14/11/17 reposting it bcoz i think it is an appropriate time for a racist & hypocrit country to take lessons from past & present, which they never do unless immoral wealth accumulation is a possibility, then they might show they hav bcome civilized. my observation is their friendship is always to draw in enemies who … Continue reading CENSORSHIP ON ME

11  Who is he who will lend Allah ..

23/10/17 hi, gilgit, baltistan!! mashallah, a beauty u wont believe it until u c it. so close to home yet unfortunately so far. all bcoz mughals had turned into not bit of muslims & revenge seekers of european crusaders who had been humiliated & still looking for a grandeur size revenge. didn't they get, althou … Continue reading 11  Who is he who will lend Allah ..

Grab Them by Forlocks

Salam. Revised 7/12/16 (original 21/6/15) I wish some1 out there knows how 2 break the censorship technology n sorcery of Obama n Trump evil pair. These 2 evil n whomsoever (British pm 1 for sure) r with them r in at all time hi confidence level, successfully hiding the criminals even after 1 year of … Continue reading Grab Them by Forlocks

Check it out.

24/2/16 Salam http://jamesclip.tumblr.com/post/139905562457/jamesclip-avenger-clown-obama-promised-his-homo The missing  screenshot  fm Blogger post.

Niger & Apple Trap 

d 21/2/16 Pls read my earlier blog 2day Apple Samacher. Salam, Did anyl notice apple didn't mention any dates or leave any address or link for expert/ technical inquiries. There is also no blog or comment space.  Little background I hav been trying for more than a week now 2 get apple 2 respond on my … Continue reading Niger & Apple Trap 

Modus Operandi – Parkinson’s Disease Killing

Modus Operandi - Parkinson's Disease Killing http://wotistruelove.blogspot.com/2016/01/modus-operandi-parkinson-disease-killing.html

In Animal Libido They Trust

Read with ydays blog; Y was g.b. prison invented? The evil mischieves that broke me (alhamdulillah), that also remade me properly (alhamdulillah).