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The individual’s, society & yes, the entire humanity pays a huge price. don’t think of it as an isolated incident of a rich bitch. in all sorts of economic, religious backgrounds even in this dhaka ct these types of dillusioned, anxiety prone, frustrated, unhappy, improperly trained in social to moral responsibilities teen agers to adults cud b found. who hav chosen sin as an escape route to deal with falling behind the rest or being not able to make it at all.

while truly it breaks one’s heart to c someone who was full of life but cud not withstand a constant truth .. one shud not try to find faults in her. rather we shud blame that to changing the fundamental structures of our society from contentment to greed. we hav lost the beautiful safety net that islam provides for its followers – both individually & as a society. its likely to happen to any individual at any home, given religious codes r no longer enforced at homes, skools, biznesses & governments. with that sin has been established as a valid culture. just think these days even being a muslim girl how freely she is publicly broadcasting her desperate but very sinful life. while her situation is to someone an urgent matter that needs psychiatric to possibly medical attention (but not to probably surprisingly majority, remind u all to c the peers rather encouraging comments on her sins), but mostly all over the internet r full of evidences of everyday that the walls of decencies r broken for new boundaries of sinfull life.

enuf is enuf. we don’t need such a wreckless technology at all fronts. while this girl is out in public, it seems she is highly irregular which means if a capable professional able to help her comes across her account probably hav to wait a week or more & cud b unfortunate due to delay ….. there is no procedure to even mandatorily upkeep a subscribers well being (probably adding two lines to the program) unless it becomes a legacy account (that too if one had pre arranged). if someone doesn’t post for weeks no one cares or wants to find out y. we need responsibility & minimum human sensibility shown in the sites with max decency. lets enforce it on them or else we r the future kaum e lut or dead sea.

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