Grab Them by Forlocks

Salam. Revised 7/12/16 (original 21/6/15) I wish some1 out there knows how 2 break the censorship technology n sorcery of Obama n Trump evil pair. These 2 evil n whomsoever (British pm 1 for sure) r with them r in at all time hi confidence level, successfully hiding the criminals even after 1 year of…… Continue reading Grab Them by Forlocks

Who Wrote This & Y?

The blog they won’t allow 2b posted frm 29/3/16 Salam. Re: The Power of Sorcery of US & UK Govt. These 2 evil nations sorcery power has almost reached the summit. They can put any individual under torture of nonstop garbage n filth talking specially mentioning the names of all the sorcerer, religious extremists…… Continue reading Who Wrote This & Y?

Know thy Enemy.

22/1/16 Salam. Gilgit valley n Baltistan, Kashmir Palestine, Syria, Chechnya, Kashmir – the list keeps increasing. But y?  The least educated in Islam n kafirs alike ask, y the1s who claim the only true religion is islam r persecuted by either the gafels friends or the kafirs governments? The rules shiftted fm Allah 2 zalems…… Continue reading Know thy Enemy.

Growing Flowers on Stone

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