Allah is in the Flowers Too

1/11/17 Reblogging from blogspot post. Wish i had remembered in the morning when i posted the the piccard blog. Better late then never. Really mashallah a classic. The depth of her insight into the existence & purpose of beautification of allah's nature & interpreting the insight in lite of deep, filled with wisdom quranic ayahs … Continue reading Allah is in the Flowers Too


Originally published 12 june 2015 Revised 29 oct 2017 Map of Palestine Whenever i read or hear news about palestine since i started reading newspapers, it is killing of innocent palestinians, farther illegal occupation by israeli's, emergency meetings in world bodies, resolution passed condemning & ordering to give the land back, all action stopped veto … Continue reading JUSTICE OVERDUE

Critically Looking Upon Islam

hi, 25/10/17 interesting thot if u read the above piccard. never thot the definition of islam from these rational point of views. it is indeed the salafs & specially the fout khalifas' rashadeens were most consulted by prophet mohammad saw on allmost all matters. who wud later explain them to the greater public, if needed. … Continue reading Critically Looking Upon Islam

One of My Favorite Ayahs

hi. ayah copied from zahida khan chowdhury. 24/10/17 mashallah, one of my favorite ayahs. this is how the heart of understanding first the meaning then the philosophy of quran lies. islam is in every step of a human's daily life a owner's (allah's) manuel or dictation for everyone. their essential code of conducts r defined … Continue reading One of My Favorite Ayahs

Qur’an, Signs & Science

22/10/17 The Qur'an is the holy scripture of the religion Islam. It has, among many of its mentioned synonyms in the kitab itself, in our generation it also earned a name as book of signs. Here r a few signs that science has confirmed, after 1400++ years ago these signs were already given to the … Continue reading Qur’an, Signs & Science


Translation of the sura she recited: 1.By Time (swearing eternity). 2.The human being is in loss. 3. Except those who believe (in Islam), and do good works, and encourage truth, and recommend patience (like prophet Mohammad saw). Quran #103 Salam. 01/06/17 From Wonder wot made her choose 1 particular sura out of 114 - … Continue reading A GROUNDWORK FOR MODI’S ANOTHER RIOT?


Salam. 6/5/17 Ramadan can also b called the month of Repentence. The more one does Taubah the greater the chance of being forgiven. It (Ramadhan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire. (of hell) — Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.: 93, Pg.: 342 Sura Qadr, chapter decree … Continue reading Laylatul-Qadr