Salam. Read here 2 find out who the real criminals r. 0riginally posted (now modified) a few months bak in: Google+ Human memories r short, more so given the fact that there r so many varieties of lies, conspiracies, cruelty, deceits, conflicts , crimes, murders n wot not that shakes our conscious so much…… Continue reading Criminals

War is Good for the Economy

Salam (peace). Sounds like, oh! just another third world country….going thru its early stages of history trying 2 learn democracy n so on. if i wud b staying abroad n listening 2.these facts w/o knowing the countrys name wud probably hav commented something similar or something like must b that poor country that gained its…… Continue reading War is Good for the Economy

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Paralyzed Nation

Munir Chowdhury Shared publicly • 06:09 Salam. It is mindless n logicless. politically inclined bloggers r bing killed in such a tolerant society.  critics of religious extremism’s bloggers n religious movements bloggers – both sorts hav been killed in the recent past. both pointing fingers 2wards the others 2 accuse the cause of death. not only in…… Continue reading Paralyzed Nation

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Growing Flowers on Stone

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