Apple Samachar (news)

Customer Letter – Apple re: muslim killer Niger’s Apple trap. Salam. I wud say it already exists n I hav recently got 1. The hypocrite nation usually stages these justice dept or congressional hearings drama 2 fool the world when either they r deep in2 it or they r abundaning such outrageous acts 2…… Continue reading Apple Samachar (news)


28/11/15 Edited 26/12/16 As-salamu-aliykum Greetings thru allahs 1 of the 99 qualitative beautiful names, “salam” ( or as-salamu-aliykum) meaning peace 2 u, whoever these word(s) r said 2.  Thaematics is, the 1 greeting salam is keeping allah as witness n assuring the greeted that he is safe fm any harm fm the 1 greeting. In…… Continue reading INSHALLAH TRUTH WILL COME OUT ONE DAY, SOON

Hang in There HangOuters

Ultimate hypocrits, dangerous liers, best friends of shaytwan, shameless cheats, frauds n thieves, stealth killer SORCERERS now its yor turn inshallah 2 b hanged in public & thrown in2 the ocean (like yor friends or foes or sorcery victims) by the consciense world. in the mean time i wud love 2 c vatican,  church of…… Continue reading Hang in There HangOuters

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