Jihad against Terror or Crusade

30/9/15 Walikum us Salam. Remember about a month bak i warned putin is a cia agent. When he was thd kgb head cia helped him 2 smoorhly transform fm a totally failed state 2 a capitalist country. Later he was rewarded wirh presidençy. N wot a shrewd scheme it was 2 quietĺy make him aContinue reading “Jihad against Terror or Crusade”


27/9/15 Salam. its hi time that we make these agents of west n crooks accountable 2 the ummah.  these sauds in my judgement r too clever for the ummah but likes 2 b  dumb n surrendered 2 camp israel n anglo americans.  just imagine on the 5th yr of theirs 3  best frnds middle eastContinue reading “TAKE ACTION”

Hajj/ Eid ul Adha

18/9/15 Salam. I was thinking about wtiting something about hajj n eid ul azha we say, but correct pronouncuation is adha.  then i found this very beautiful n elaborate hajj description written by ms. sadaf farooqi.  by reading the article, i blief, it will inshallah provide any inquisitive reader a very strong knowledge base ofContinue reading “Hajj/ Eid ul Adha”

The Audacity of the Sauds

7/9/15 Salam RESHARE fm FB. Islam Mohamed published a note. Saudi’s Aid to Syrian Refugees is incomparable to what all Islamic & non-Islamic countries have done [Detailed Research] By: Islam Mohamed El-Hoseiny (Abu Islam Al-Salafy Al-Misry). I couldn’t stand all the hate and ignorance that has uprised lately against the country of Tawheed The KingdomContinue reading “The Audacity of the Sauds”

Common Language Arabic for Strong Bondage in Ummah

Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Ummah Posted on 08/20/2015 by Munir Chowdhury Revised n updated 24/8/15 Salam. May Allah create the strongest brotherhood among all Muslim nations as hazrat mohammad (saw) envisioned. May Allah also inspire all muslim countrys 2 adopt mandatorily 2 learn arabic besides their mothertongues. Now we telawat quran but don’t understand its meaning,Continue reading “Common Language Arabic for Strong Bondage in Ummah”

Growing Flowers on Stone

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