region in future, if needed.   Also it cud b their contingency location in case relationship gets sour with europe. 
The prolonged war is turning syria like afghanistan.  Now a days the situation in there is hardly shown in the tv news.  Wotever rarely comes shows the devastation of a civilization.  Wot can happen when a big eagles evil eyes falls on a camel! 

Watch “SYRIA – Very Powerful Emotional Nasheed ᴴᴰ” on YouTube

Pls watch the very emotional n frustrated voice of the rebels   i had mashallah 2 syrian friends in usa when i studied there – ayman (arnout) n zak (zakaria).  Since i came bak (1991) i never had any contact with them. Sometimes i wonder where r they meaning r they in syria fighting against bashars unjust rule or they stayed bak in the  country that is systematically  destroying their motherland, also a famous islamic heritage.
Let me repeat 2 lines fm the video:
– i mourn for long with no cure
– i am asking allah 2 end this suffering
I will inshallah starting 2 day (so that i dont forget when ramadan comes) start praying everyday in ramadan for the syrian rebels n total humiliating defeat for bashar n us of a.

PS.,  the attached ramadan chart is good for only in  bangladesh (location dhaka,  bangladesh)


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SYRIA – Very Powerful Emotional Nasheed ᴴᴰ

Wots it gonna b?


Hilful Fujul:  many people dont know that the prophet of islam mohammad (peace b upon him) was the 1st ever human 2 start a charity organization.  He gathered a group of volunteers for charity works in n around makkah ct fm his youth n he named the organization Hilful Fujul, making it 1st humanitarian org in the human history.

Munir Chowdhury• Yesterday 14:51
Resharing with very minor but necessary updates.


Was thinking for some time 2 write on the topic. As it (MHs) reshare showed up in the screen, i started writing & cudnt stop till the end.

zahratalain originally shared:
Don’t shop in big malls and supermarkets, They are not in need, they earn millions and spend the money they earn on luxury cars and expensive trips abroad.
Buy from poor man who suffers just for feeding his family, they are needy and poor have a lot of mouths to feed.

Please share this who knows, you may save a hungry kid. Never hesitate in sharing a good message. May Allah rewards you.

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Posted 2day about 20 mins ago in Maryam Hussains piccard in her timeline.  My blog didnt survive when i forwarded the complete blogs (ie., the way it is here but there a diff piccard along with the original blog.  I tried before  but i cud never import them here.  To recover my blog i went bak & used  copy/ paste 2 put my blog bak in.
All resharings (files, pics everything) to n fm ALL my apps hav bcome URLs meaning alk fotos n files sent by me is delivered (if at all) in the form of url.  Probably its easier 2 delete my files that way.  Again i had 2  bring the blogs 2 WP fm g+  using copy/ paste.

Blog starts.  I hav named it:
Wots it gonna b? Subject : Ideoligies

This is 1 of the core differences between capitalism n islam. Most people dont understand this shrewdness that hides in capitalism 2 exploit the wealth of others 2 profit the few. At 1 point it absolutely resembles communism. They start off on opposing principles (st ate owned vs. Private enterprise) but ultimately they create a beneficiary elite class that enjoys most of the wealth n power n never at peace with themselves. Their habit of exploitation then extends beyond their boundaries. Harming others brings harm on2 yorself affects them n out of insanity they start thinking themselves god n in the name of defending but allways imposing ideology, like the cruel n unjust crusaders, starts invading foreign lands. The working class already demoralized for bing turned in2 robots going against allah’s irreversible soft n hardware engineering of giving authority 2 human 2 enjoy the full freedom in owning or consuming fm his creations. Then the robots rebelled 2 provide anymore for the luxury n vanity of the system creators. Thus with all the resources, most modern techs, highly sophisticated modules n mechanisms driven consumable goods production 2 distribution with apparently a massive but honest bureaucracy n total govt ownership n control cudnt save it – communism went kaput! Now wot happened 2 the bound 2 b the next loser capitalists? Everybody in that system can own wotever strict price n wage controll with massive industries with strict govt guidelines n supervisions n of course free mkt (question is for who) seems 2 hav bot a lot of success (?) for this ideology. Can any capable american put up an industry inside usa 2 compete with frito lay in 10 states n in 50 states within next 10 yrs? In a mba case study yes but in practicality NO. Alternately, with a few regional chips makers (with mkt shares no where close 2 lays), a saturated mkt wud not b allowed 2 b disturbed by that govt. So the diff between commis n capitalists is 1 govt owned vs 1 (plus 5-10 small regional manufacturers) for almost all sorts of industries. N in both cases strong involvement of the govts – directly n indirectly (bcomes severe direct witth any lapse). So bing deceiving how much capitalists gain more? Well significantly in per capita income but in human development indices they r almost at par. So wot does a crazy american (here they bcome crazy.  2 much peer n social pressure thruout their lives 2  consume the next “model” is a beyond burden mental stress) do with his excess income? Buys an expensive house in an expensive neighbourhood 2 live alone crazily. Now bak 2 the point wot islam demands? Plain n simple private ownership unlike monopoly, conglomorate mixed us style that creates an elite, ruling class system which hav at least twice proven failure. Signals r coming fm within that. govt with socialism bing tried in social security (mandatory working generation paying for retired generation – a nation so proudly once claimed on indidualism. Hav u ever heard of slapping of allah? this is it. Allah had ordered in the quran 2 take care of parents at their old age instead they implemented shytwans system 2 live like animals. Who knows while trying 2 “teach” others wot lesson they r going 2 get bak fm allah? Ths sooner they will b “tought” the severest lesson the faster it is that islam will also get rid of a monkey enemy (also made in u s of a) off its bak.

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Wot! Sky is a Dome!

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Land of the Free….. they say



My last blog on this very subject was “snatched” away at the  very last moment.  cud they dishearten me fm telling the truth or voicing the concern?

mashallah i hav found a much detailed n up2date info. on the subject.  now wot is it 2 us?  primarily 3 concerns:

1. nat-er guru cia/ nsa  always uses other countries intelligence agencies for “theIr” own intelligence gatherings.  they hav fooled the world in 2001 with an ultimate trick 2 ruin the islamic world.  they hav coerced muslims 2 kill muslims so that they can rob their wealth gradually over a longperiod of time.  they didnt leave iraq after practically ruining the bak bone of that country, they hav fortified their position by buiding an embassy with a whooping 1 BILLION us dollars! 2 ruin n rob the next country in the region probably within next 10 yrs again n so forth.  they hav created an outer shield defense for themselves by creating is.  bak in the 80s their spy satellites cud  c the exact headlines of a russian sitting in moscows gorky park n reading his morning newspaper.  strangely 40 yrs later when technology has advanced with unimaginable precision they cud not, with probably Thousands of spy satellites up there, c ten of thousands of militias training in the desert over a long period of time. on top of that every arabs all fons tabbed.
they hav ambitions in as far as  bdesh.  so i wont b surprised if tbey currently fooling the nsi n using them for their purpose.  the existing arrangements shud b  curtailed n if possible stopped immediatly.  a sovereign independent country shud never get in2 such agreement with any country.

2. most of use us made apps n swares for our social networking, email, brousing , blogging etc daily needs n datas r kept in their servers outside bd mostly in us.  when american privacies r not respected by their govts, y wud our privacies will b respected by that same govt?  our embassy there can prbably find a legal solution 2 this eg., try 2 arrange a court order thaf 2 scrutinize any bangladeshi’s acct with a us service provider, besides us court orders they hav 2 also obtain bd courts order, n in these days of electronix all these can b done in a day.

3. finally, most importantly we r a muslim majority country.  we follow quran n  sunnat.  borh quran n sunnat hav very strongly upheld that anybodys privacy shud not b invaded.  also if som1 shares his secret wifh anotger person then the person listening bcomes the xusgodian n shud notmisuse ir reveal the secret 2 others. so here the bd govt  is 2 ensure the privacies of its citizens over all electronics media.  it shud not evasdrop bcoz it is haram n it shud not help or allow foreign govts 2 evasdropping

Privacy and technology
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United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit | US | United States of America versus Quartavious Davis [PDF]

From the Decision:
“In this case, the government got 67 days of cell site location data disclosing Quartavious Davis’s location every time he made or received a call on his cell phone. It got all this without obtaining a warrant. During that time, Mr. Davis made or received 5,803 phone calls, so the prosecution had 11,606 data points about Mr. Davis’s location. We are asked to decide whether the government’s actions violated Mr. Davis’s Fourth Amendment rights. The majority says our analysis is dictated by the third-party doctrine, a rule the Supreme Court developed almost forty years ago in the context of bank records and telephone numbers. But such an expansive application of the third-party doctrine would allow the government warrantless access not only to where we are at any given time, but also to whom we send e-mails, our search-engine histories, our online dating and shopping records, and by logical extension, our entire online personas.”
See also: Analysis by Elizabeth Goitein at Just Security.
Source: Policy Surveillance
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