thanks to all my well wishers who had inquired, shown concern & prayed to Allah for my fight against utmost evil, sorcery in the disguise of Parkinson’s Disease.

i have mashallah again proven there is nothing called superpower other than Allah. i have reclaimed myself after a few days with the grace of Allah. i inshallah will live to prove these scoundrels who have no respect for islam but all out for evil in order to gain power & wealth by indiscriminant killing, ruthless sorcery, character assasination unavoidable set-ups, creating hatred against women, converting into a gay or most arrogant women abusing filth world. if not today then within a couple of days again i will fall sick again. this is how the blue blonde racist have been treating me since he stole the presidency. the previous ones had different tricks.



Ramadan can also b called the month of Repentence. The more one does Taubah the greater the chance of being forgiven.

It (Ramadhan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire. (of hell) — Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.: 93, Pg.: 342

Sura Qadr, chapter decree

Quran #97

Verily, We have sent it down in the Night of Al-Qadr) (97:1). This was in the month of Ramadan, as Allah tells us: (The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an) (2:185).

Brief explanation of the importance of the night of al Qadr
(Therein (that night) is decreed every matter, Hakim.) means, on Laylatul-Qadr, the decrees are transferred from Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz (Allah, before creation, ordered pen to write everything for the future n it did. These r all stored n sealed by Allah in a safety locker known as lawh al mahfuz n no one besides Allah can access them) to the (angelic) scribes who write down the decrees of the (coming) year including life span, provision, and what will happen until the end of the year. This was narrated from Ibn `Umar, Mujahid, Abu Malik, Ad-Dahhak and others among the Salaf.

(Hakim) means decided or confirmed, which cannot be changed or altered. Allah says:

(As a command from Us.) meaning, everything that happens and is decreed by Allah and the revelation that He sends down — it all happens by His command, by His leave and with His knowledge.

Ramadan Mubarak (Reblogged)




Iftar at masjid e nab’abi, following the sunnah of prophet mohammad saw (every1 is sharing with the next person mashallah, n not considering whether he is sitting next 2 a ruler or a begger).

Ramadan is the month 2 repent bcoz this is the month when allah closes the doors of hell n opens the đoors of heavens. This is the month Qur’ans revelations started. In ìts honor allah has declared this month as a month of rewards for the pious, tawakfuĺl n the honest repenters. Every ibadaah during this month is rewarded heavily, specially the prayers during the nite of qua’der the day quran was sent is said by allah 2 carry the weight of 1000 days or more than 80 yrs equivalent of ibadaah.

The month of ramadan has arrived. An extemely significant month for muslims thruout the world.  For anybody 2 get this month for another year is indeed a very  fortunate event, alhamdulillah

This is the month allah started revealing the Qur’an for the human beings thru hazrat gibril (aws) (gabreal) 2 prophet mohammad (peace b upon him).  it started when he was 40 yrs old n continued for 25  yrs (up2 the yr prophet died at the age of 65).  So prophet mohammad was ordained as a prophet n messenger of allah at the age of 40.
Quran has 114 suras or chapters.  The suras r mostly linked with various incidents, occasions, decisions etc. of the prophets life in the 2 cts mekkah n medina (s arabia) he used 2 live.  There r lots of important true stories throughout the history of mankind also in it 2 give guidance n warniing, as appropriate.  So, in all sorts n sizes of matters –  trivial 2 fundamental or small 2 big, including personal, family, social, financial, governmental, various sciences (some mentioned more than 1400 yrs bak  in this book but bing proved only recently  by the scientists, also known as the miracles of quran) manners, humanitarian aspects, law n justice, family/ relatives/ friend issues, gender issues, rites of n  with the neighbours etc., basically wotever u name it that is required for a human bings lawful n decent living  with adequate  rites can b found in quran.   Bsides, since the time of prophet, for critical matters those having no direct  mention in either quran or hadids, hav been resolved by a panel of experts. During the golden times of Islamic rules the people who were experts 2 consider such matters were the rulers, justices, law experts (sharia/ fiqah, common laws), quran specially kalam rules experts n theamatics (tafsir scholars), hadises experts, relevant subject matter specialist n whoever else deemed necessary by this board  or the  chairman of this board (mandatorily the head of the state). They r responsible 2 get 2gether 2 discuss the matter.  First they look for solutions inside quran n hadises close 2 matters like this.  If not found,  certain incidents or decisions taken in other matters, or hadises, ayats themaetics extrapolated if deemed suitable then reviewed fm all arguable points of view, then  phylosophically judged (if needed argued, debated again) for all involved 2 absolutely indipendently n cumulativly agree on all points as in the case of quran n hadis they wud do.  Bcoz these r nothing but lawful n necessary extensions of sharia under permission of allah.  So ultimate fear of allah must b in mind for all decisions made. Allah has entrusted this board 2 kias ( discuss the matter) n most piously, honestly with patience n wisdom wants them 2 implement expeditiously the izma (an all agreed decision) 2 carry forward the bizness of islam.

Sometimes i wonder n worry how will the heads of states of OIC (probably 57 member states) will face allahs judgement when kias n izma by the virtue of the fact is faraj n none of these countries r following the process.  The  very people neglecting their duties r the 1s blaming islam not bing up2date, progressive!

My objective in writing this blog is primarily 2 fold.  When i talk 2 the young generation i find the sorry state of islamiat teaching in our skools.  It was bad during our times.  But nothing compared 2 wot it is now.  Having an elaborate syllabus is not necessarily teaching with depth n proper emphasis.  N the notorious cable, movies, inets dont  help the nations good cozes at all.  So inshallah i wud like 2 hope the youth wil come out of the dark n take more interest in islam n the relevant subjects that teaches this most beautiful, powerful, decent n most intellectually challenging n stimulating subject.

Now bak tracking a little bit.
All these ayahs or verses of quran came as either halal (allowed), haram (banned) n results of yor deeds ie., jannat (heaven) or jahannam (hell), with vivid descriptions of the 2 places.  2 further caution, the book also gives a few examples of allahs ultimate anger on some extreme transgressor nations for acts like  violating others rites,  for bing too arrogant,  allways cheating fellow humans, sodomy, performing sorcery, challenging allah’s power n authority etc. for which acts the entire nation(s) were destroyed n some remain as examples so that we take lessons fm these – never 2 follow them.  Soon after receiving n conveying the last ayah hazrat (arabic vocative for prophets, prophets wives n angels) mohammad bcame sick.  N a few days later the best of the best among human beings left us (inna lilla hi wainna ilahi rajiun, we r all for allah n 2 him shall we all return).

This in short is the hilites of allah’s  noor (heavenly lite) n human bings ultimate source of knowledge n most important guidance ie., Qur’an. In honor of that n his foremost will 2 pardon humans those who truly repents n goes bak 2 allah, he not only declared undisclosed amounts of heavy rewards straight fm himself (in usual cases it is delegated 2 malaikas (angels) for recording all deeds n corresponding rewards – 10 marks added for good deeds n 1mark for bad deeds (quran 6: 160) that is for.a normal persons normal days usual activities) for all who hav fasted the entire month.   Now, imagine wot cud any1 who had tried n did his best 2 earnestly purify himself thru fasting the whole month n promises 2 stay alike for the rest of the 11 months, expect as reward for ramadan fm allah who is “innaka Antal Wah-haab” or “for thou art the grantor of bounties without measure” ( quran 03:08).

2 make the month of ramadan very rewarding, allah has also made it a month of fasting or roja (bangla) or siam, arabic. On top of this Allah has made ramadan a month of huge bonuses for each kind of religious n charity acts.  wot it means is that if eg., namaj aka salah (like roja another 1 of the 5 essential pillars of islam)  which is mandatory 5 times  a day (sounds a lot but practically thinking all 5 of it added up demands all 2gether roughly 1 hour  out of 24 hours of a day) will b rewarded many times more during ramadan than the namajes performed during the rest of the 11 months.  N it dosent stop there.  the extra discretionary prayers known as nafals (1  can pray as much as he likes during the rest almost 23 hrs left  over aft finishing the 5 mandatories) will also b rewarded many times more during the ramadan.  During ramadan people prefer 2 pay their jakah (another pillar of islam) too.  bcoz like siam n namaj charity donations r also calculated n rewarded many times more in the month of. Ramadan.  If an individual holds certain amounts of gold or silver or corps ( here it is called ushar), and .his net liquid assets  worth is in excess of that certain amount of golds or certain amount  of silvers or certain amount of corps then on these excesses over the fixed amount mentioned above will b calculated @ 2.5% on the excess for jakat   N for ushar net liquid assets after deducting a certain amount of crops. In addition if 1 cud afford there is zakah e fitr n sadakah (alms).

Now a basic question how a siam is performed?  Usually an hour before the dawn u take a meal (must wake up n eat something).  Its called sahoor. Then till sunset u  can perform all yor regular chores n duties  but cannot eat, smoke, drink, hav sex with yor wife   after iftar which Is breaking fast at dusk, then up2 next seheri all halal that bcomes haram between sahoor 2 iftar bcomes halal between iftar 2 sahoor.

Siam has been made  compulsory for muslims 2 b compassionate towards the poor.  Unfortunately now a days u c more richer n varieties of food bing consumed in ramadan then the rest of the year.  More or less it feels as if a. month for food festivals.  This is indeed sad 2 c the ummats of hazrat mohammad gossipping loudly while eating iftars for an hour or so with table filled items even forgetting about another faraj, maghrib namaj, even though we all know  the prophets sunnah of having all meals quietly n mashallah preferred mostly dates n water for iftars.

Given the heat wave pls make sure u drink sufficient water otherwise next days roja might bcome difficult or even impossible. may allah save us fm such unfortunate situation.  Another imp rule might come 2  rescue.  When fasting if u accidentally eat or drink something n then realize u were fasting then do the following n inshallah yor fasting will b saved:
– as soon as u remember u r  fasting, stop eating
–  if there is food in yor mouth throw it away
–  quickly wash inside yor mouth with water
–  ask forgiveness 2 allah for this unwanted mistake n also for his help against shytwan which makes u forget
–   continue on fasting n break the fast with iftar, as usual.  No kaja (replacement) roja or kaffara (fine for mistakes, usually feeding the poor) necessary.

Now last but not the least.  America with its aggression under the disguise of arab n non arab spring has successfully created a zone of influence fm all the way in the west morocco 2 all the way in the east upto bangladesh except iran n india.  Lots of geo political calculations n natural resources 2 b exploited.  Syria falls under strategic geo-political calculation.  Under the blaff of tunisia, libya n egypt ( all of them bak 2 allmost square1) syrians bcame hopeful n started their revolution against west’s bloved tyrant bashar al asad, thinking it can b done in a short period of time.  But by now west was not happy 2 loose 3 of its long tested agents some wud argue about quaddafi, but as circumstances later proved the doubt he was indeed their agent.  Same like quaddafi, bashar, after lots of hypocracy, also proven an western agent too.  So the west this time didnt respond 2 the popular movement (even though they hav huge bases n armouries in s.arabia) but was in a revenge mood.  N wot a revenge they r taking yr aft yr.  Also making sure that the most oil reach kingdoms in the region like quatar, kuwait, s. arabia etc. countries undemocratic, authoratarian n arrogant rulers sheikhs dont get affected by all these turmoils.  For protection sheikhs pay them heavily n willing n unwillingly allow them 2 open army,  navy n air force bases. While it is a significant 1st step 2wards making arrangements 2 rule the countries or a significant country in the region in future, if needed. Also it cud b their contingency location in case relationship gets sour with europe.
The prolonged war is turning syria like afghanistan. Now a days the situation in there is hardly shown in the tv news.  Wotever rarely comes shows the devastation of a civilization.  Wot can happen when a big eagles evil eyes falls on a camel!

The syrian part I haven’t changed a single word from last year. Wot I wud like 2 add is it is quickly becoming like filistin. Despite the devastation n occupation they hav arranged friends 2 hide their names. Just like filistin where British had fooled us with Belfore treaty n America by financing creating a military Base named Israel for the jews/ zionists 2 operate it. Now no1 seems 2 know that or even mention that even y the Americans pay unquestioned billions of dollars (basically as payment for Base maintenance). Similarly there will b a few unethical countries who will allways b willing 2 help Britain n America 2 cover their ugly evil deeds in syria. So let us not forget that which countries r systematically trying 2 crusade islam out of existence.

I mourn for all dead in syria n asking allah 2 end their sufferings. Let’s inshallah keep praying everyday in ramadan for the syrian rebels n a total humiliating defeat for bashar with invading foreign forces leaving. May syria b a prosperous Muslim independent n sovereign country inshallah soon. We shud take this as a lesson 2 create a proper ummah not just a names sake OIC.

Ramadan being the month of Allah’s rahmah (blessings), barakah (special blessings) n najah (forgive n save from hell), let us pray for filistin, syria, chechnya, kashmir n all other Muslim countries n their islam followers 2 b blessed n forgiven. Also let us pray for a fair n peaceful world.



Soab.   (16/0615)



Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure.  (Translation, Quran 39:10).

Ramadan is the month when quran was presented by allah. 2 the human bings thru prophet mohammad (pbuh) n that was little over 1400 yrs bak.  according 2 arabic dictionary the word quran  came fm qar’un (explaining thru phoenetics, better if done using arabic alphabets).  if alif n noon (2 arabic alphabets out of 30) is added 2 qar’un u get qar’ia n qur’ia bcomes qur’an.  arabic linquists say the dictionary meaning of quran is the book which must b repeatedly read n loudly.   Every  muslim 5 times a day with salat must recite memorized quran quietly or loudly.  This contributes quran 2 b 1 of the most read books in the world.  Wot cud b a better month 2 recite quran than in ramadan?  this is the month 2 earn soabs (allahs blessings) in greater numbers.  bcoz Allah says, for every good deed rewards fm me will b 10   times to 700 times (according 2 hadis) but since he had  observed his siam ebadot specially for me so I will reward him personally”.  2 understand  the hadis completely 1 must  know the philosophy n the story leading 2 it.

According 2 my favorite islamic scholar, philosopher n teacher iman gazzali (may allah b pleased with him) says when allah says “..since be had observed his siam ebadot just for me..”, try 2 think it this way although tbe whole world is his kingdom but only kaba is considered 2 b his residence,  in the same manner we hav 2 understand wot allah is meaning about siam bing deeply connected with him. 

Usually Allah has delegated 2 the ferestas’ for record keeping n assigning numeric values of each n every word n deed of every human thruout his lifetime.  out of a zillion possibilities of word n deed related scores, we basically know that allah has asked ferestas to increase basic good word/deed related scores to 10 fM 1 n with permission up2 700.  in the same ayat allah tells 2 jot down only 1 for the sins he has done, so for this word/deed  it will b  a score of 9 instead of zero.  It shows Allah is very kind n full of forgiveness.

Now, for example, for an average person living in dhaka in any given day @ a given point in time, his few sample  scorecard entries looks like this:

date.      time.     wd/ dd.   ttd BL.   d desc

1/0/0.    h/m/01    word.    9mio.               
2/0/0 .   h/m/01    deed      90                    
3/0/0     h/m/30. wd/dd.   -36 mjo           

The scorecard basically attempted 2  show a snapshot of an hypothetical persons scores based on imaginary words/deeds n corresponding imaginary scores assigned.  But there were few things reflected in my mind  relating  2 current social practice’s n various warnings in quran n hadis while i was preparing this, which i will inshallah share with u.  Here is 3 diff.days of janab insans (janab mr in bangla, insan human in arabic) up2  his current lifetime.

On day1 of any hours out of the  24 hours at a given second of busy insans daily life, activities during his age x it shows his time to date or ttd (that particular days his every seconds scores summed up n he is up2 then @ a +ve.zone.  but we don’t know his week, month, year n finally life 2date charts n also his ramadan scores which allah is safekeeping with himself looks like.
Similarly @ age y n z insaans time 2 date situation in a given hours particular seconds show how vulnerable we r due 2 our own faults, shytwans traps, peer pressures etc.  I wud like 2 guess on the 1st day he led a decent Islamic life, did some charity, prayed 5 times in the masjid, spent happy n good time with the entire family,  read Quran/ hadis altogether for an hour with sometime of it  doing  telawat.  If he can spend everyday of his life pretty much like this I hope he can earn allahs satisfaction n b a jannati  

on the 2nd day.@ age y, is it too early in the day or it  is late afternoon n he is preparing 2 leave the office 2 meet his foreign suppliers  2 show.them around Dhaka then have dinner with them n then go sit out in the. bar with them n treat them n himself for a nitecap n talk business, econoony, politics, women etc..  He touches his jackets inner pocket 2 chk he hasn’t forgotten the name card of the girls that his secretary gave him.  She told him for no showup the advance paid for the 3 of tk 15k will become forfeited. Otherwise insan owes them 15k more.  He knows they accept credit cards, so he is all set for the niteflite.   While shutting his office doors he says 2 himself these girls r so gorgeous they r worth every poisha  of  tk 10k.  Astagfirillah.
Finally, as he grows older, he bcomes richer n more desperate.  His sons follow his footsteps.  His dotter married away 2 a scoundrel but she doesn’t mind bcoz he is the only child of a superrich, n a playboy chased by women of all ages.  Jonab insan has developed foreign taste too n n bot a real estates overseas.  his wife has nowhere 2 go n shrewd insaan dosent divorce her 2 fool the society n besides he lives most of the time outside the country so it doesn’t affect him anyway.  This is future bdesh where per capita has reached USD 20k (within the next 5 yrs) n like me everybody has forgotten that @ age z insans scorecard has reached 2 such a stinking deep whole  that the miracle GDP growth although taken the ultimate toll on Islam, that this country truly had as an asset.   The western think tanks commented this temporary gloss as things that really taught the world how 2 please homosexual iblis.   The country is now ruled by  presidsnt.  The current president is a half kenyan half british, the finance ministrer recently got married 2 iblis n the gay couple spent their honeymoons with clingtons in ny.  The law minister happens 2 b a white american jew.  The industries  n commerce ministers n MDs of all 52 banks r hindustani Hindus n the board chairman’s n university presidents  (rules changed no more VCS) r .mostly Brits rest americans.  All district, division,  hi court bench judges by law has 2 b lesbian women  either christian. or Hindu.  The supreme court is  now in new Delhi n parliament sits in Kolkata.  Same rule for the pakis.  History repeats, hindus r in deep love with the white monkies.  The last us presidents must serve as  monkey bhogoban ombudsman  of the  newly named iblisstan.

Britain has been finally decleared as the 51st state.

Attached is a nice break-down n plan for finishing at least once the telewat (recitation) inshallah of the entire quran during the “bonus”  giving month of ramadan.  for the rest of the 11 months we r awarded 1 neki.  i wud asssume the word comes fm nek eg., nek kaj where nek means something good or holy n generally used meaning religious duties or obligations, then kaj means work making nek kaj’s meaning holy work.   similarly nek >  neki or reward for good deed.  for each alphabet we telewat fm quran including the mandatory recitations fm quran during salats five times  a day we achieve nekis for all alphabets in recitationn multiplied by bonuses.

it is blieved that the quran has 6,666 ayats (sentences) in which there r 77,934 words n 323,760 arabic alphabets.  so during months other then ramadan for reciting the quran cover 2  cover 1 earns  [(323,760*10)+(19*10*114)]=3,259,260 nekis. this includes reciting biamillahir …. bfore reciting each sura.  now, with the unknown n inshallah  many times more reward for recitations durIng ramadan, it wont b a very bad deal for a sinner like me!  but only if i had known any deduction points that wud b applied for my intentional or avoidable little or big sins (astagfirillah, may allah forgive me for my sins).

These bing calculated n said  1 shud not forget that this is the book sent 2 earn knowledge fm it so that any human can define:
–  humans relationship with the creator
–  humans relationship with fellow humans
–  humans relationship with the other creatures
once quran teaches human all the criterias on above mentioned responsibilities it inshallah bcomes easy 2 create a peaceful world.  n above all thru the combination of 2 competing state of mind 1 can easily inshallah bcome a  better muslim ie., mumin or mumina:
–  compete in good work (hadis of prophet .mohammad) inspiring 2 telewat more quran along with other religious rituals/ activities performed more during ramadan
–  the themaetics demand for satisfaction of allah (w/o which no1 can achieve jannat  even if million ponts ahead jn the scorecard).  so extra care has 2 b given 2 quality over quantity n a good balance had 2 b struck.  there r ample examples of those in the hadises of prophet mohammad, which shud b studied carefully too.  1 can rest assure there will b inshallsh plenty of bonus  nekis from allah due 2 ramadan n for reading n researching hadises.

Last but not the least,  while being selfishly doing all the math n logic we can’t afford 2 forget about the poor.  For a lot of them the whole life is practically like Siam.  They can barely arrange 1 meal per day n bing malnourished all thru their life their brains don’t function adequately n they can’t plan.  They remain in the vicious circle of poverty n unskilled.  Also general population feel unsafe 2 employ them in their industries or @ homes bcoz bing out in the streets most r believed 2 b linked with criminal activities for some extra income.  During ramadan we will b fasting 2 sympathize with their poverty n hunger n let’s not stop rite there.  Inshallah let’s think n try 2 get them off the streets n permanently rehabilitate them.  Once in a while inshallah having iftaars in the masjid, not follow the new rules of rich inside with fabulous foods sharing within themselves only, but generally outside or verandas with common people.