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Fb saga of false accusations and India Bangladesh conflict creating slimy acts continues shamelessly



Some of you might be thinking I am in transition. From where to where? From Twitter, Disqus, Instagram etc. to Likee? Well, didn’t that take place a few months back? Is that called transition? No! I prefer to call it adding another quality book into the shelves of a quality book collectors cyber library. Why we do this? To take advantage of the unimaginable access to geographies and bright minds to share, update or listen to an advanced, alternate point of view. All of which would have taken months just with one country out of appx 200 countries few years back.

In the US where libraries are essential part of every communities, skools, juniors colleges, universities etc. had inter library lending services from a common database during the non internet eras. The emails, social sites, websites etc. now serves their hunger for knowledge.

I find it really shocking that recently few of my personal selections from a social site that I subscribed to couple of years b4 I joined Likee were shot down by Likee. Reason given bringing into my attention of their policies. Well in answer I could have gone to their feedback but refrained. Why? bcoz whatever I am doing here is for myself and my Likee friends. A policy cannot be used to create obstacles in getting exposures or earning knowledge. Whether if there is a alhamdulilah insightful value addition from me or a direct repost, that is my and the Likee subscriber’s judgement whether it is plagarism or success transfer. Likee has no say in it bcoz these are not copyrighted blogs/ vlogs. Actually the apps encourage sharing. It is in advantage for their publicity. It can never be an one way street – share ours, not theirs. That was the dark colonial ages, but we are almost at the edge of light age and can not think like a restrictive crown. We are not sitting in a horse cart but keying in the palm held smart phones that’s speeds are expressed in Ghz and storage capabilities by TB (terra bytes). We simply at the age of these highly sophisticated writing pens keep our minds back in the barns. Why have you forgotten the rule of thumb – sharing is knowledge, whereas accounting rule says by giving credit (loans) you increase assets and lastly but not leastly Allah teaches the Muslims in Qur’an that sharing ones wealth (for that matter knowledge that is insightful or learned) is considered giving loan to Allah who hasn’t got any need but promised to give back the loan in measures w/o any consideration i.e., in huge amounts! Subhanallah, glory to Allah.




Nation’s flag, Anthem, Language

#internationalmotherlanguageday #mothersday #internationalfamilyday

Languge, Miracle of Allah. I believe all the Muslim countries must adopt a national policy to teach Arabic besides mother toungue upto HSC. We learn how to read arbi (w/o comprehending what we are reading) or telawat the Qur’an. But Allah sent the book saying “Iqra” or read. All we need now is to add Arabic grammar in the curriculum and we will inshallah graduate to iqra level that will inshallah fulfill Allah’s intention to najil (bestow) it on human beings. Humanity’s roadmap and the Noor of Allah that leads to hedaya (His guided enlightened walk of life) for every human being cannot be limited to telawat.

As Allah’s blessed and no doubt one of His best gifts for humanity Dr. Zakir Naik would highlight Qur’an is a book of signs, I, mashallah have concluded the above arbi grammar need. How? Besides Allah making us understand that mother toungue is important He farther says He has chosen Arbi as the (chosen language) for the Qur’an. Many recently scientifically proven theories are “miraculously” already hinted or highlighted in the 1500+ years old Qur’an. So its just a matter of submitting to Allah synonym Islam to inshallah see the secret behind Allah’s all encompassing knowledge, although Allah never promised us He will but neither does He disheartenes His creations in shedding knowledge as and when He feels it is appropriate or necessary.

With all due respect to ur authority and omnipotent power, Allah pls accept my du’a as I wish to be in sujood when in normal circumstances I would, as you have taught us through ur habib Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.

Relevance? My comment to my friend was if I touch the screen my fingers might burn.

Last night a song sent from Helo is still under review. Now they won’t let me upload the vlog I posted.

An Al Queda Occupation in The Making?

Scared of Heights?

Never Misses an Opportunity to Islamize My “Evil” Acts

A Muslim Who Believes Gays are Lunies in the Modern (Dark Days) of USA (What)power Days Must be Shown as Evil to the tards Filled Axis of Evil

The Underlying is Crush Islam The Only Beauty in Humanity. You Will be Rewarded with the Extorted and Stolen Money from the Ummah



I did bunji jumping few years back. Never scared so deeply when I looked down on the water from the jump towers platform. Possibly was my first and last regret to Allah for taking a foolish decision. I simply can’t explain my state of mind running along with the fear, anxiety, terror, high adrenaline, nervousness, strangely not considering the thought quietly peeking in to my mind turn back as I stood there quietly for few moments by myself all restrained ready to jump. These were the few testing seconds of my life where every moment lapsed, seemed to me, pushing me more definitely towards death. I was tricked by my mind (some of it waswasa) to enter into a haram sport – where to do and die is a strong possibility as opposed to Ieave and live. I thought I was strong nerved. But it just took a few seconds to prove I was wrong (Allah didn’t create us to play with our own livea) and alhamdulilah I was taught that day you only live uptill Allah wants. With all the strings of safety straps attached many bunji jumpers dies.

La haula wala ku wata illah billahi wahiul aliul azim. There is no God and power other than one and only ilaha or God, Allah. All the rest eg., superpowers, Iblis and their satanic mind control acts, black magics are results of their evil aspirations and worships which Allah grants. This is given for a limited time to test them and us. They are tested whether they return to Allah (except iblis) after being defeated and fooled while abusing Allah’s given power, while we are tested whether we give in the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah and start following the loosers.


Good Philosophy



How often, you wonder, has the direction of your life been shaped by such misunderstandings? How many opportunities have you been denied-or, for that matter, awarded–because someone failed to see you properly? How many friends have you lost, how many have you gained, because they glimpsed some element of your personality that shone through for only an instant, and in circumstances you could never reproduce? An illusion of water shimmering at the far bend of a highway.

Kevin Brockmeier

Wonder why I didn’t meet a single American who precisely reflect my current Islamic philosophical thoughts, contrary to then when I always thought and uptill recently, my missed opportunities! It seems to be a different literary Àmerica ever since I declared war against working under a flame American (but that also after 2 years after I realized I had been tricked by the axis of evil by getting me frustrated in London), possibly starting off America’s war on terrorism rather Islam.

À General Islamic Perspective



22/05/20 (In detail)

My ĺife has been like a see saw all through. Meaning never steady nor a loser be that my academic, career or failed conjugal life. On the hind sight the temporary setbacks were nothing but relearning opportunities, although at times they were part of deep rooted complex conspiracies against the religion, country and high potential individuals evaluated at all local amd international levels. A deep rooted retard vision implementation through the axis of evil comprised of several sorcery sharing evil loving regional and international radical Islam hating nations from all directions of the globe gathered under one umbrella of an audacious authority. .

Over the last two decades mashallah their masks have been removed and plans were crushed like pests under the feet of truth. A complete, uncompromised, non-ceremonial victory of faithfuls over the humiliated combined force of ill intended “friends”. As I look back all that I could gather out of these outrageously ridiculous nonsense and plots one after another involving my private and professional lives interchangeably to make me a dog like themselves, is nothing but lunatic acts of some nincompoops, shameless liars who wanted either to use me or hide behind me. All these waste of my time and their power wielding either personal gains or so called national purpose are to be summed up as in a few words an investment banker (treasurer) would say to his trader who had a tough day to keep looking forward not backwards and use the experience as a learning curve. There were no merits or underlying fundamentals but bad education and whims of some across several international borders unscrupulous idiots who wanted to destroy the economies by showing “irrational exuberance” on the plans of some wreck less policymakers and their pets. If u chart mý life, the moving average trend line will Inshallah be drawn as well up the average line and strong, always upward sloping.

I am not proud but fearfull of Allah. And thankful that He has given me the opportunity to relook at the bigger picture of meaning of life in a deeper and rational way. Also taught me to hate and keep distance from arrogance, hypocrisy and bigotry. Inshallah I will wait for a total triumphant day when these doggy dogs world creating menaces are punished through transparent and efficient justice, even more transparent than the Neurembourge trials but harsher and exemplary punishments eg., Allah recommends in the Quran that discourages the future generations in transgressing and reminding them that Allah is indeed the Allmighty and capable of taking severe revenge when basic code of life is violated.

Love you all. Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to you and to ur loved ones.

PS: The proposed billion $s + palacial mansion + fancy automobiles compensation package is nothing but peanuts compared to what I had to put up with. Besides mashallah I had the track records and enough qualifications to make close to that or maybe more had I been not conspired to be made a lame duck and of course a duniya wonťing idiot. Most importantly, I abhorely give my consent to this compensation for the sake of humanity’s dignity and peace and definitely not to allow them to gag me. My only demand is their gentlemen’s word of giving up evil practice and not use me and my faith Islam as a bait.

aka Munir Chowdhury,
at present


Eta robishoshi pic. Shundoor prithibir globe ter modh a chotto ekta shadhin abong sharbobhoumo desh ache. Jar nam Bangladesh abong potakar rong Robishoshi.
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