27/9/15 Salam. its hi time that we make these agents of west n crooks accountable 2 the ummah.  these sauds in my judgement r too clever for the ummah but likes 2 b  dumb n surrendered 2 camp israel n anglo americans.  just imagine on the 5th yr of theirs 3  best frnds middle east … Continue reading TAKE ACTION

Weird Westerner’s

24/9/15 Salam. The saga continues.  all we can do mashallah is potray the facts, evidences L haram act, show our cncerns giving the probable logical condutiins that exist   bushra, although frustrated, has mashallah put forth the most important need.  lets wake up n realize that without the true religion islam soon we will b like … Continue reading Weird Westerner’s

Rethink the Curriculum

3/9/15 Re:  Rethink the Curriculum Salam. It is true for the well offs.  How 2 fix this disease?  The 1 n only way is 2 redesign our education system.  Starring fm class 1 upto hsc besides the essential regular curriculum make subjects related 2 Quran n hadis mandatdory.  Instead of teaching foreign.literatures so vastly replace … Continue reading Rethink the Curriculum

The Great Virtue Of Lowering The Gaze By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

Books were ccreated to provide information  "The Qur'an"  was revealed for our transformation. From a simple haman being 2 a humane person. 28/8/15 Salam Reblogging: Take me to Madinah Reminder for believers 2 days ago (fm 26/8/15) The Great Virtue Of Lowering The Gaze By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah   Allah the Exalted said: "Say to … Continue reading The Great Virtue Of Lowering The Gaze By Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

DW: যেসব কারণে ৫৭ ধারা বাতিলের দাবি উঠেছে | বিশ্ব | ডিডাব্লিউ.ডিই | 25.08.2015

Germany: a country that allows no speed limits in its autobahns or hiways, a reflection of their overconfidence of theirs "super race" humans 2 make negligible mistakes as drivers, civil engineers 2 make perfect load bearing n carpeted hiways n auto engineers 2 make break down proof cars.  Yet there r accidents n deaths in … Continue reading DW: যেসব কারণে ৫৭ ধারা বাতিলের দাবি উঠেছে | বিশ্ব | ডিডাব্লিউ.ডিই | 25.08.2015


Salam. Since the time is rite for the need 2 urgently bring us, uk, camp israel, russia, hindustan, s arabia n vatican under justice for crimes of most dangerous sorts against humanity, i appeal 2 all against evil n oppression 2 come forward inshallah n help me. Procedual, legal, creating public awareness et all r … Continue reading CAN SOME1 PLEASE HELP ME!


Watch "Raindrops keep falling on my head - Subtitulada" on YouTube https://youtu.be/AiU84b0UWro 17/7/15 Above Songs Film:  Butch Cassidy n Sundance Kid a blog of a younger brother where i also made a comment. if zuhair will reblogg it, less the comments, say couple of years later, the atels, gafels, opportunists (those who only follows the … Continue reading DEAD SEA

Wots the Ultimate Ambition?

13/7/15 Salam.  Pretty sad n  vindictive stories there.  If  tried 2 recall then probably cud name a very few characters with such traits.   Mashallah never had problem recognising these selfish, bakbiting, opportunists n keep them where they blong - out of my life, so long those cudnt accept my life style or thot using me … Continue reading Wots the Ultimate Ambition?