The Great Virtue Of Lowering The Gaze By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

Books were ccreated to provide information  “The Qur’an”  was revealed for our transformation.


From a simple haman being 2 a humane person.




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2 days ago (fm 26/8/15)
The Great Virtue Of Lowering The Gaze
By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Allah the Exalted said:

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that will make for greater purity for them. Indeed Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.” [Al-Qur’an 24:30]

So Allah made purification and spiritual growth to be the outcome of lowering the gaze and guarding the private parts. It is for this reason that lowrering ones gaze from (seeing) the prohibited things necessarily leads to three benefits that carry tremendous value and are of great significance.

The First: experiencing the delight and sweetness of faith.

This delight and sweetness is far greater and more desirable that which might have been attained from the object that one lowered his gaze from for the sake of Allah. Indeed, ” … whosoever leaves something for the sake of Allah then Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, will replace it with something better than it.” 1.

The soul is a temptress and loves to look at beautiful forms and the eye is the guide of the heart. The heart commissions its guide to go and look to see what is there and when the eye informs it of a beautiful image it shudders out of love and desire for it. Frequently such inter-relations tire and wear down both the heart and the eye as is said:

When you sent your eye as a guide
For your heart one day, the object of sight fatigued you
For you saw one over whom you had no power
Neither a portion or in totality, instead you had to be patient.

Therefore when the sight is prevented from looking and investigating the heart finds relief from having to go through the arduous task of (vainly) seeking and desiring.

Whosoever lets his sight roam free will find that he is in a perpetual state of loss and anguish for sight gives birth to love (mahabbah) the starting point of which is the heart being devoted and dependant upon that which it beholds. This then intensifies to become fervent longing (sababah) whereby the heart becomes totally dependant and devoted to the (object of its desire). Then this further intensifies and becomes infatuation (gharamah) which clings to the heart like the one seeking repayment of a debt clings firmly to the one who has to pay the debt. Then this intensifies and becomes passionate love (ishk) and this is a love that transgresses all bounds. Then this further intensifies and becomes crazed passion (shaghafa) and this a love that encompasses every tiny part of the heart. Then this intensifies and becomes worshipful love (tatayyuma). Tatayyum means worship and it is said: tayyamallah i.e. he worshipped Allah.

Hence the heart begins to worship that which is not correct for it to worship and the reason behind all of this was an illegal glance. The heart is now bound in chains whereas before it used to be the master, it is now imprisoned whereas before it was free. It has been oppressed by the eye and it complains to it upon which the eye replies: I am your guide and messenger and it was you who sent me in the first place!

All that has been mentioned applies to the heart that has relinquished the love of Allah and being sincere to Him for indeed the heart must have an object of love that it devotes itself to. Therefore when the heart does not love Allah Alone and does not take Him as its God then it must worship something else.

Allah said concerning Yusuf as-Siddiq ‘alayhis salam:

“Thus (did We order) so that We might turn away from him all evil and indecent actions for he was one of Our sincere servants.” [Al-Qur’an 12:24]

It was because the wife of al-Aziz was a polytheist that (the passionate love) entered her heart despite her being married. It was because Yusuf ‘alayhis salam was sincere to Allah that he was saved from it despite his being a young man, unmarried and a servant.

The Second: the illumination of the heart, clear perception and penetrating insight.

Ibn Shuja’ al-Kirmani said, “Whosoever builds his outward form upon following the Sunnah, his internal form upon perpetual contemplation and awareness of Allah, he restrains his soul from following desires, he lowers his gaze from the forbidden things and he always eats the lawful things then his perception and insight shall never be wrong.”

Allah mentioned the people of Lut and what they were afflicted with and then He went on to say:

“Indeed in this are signs for the Mutawassimin.” [Al-Qur’an 15:75]

The Mutwassimin are those who have clear perception and penetrating insight, those who are secure from looking at the unlawful and performing indecent acts.

Allah said after mentioning the verse concerning lowering the gaze:

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.” [Al-Qur’an 24:35]

The reason behind this is that the reward is of the same type as the action. So whosoever lowers his gaze from the unlawful for the sake of Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, He will replace it with something better than it of the same type. So just as the servant restrained the light of his eye from falling upon the unlawful, Allah blesses the light of his sight and heart thereby making him perceive what he would not have seen and understood had he not lowered his gaze.

This is a matter that the person can physically sense in himself for the heart is like a mirror and the base desires are like rust upon it. When the mirror is polished and cleaned of the rust then it will reflect the realities (haqa’iq) as they actually are. However if it remains rusty then it will not reflect properly and therefore its knowledge and speech will arise from conjecture and doubt.

The Third: the heart becoming strong, firm and courageous.

Allah will give it the might of aid for its strength just as He gave it the might of clear proofs for its light. Hence the heart shall combine both of these factors and as a result, Shaytan shall flee from it. It is mentioned in the narration, “Whosoever opposes his base desires, the Shaytan shall flee in terror from his shade.” 2

This is why the one who follows his base desires shall find in himself the ignominy of the soul, its being weak, feeble and contemptible. Indeed Allah places nobilty for the one who obeys Him and disgrace for the one who disobeys Him:

“So do not lose heart nor fall into despair; for you must gain mastery if you are true in faith.” [Al-Qur’an 3:139]

“If any do seek for nobilty and power then to Allah belongs all nobility and power.” [Al-Qur’an 35:10]

Meaning that whosoever seeks after disobedience and sin then Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, will humiliate the one who disobeys Him.

Some of the salaf said, “The people seek nobilty and power at the door of the Kings and they will not find it except through the obedience of Allah.”

This is because the one who who obeys Allah has taken Allah as his friend and protector and Allah will never humiliate the one who takes his Lord as friend and patron. In the Du’a Qunut their occurs, “The one who You take as a friend is not humiliated and the one who You take as an enemy is not ennobled.” 3

(s) Taken from Al-Muntaqaa min Ighathat ul-Lufhan fi Masayid ash-Shaytan [pp. 102-105] of Ibn al-Qayyim, summarised by Shaykh Ali Hasa


1. Reported by Ahmad [5/363] al-Marwazi in Zawa’id az-Zuhd [no.412], an-Nisai in al-Kubra as mentioned in Tuhfah al-Ashraf [11/199] from one of the Companions, that The Messenger of Allah said, “Indeed you will not leave anything for the sake of Allah except that Allah will replace it with something better than it.” The isnad is sahih
2. This is not established as a hadith of the Prophet
3. Reported by Abu Dawud [eng.trans 1/374 no.1420], an-Nisa’I [3/248], at-Tirmidzi [no.464], Ibn Majah [no.1178], ad-Darimi [1/311], Ahmad [1/199], Ibn Khuzaymah [2/151] from al Hasan from Ali ra. The hadith is shahih. The Isnad has been critcised by many, however none of the critcisism hold. Refer to Nasb ar-Rayah [2/125] and Talkhis al-Habir [1/247]


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Merry Anne 2 days ago
Just what are you talking about explain too me I really want too understand you people.
Also I cannot tell you apart is there a certain colour you wear for your tribe.
Thank you 

Nina Khattab 2 days ago+1
+Merry Anne​ she is talking about not staring at people or members of the opposite sex that we show be lowering our gaze and respecting them and respecting ourselves 

What do U mean a colour for your tribe? There are no tribes in this world +3

Take me to Madinah 2 days ago
JazakAllah khair sist Nina, and a lil bit addition, not only about lowering the gaze, but also if a person restrains his soul from following desires, he lowers his gaze from the forbidden things and he always eats the lawful things then his perception and insight shall never be wrong :)+1

Um Anjali Munna 2 days ago
A little bit more. Gaze down is the sign of Piousness. Piousness in words and deeds , which gives us a boundary or fence to keep away from all forbidden things.
Take me to medina’s answer is sufficient.
Mery Ann question is any colour code for Muslims’ dresses. Absolutely “no”.
Although gents use generally white. Women chose generally black colour for their outer dresses.White indicates Simplcity and purity. Black is the indication of success and it make a woman unattractive in front of public eyes. It’s a sort of additional protection. That’s all. 

Sarwat Zaib Yesterday
Straying gazes and vulgarity is bases of all evil in this world. Most people invoved in oppression and other sins are corrupted by obscenity first. And hence all the bad in the world is seen. Where as Allah commands to lower and protect your sight and heart from temptations, and observe Patience. We see every one has to die, no nody can take anything of this world with them, and the world also has to die one day, so those who are evil follow their greed and by all means create bad in the world , but the Muslims believe that they have to meet their lord, and eternal rewards await them there if they pass in this test , which is life of this world. I hope it answers you +Merry Anne​

Munir Chowdhury. Salam. These days whereever n wotever u look at u c women as commodity (sometimes men too) eg., tv, newspaer n magazines, inet (the innovative ideas of sellinging nudity simply stunns me), billboards, easy availability of printed n video forms of pornographies, manaquins in shopping arcades , windows of stores all with obscene connotations n almost nude models. If 1 dosents practice n ignore these horrible n lust creating allurements by keeping his gaze low, he is doomed. Thnx for a timely n nicely detailed
article. Jazak allah khairan.

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PS., the goddamned country reported on info law # 57.

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I hav sufficient evidence against these sorcerer evils n time is running out fast. But i dont know how 2 form n where 2 submit the case against all these extreme evils.  can some1 suggest inshallah a neutral place and/or authority who will not b bot or coerced, threatened/ blackmailed or b vulmerable 2 their evil sorcery power. This might look n sound like a looney act againgst the most rich n powerful of the world, in reality with inshallah good planning, honest execution n allmighty allahs help n wish it will b the other way around – us kicking strongly in2 the unethical ugly face of the loonies who hav no respect for human decency, lives n justice.

So inshallah lets get started by finding a safe place where we can review everything n set the pace for examplary justice for each n every head of states n monarchies of these evil nations. This is no joke or prank or crazy thot. The criminals 2 b tried r as far bak till at least reagans time up2 now for each n every state i hav mentioned above.


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Above Songs Film:  Butch Cassidy n Sundance Kid

a blog of a younger brother where i also made a comment.

if zuhair will reblogg it, less the comments, say couple of years later, the atels, gafels, opportunists (those who only follows the wind direction of shaytwans best friend us of a), retards but writes well will repeat the same weirdest ever logics written (if licences can b gjven. for marriege, gun, driving et al then y not murder license for sodomy.  allowing sodomy is 2 slowly kill a nation eventually, even with test tube n surrogate motherships etc..  n fm quran we know for fact once this god forsaken act starts, it engulfs the entre society thru coersion as in the case of prophet lut (alahi wassalam), then same meritless arguments n keeping every1 busy n agitated thru baseless n repeating the same nuisances they had written 2day as gay sympathizer will continue till the time they will frustrate u n win their evil ambitions.  This is, a always true phillibuster process of shaytwas gay/straight all sorts of communities.  I found it out the hard way, first hand since i refused 2 join bak  the 3 monkey nations (who r combinedly also keeping happy 2 idiotic nations hindustan n pakistan by sabotaging, bakstabbing, sorcery evil led catastrpphic n murderous evil acts rolled out on my country like millions of  bulldozers) pride junk status bank.  Since then they hav not left any stones unturned 2 harm me (repeating the abuses every couple of months farthest) using any1 n every1 i know since my birth 2 harass me, humiliate me, mentally n physically (parkINSAM) torture me, 2 put obstacles in all my good efforts using tricks n mannerisms of filth, uncivilized scoundrel nations thugs including at least 1direct murder attempt during the 3 monkies celebration of sorcery handover 2 a niger fm the white niggers.  Oh! by the way these 3 so called nations but actually shytwans 3 major hubs initiated the outragepous ALLMOST impossible 2 prove conspiracy on me thru a homosexual wirh his seems straight but i think closets, 3 homo partners of 3 different

their persistence n confidence never laks bcoz these crooks r well aware that their homo guru iblis shytwan is quitely working 2 put fagods n lesbians in the critical n key positions.  so that 2 everybodys surprise make a open coup 1 day n declare it as a democratic gayland.  the advantage the loser gets is the existence of the weirdest system called democracy, where except the crooks nobody really participates in national matters of importance, motality, foreign policy etc..  but every1 thinks they hav contributed their intellectual part by reading some funny newspapers, now a days blogging, discussing a bit with a colleague over lunch or spouse at home.  n all these 2gether hav no affect on the governance of the country.  n the legislative bodies r the biggest show pieces ever with decisions that hav already been bought in favor of monkey.iblis n its chosen monkey sam.

blog starts:

Mustafa Zuhair
June 28 at 2:20pm ·
I hereby declare that I completely abhor the concept of gay-ism and lesbianism, as well as anyone supporting this as basic human rights! Its my right to abhor them as well!
Homophobic? may be, but am just repeating what Lut (A) said to his public, and i believe, anyone who constitutes as Muslim, should do so as well.
“Said they: “Indeed, If thou desist not, O Lot, thou wilt most certainly be expelled
[Lot] exclaimed: “Behold, I am one of those who utterly abhor your doings!” [26:167-168]
Some extension FAQ: (টাইম থাকলে পড়েন, নাইলে নাই)
1. Gay/Lesbian নাহয় খারাপ, তবে যারা এর সাপর্ট করছে, বা মেনে নিচ্ছে, as human rights – as right to survive just as it is right of people of all colors to survive, এতে সমসস্যা কি? এতো ক্লোসড মাইন্ডেড হলে চলে? Live and let live, কথাটা খারাপ নাকি?
Ans: the problem is, when you put gays and lesbians on the same table as colors of skins, it means you are accepting a scientific study which states that being homosexual is genetic. If that being so, when Allah SWT sent a catastrophic destruction on the people of Lut (A), HE was being unjust (Nauzubillah).
Without getting into details of how this scientific “study” is nowhere near being a fact, and i cannot fully fathom why someone would be so desperate to accept results from questionable studies when even the scientists aren’t 100% aware (let alone, confident) on gene codes, dna structure, and even cell structure, on which almost every week a new study and new theory comes out – perhaps it strikes to them as something that supports THEIR belief system, and make it sound right by using terms like “scientifically proven” etc etc – so it boils down to one belief system against another.
No problem here. I can fully appreciate another point of view and a belief system different to mine (appreciate, not accept).
But the problem starts when you accept this theory as a fact, you are in fact, saying Allah (SWT) was unjust on the people of Lut (A) (Nauzubillah) and YET want to declare yourself as a MUSLIM. Certainly, claiming your religion as Islam and claiming your birthright as Muslim, and yet claiming that Allah is unjust (nauzubillah) is simply hypocritical.
If you support gayism – go ahead and come out of the closet – not necessarily on your sexual orientation, but coming out on your religious orientation as well. But please stop fooling people with your hypocrisy and have the guts to say that you are not a Muslim!
At least that way it would be easier to decipher later on, whom to take Jizya from (perhaps)
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Md Ali Arman Rahman
ভাই, মনের সব কথা এক ধাক্কায় বলে দিসেন। কি যে শান্তি লাগতেসে।
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Sakhawat Hossain Niloy
Sir, Is it alright if I copy this?
Like1Reply · More · Jun 28
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Nabaa Zaynah
Couldn’t have said it any better Chacchu. I cannot fathom how not supporting this unholy act in any way makes us homophobic. Oderke keno bhoy pete hobe? They’re humans and if anyone should be scared it is they themselves committing such a heinous sin. If we are trying to strengthen our Imaan our Taqwah and taking a stance against this we are God-fearing Muslims. Not the plastic ones changing to rainbow DPs. It doesn’t constitute to homophobia. Rather all those publicly shaming us for our religious views are Islamophobic.
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Ashik Rahman
Sir, share korlam
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Rupok Muhammad Tanvir
অনেক ভালো বলেছেন স্যার!
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1 reply
Shoaib Ul-Islam Tonmoy
Too Good!
Like1Reply · More · Jun 28
Mahedi Hasan
Please কিছু খারাপ কথা বলব, পছন্দ না হলে delete করে দিয়েন
কিছু সুশীল চুতিয়া বলে ওরা যদি একে অপরের সাথে থাকে & হ্যাপি থাকে তাহলে আমাদের সমস্যা থাকার কথা না। এটা ওদের মানবিক অধিকার।
এইবার আসি আমার একটা প্রশ্নে
ওই সুশীল এর মায়ের সাথে যদি কেউ পরকীয়া করে (অবশ্যই mutual understanding) & এরা একে অপরকে ভালবাসে তাহলে কি ওই সুশীল মেনে নিবে মানবাধিকার ভেবে!!!
বিজ্ঞানীরা দাবি করে ওদের হরমোনাল problem এর জন্য এমন হয়!!! হুম agree করলাম। আসলেই ওদের হরমোনে কুরুচি দিয়ে ভরপুর যা ওদেরকে মানুষের সংগা থেকে বের করে দিয়েছে।
কবে না জানি পশু প্রেম ও চালু হয়ে যায়। আল্লাহ আমাদের হেফাজত করুন।
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Hedayetullah Abdullah Solenkhi
Dua of Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) to Allah for help
Qaala Rabbin surnee ‘alal qawmil mufsideen

He said: “My Lord! Give me victory over the people who are Mufsidun (those who commit great crimes and sins, oppressors, tyrants, mischief-makers, corrupts).

The Holy Quran
Sura Al Ankabut 29:30
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Ali Imran
Like1Reply · More · Jun 28
Masrur Rahman Orvil
বিচ লজিক, “যেহেতু তুমি সমকামিতার বিরোধীতা কর, সেহেতু তুমি ধর্মান্ধ।”
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Labib Anik
Sir, the frustrating part is, they label us being narrow-minded, backdated, extremist (though never explained the context), they say its yheir choice, and right and equality(someone plz define equality!!!). They fail to realize that its a threat to the very existance of humanity and civilization. Sad part is i have those people around me in every aspect, and the funny part is “oder bashai kintu janena”..
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Shakil Rafi
What if someone supports the SC decision that all humans are equal and should be treated equally is that something you’re against bhaiya?
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Shakil Rafi
Mahmood Muttaqee I see what you’re saying. But there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding between what actually happened on the 26th and what bd people are interpreting on Facebook. Gay marriage was not legalized per se. People are not forced to gay marry. Churches are not forced to gay marry. Straight people are not forced to gay marry. Nothing of that sort whatsoever. What happened is that a state cannot refuse marriage license to a gay couple. Gayism has been happening since the beginning of time. The US govt. now chooses not to discriminate against it.Should the US govt. discriminate? No! Gay people pay the same taxes that straight people do. Quoting the Qur’an about Lut (as) seems to be overkill. Did you quote the Qur’an about alcohol, when the Prohibition was lifted? Of course our faith believes that homosexuals are cursed, no one is arguing against that! But at the same time the government cannot discriminate between them. Can the government refuse a gay man education? Can the government refuse a gay man a job? Can the government refuse him a drivers license? A pilots license? A hunting license? Why should he be refused a marriage license? Their punishment is with Allah (swt). But a multicultural govt should treat them as a citizens, and marriage is the right of all citizens.
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Labib Anik
What people is misunderstanding is the basic concept of marriage! Marriage requires a female and a male, committed to live their life together…..etc.
Unlike2Reply · More · Jun 29
Labib Anik
Consider the plug and the socket.For a better understanding. You will not have electiricty and live in darkness, if you donot undertand the basic idea of putting things into the right position.
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Ziad Iqbal
sick world!
Like2Reply · More · Jun 29
Munir Chowdhury
salam. mashallah, excellent. every1 shud also know that the only punishment for sodoms in islamic state is death sentence. if. there wud b any exemptions of other religion criterion 2 escape death sentence then mareful quran wud hav mentioned that. islam allows freedom of opinion, choice, speech et all., but 2 disseminate pure n true knowledge not 2 spread obvious shytwans acts or 2. create confusions in the society by lying, teaching perrvertion.under the disguise of sympathetic humanitarian (u r welcome 2 read my blog coincidentallly against sodomy posted on my timeline 2day n named: H2+O=Survival (water)) acts.
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Prova Shams
Sir akdom moner kotha ta bolchen !
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Mustafa Zuhair
Whoa! been out of facebook for a day and missed a whole debate! Shakil Rafi, i think you have missed the core point here. The post is not about rights and preferences.. neither about equality. The post as Mr. Abrar Ahmad also pointed out in the conversation, is about the Islamic perspective. What’s haraam is haraam, and you can blab all day, but its not gonna change haram into halaal! 
For example, one can write pages on benefits of alcohol (or one’s right to consume any food and drink s/he wants), but that is NOT gonna magically change alcohol being halaal! One might not prefer this decision, and therefore has the CHOICE to be a Muslim or not to be a Muslim.
The concept of the post is for people trying to convince that its “incorrect” for Islam (or religions) to ban homosexuality. Am not forcing anyone to convince that the SC ruling is unjust. It simply portrays the hypocrisy of anyone who is convinced that the Islamic ruling is unjust, yet claims to be a Muslim!
As for me, i still abhor anyone who supports this notion of homsexuality, irrespective of honey-dipping this phrase in terms of human rights, natural preference or genetics! For me, i am convinced that there is a God and that God is not unjust.
You have right to disagree, but when u put down this notion, aren’t you becoming a preacher? aren’t you actually judging – the same way many people hate religious preachers for judging?
All we are saying here, you keep to your faith, but don’t intermingle it with Islam, which, irrespective of your thoughts, belief, preference or perspective, does not allow homosexuality!
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Mustafa Zuhair
Shakil, another thing, perhaps you did not go till the end of the post. Am repeating here again, so that you don’t have to scroll up and click “read more” and waste precious seconds  .. here’s the crux of the matter, taken from the last part of the post:

“If you support gayism – go ahead and come out of the closet – not necessarily on your sexual orientation, but coming out on your religious orientation as well. But please stop fooling people with your hypocrisy and have the guts to say that you are not a Muslim!”
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1 jul 2015


how too much liberalism can make a super power nation also deaf, dumb n blind.. shytwan 1st. makes a person. gafel (ignorant about.islam), then sows the seed of athiests mind under the disguise of liberal thots.  the english lang pundits shud never hav allowed this word.2 b the. synonym of pervertion. well then again dont we c mostly the atels (so called local intellectuals those hav hardly any.religjous knowledge n blind followsrs of all western weird philosophies that targets allah n islam.  Shameless idiots then keeps on changing positions as soon as their theories r proved wrong beyond doubt, as if they r born as shaytwans) in the literary circles? now. u know y. how cleverly n quitely they act 2 change a nations perceptions on. religion. a human’s seemed 2 b a. spontaneous so called liberal remarks r indeed hundreds.of yrs of latest product of shytwans trial n errors but mostlly sucesses, as the duniya has come about.

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Y we r discussing a disgusting. matter of a foreign country?  Bcoz this particular country & its 2 arms britain n base israel controls more than 90% of the global media n entertainment industries n the have formed WTO thru which they thteat. 2 take away our foods fm our tables if we ban importing their slut, homosexuality, violence, terrorism, nudity promoting entertainments.  Opening up our.skies n almost nil control on the broascast/display n inet materials hav only helped these 3 iblises 2 package us with a ridiculous rating system they hav developed n trained for our neighbour hindustan.  Their temples hav terra cottas of depicting various human intercourse positions whereas out masjids n homes r free of any statues.  We hav been warned by prophet mohammad (saw) that allahs fereshtas dont enter the houses that hav pix of humans n animals displayed n statues of these or deitys strictly forbidden.  For them is their religion. n for us our religion.  Y bing so shrewd on imposing on us wot we say haram (religiously forbidden)? Wot they hav agreed with u is their matter n cannot b displayed here, period.  We cannot sacrifice our religion on yor another lame excuse of cutting cost.  Frankly speaking even it means cut off the lines 2 import banning.

We all need 2 b very vigilant against these 3 absolutely lunatic yet filthy shrewd byond imagination disaster creating but compulsive skillfull liers excellent story makers.  Bcoz under the disguise of free world, free trade (non of them r actually free in either definition but very expensive for our religion, family, society n country) they hav a master plan 2 ruin us.  I cudnt blieve my own. eyes when i. saw a local channel whiile reporting an item showed there r agencies in this very ct that caters jigolos (astagfirillah).  Now imagine how far team iblis has suceeded in this country!  In the next 20 yrs @ this rate i wont b surprised if our supreme court judge approves sodomy.

Since prophet lut has been mentioned so lets end with wot quran says about the end of that nation.  After prophet was evacuated 2 a safer place by allahs fereshtas, they stoned 2 death each n every person, who had bcom homosexuals.  Then they lifted the whole country in2 the air & throw it bak deep in2 the earth.  How did they put it?  SUNNY SIDE. DOWN or upside down.  The place is 2day known as lut shagor or dead sea.  N the song?  A threat 2 me via “science”.

Finally, for those who were (primarily these 3 super science n logic evils n theirs quite a few head lost hily educated n sophisticated local idiot followers) slapped hard with humiliation in my earlier writing (dome, wot.dome?) seems 2  b bak in track again – just as i hav mentioned above, here is the ultimatum fm allah:

“There is, in their stories, instruction for men endued
with understanding.  It is not a tale invented, but a confirmation of wot went bfore it,- a detailed exposition of all things, and a guide and a mercy 2 any such as blieve”.  (Quran 12:111)


Wots the Ultimate Ambition?



Salam.  Pretty sad n  vindictive stories there.  If  tried 2 recall then probably cud name a very few characters with such traits.   Mashallah never had problem recognising these selfish, bakbiting, opportunists n keep them where they blong – out of my life, so long those cudnt accept my life style or thot using me for their gain is the true meaning of friendship.

Now lets look at the phenomenon of building.a national psyche of rudeness, exploitation, demeaning, mistrust, bing sly … . .wow! ….bingo!  Sobs of us government n am psychology association (fm my morning post on the subject thru Saudi gazettte), I seriously blieve u hav 2 stand the trial of world humanity n explain the whole scheme of your sorcery aka the evil that u hav unleashed on specially muslims irresponsibly while knowning the known/ unknown dire consequences these acts inflict upon.  N u r  also using social inet medias as well as tv, radio et al. in the name of science.  Yor outragaeous acts dosent stp there, u use the same evil n media 2_torture the Muslims that u can’t enslave thru mimiking intolerable pain affected parkinsam disease!

Fellow Muslims now u mashallah hav solid evidence of wot they had been proudly broadcasting as effective use of social medias like fb n al jazeeras n rest in uprising of the evil in the name of arab spring!  All they did is divided the nations n replaced bad leaders with evil!

Land of the Free….. they say



My last blog on this very subject was “snatched” away at the  very last moment.  cud they dishearten me fm telling the truth or voicing the concern?

mashallah i hav found a much detailed n up2date info. on the subject.  now wot is it 2 us?  primarily 3 concerns:

1. nat-er guru cia/ nsa  always uses other countries intelligence agencies for “theIr” own intelligence gatherings.  they hav fooled the world in 2001 with an ultimate trick 2 ruin the islamic world.  they hav coerced muslims 2 kill muslims so that they can rob their wealth gradually over a longperiod of time.  they didnt leave iraq after practically ruining the bak bone of that country, they hav fortified their position by buiding an embassy with a whooping 1 BILLION us dollars! 2 ruin n rob the next country in the region probably within next 10 yrs again n so forth.  they hav created an outer shield defense for themselves by creating is.  bak in the 80s their spy satellites cud  c the exact headlines of a russian sitting in moscows gorky park n reading his morning newspaper.  strangely 40 yrs later when technology has advanced with unimaginable precision they cud not, with probably Thousands of spy satellites up there, c ten of thousands of militias training in the desert over a long period of time. on top of that every arabs all fons tabbed.
they hav ambitions in as far as  bdesh.  so i wont b surprised if tbey currently fooling the nsi n using them for their purpose.  the existing arrangements shud b  curtailed n if possible stopped immediatly.  a sovereign independent country shud never get in2 such agreement with any country.

2. most of use us made apps n swares for our social networking, email, brousing , blogging etc daily needs n datas r kept in their servers outside bd mostly in us.  when american privacies r not respected by their govts, y wud our privacies will b respected by that same govt?  our embassy there can prbably find a legal solution 2 this eg., try 2 arrange a court order thaf 2 scrutinize any bangladeshi’s acct with a us service provider, besides us court orders they hav 2 also obtain bd courts order, n in these days of electronix all these can b done in a day.

3. finally, most importantly we r a muslim majority country.  we follow quran n  sunnat.  borh quran n sunnat hav very strongly upheld that anybodys privacy shud not b invaded.  also if som1 shares his secret wifh anotger person then the person listening bcomes the xusgodian n shud notmisuse ir reveal the secret 2 others. so here the bd govt  is 2 ensure the privacies of its citizens over all electronics media.  it shud not evasdrop bcoz it is haram n it shud not help or allow foreign govts 2 evasdropping

Privacy and technology
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United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit | US | United States of America versus Quartavious Davis [PDF]

From the Decision:
“In this case, the government got 67 days of cell site location data disclosing Quartavious Davis’s location every time he made or received a call on his cell phone. It got all this without obtaining a warrant. During that time, Mr. Davis made or received 5,803 phone calls, so the prosecution had 11,606 data points about Mr. Davis’s location. We are asked to decide whether the government’s actions violated Mr. Davis’s Fourth Amendment rights. The majority says our analysis is dictated by the third-party doctrine, a rule the Supreme Court developed almost forty years ago in the context of bank records and telephone numbers. But such an expansive application of the third-party doctrine would allow the government warrantless access not only to where we are at any given time, but also to whom we send e-mails, our search-engine histories, our online dating and shopping records, and by logical extension, our entire online personas.”
See also: Analysis by Elizabeth Goitein at Just Security.
Source: Policy Surveillance
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