AL-NASR, The Help

  18/12/17 a comment (copy n paste) added by me. which won’t b displayed, again, unless some1 wants to write a comment. Munir Chowdhury 18 Dec 2017 — 07:29 They hav created a weird version of wp to hide away my bio n other tid bits those they allow in the blog. it seems one must…… Continue reading AL-NASR, The Help


14/11/17 reposting it bcoz i think it is an appropriate time for a racist & hypocrit country to take lessons from past & present, which they never do unless immoral wealth accumulation is a possibility, then they might show they hav bcome civilized. my observation is their friendship is always to draw in enemies who…… Continue reading CENSORSHIP ON ME

Grab Them by Forlocks

Salam. Revised 7/12/16 (original 21/6/15) I wish some1 out there knows how 2 break the censorship technology n sorcery of Obama n Trump evil pair. These 2 evil n whomsoever (British pm 1 for sure) r with them r in at all time hi confidence level, successfully hiding the criminals even after 1 year of…… Continue reading Grab Them by Forlocks

Illusionary “PEACE”

2/11/15 Salam. Munir Chowdhury’s profile photo Munir Chowdhury Public      hours ago 1/11/15 Salam. Sometime bak i wrote this instagram blog. Umbelibeable fraud act, isnt it? Whenever this region is metioned in the news there is no lak of the word PEACE in the newsmakers statements. Wot we didnt understand for 7 decades is that…… Continue reading Illusionary “PEACE”

Of the hypocracy, By the hypocracy, For the hypocracy

30/10/15 Salam. Munir Chowdhury with Makaylas Douglas and 49 others mins Salam. America warns the world. Is this some sort of a ritualistic joke? Make slogans n then violate each n every word of it when its americas turn 2 show respect 2 other countries, specially muslim countries. We r changing yor agenda #3 to…… Continue reading Of the hypocracy, By the hypocracy, For the hypocracy

OIC News (Reblogged)

The best seeds sown 2day wiill inshallah b the staple for future 12/9/15 Salam. a very imp meeting on helping syrian  refugees.   wonder how the enemies of islam got their way of pleasing the judio christan motives of keeping the rebel fighters out of the agenda when both r interchangeably linked. this is simply outrageous! …… Continue reading OIC News (Reblogged)

Growing Flowers on Stone

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