Jihad against Terror or Crusade

30/9/15 Walikum us Salam. Remember about a month bak i warned putin is a cia agent. When he was thd kgb head cia helped him 2 smoorhly transform fm a totally failed state 2 a capitalist country. Later he was rewarded wirh presidençy. N wot a shrewd scheme it was 2 quietĺy make him a … Continue reading Jihad against Terror or Crusade


27/9/15 Salam. its hi time that we make these agents of west n crooks accountable 2 the ummah.  these sauds in my judgement r too clever for the ummah but likes 2 b  dumb n surrendered 2 camp israel n anglo americans.  just imagine on the 5th yr of theirs 3  best frnds middle east … Continue reading TAKE ACTION

Hajj/ Eid ul Adha

18/9/15 Salam. I was thinking about wtiting something about hajj n eid ul azha we say, but correct pronouncuation is adha.  then i found this very beautiful n elaborate hajj description written by ms. sadaf farooqi.  by reading the article, i blief, it will inshallah provide any inquisitive reader a very strong knowledge base of … Continue reading Hajj/ Eid ul Adha

The Audacity of the Sauds

7/9/15 Salam RESHARE fm FB. Islam Mohamed published a note. Saudi's Aid to Syrian Refugees is incomparable to what all Islamic & non-Islamic countries have done [Detailed Research] By: Islam Mohamed El-Hoseiny (Abu Islam Al-Salafy Al-Misry). I couldn't stand all the hate and ignorance that has uprised lately against the country of Tawheed The Kingdom … Continue reading The Audacity of the Sauds

Common Language Arabic for Strong Bondage in Ummah

Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Ummah Posted on 08/20/2015 by Munir Chowdhury Revised n updated 24/8/15 Salam. May Allah create the strongest brotherhood among all Muslim nations as hazrat mohammad (saw) envisioned. May Allah also inspire all muslim countrys 2 adopt mandatorily 2 learn arabic besides their mothertongues. Now we telawat quran but don’t understand its meaning, … Continue reading Common Language Arabic for Strong Bondage in Ummah

Ash-Shu’araa or The Poets

Pic: Kaba (the cubical structure) covered in the black clothing. Located in Mekkah, S Arabia. 9 Jun 2015 Ash-Shu'araa (The Poets) The heart n soul of islam – Kaba. The 1st human who was also the 1st human on earth prophet adom’s (may allah b pleased with him) residence with his wife bb hawa (may … Continue reading Ash-Shu’araa or The Poets