Absolute Tortures & Terrorists

Salam. ABSOLUTE LIARS N TERROTIISTS 6/7/15 Wont allow access for 2days in2 memo! Y? 2 delete 1 of the blogs (4/7 n 5/7).  These. were put 2gether n posted fm g+ bd.  Immediately shared in g+ mc, where 5/7 blog was censored.  For that reason i made a copy fm bd page of the entite…… Continue reading Absolute Tortures & Terrorists

Miracles in the Qur’an, comments

Salam. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest). Follow up on Miracles in the Qur’an by Rob Hargreaves Dr. Maurice Bucaille has written a masterpiece named The Bible, The Quran and Science. Every1 regardless of faith shud read this well researched, eloquently written document on comparative religion based.on scientific indicatations n proofs. It is not about…… Continue reading Miracles in the Qur’an, comments

Growing Flowers on Stone

Soften your mind

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