THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN 16/1/18 Hi. As u probably have found out by now that most of my blog’s posts r related to Islam. Since Israel was enforced illegally on the Palestinian lands, Islam had become terrorist’s religion. After 9/11 this conspiracy has taken a deeper new look. The so called palestinian suicideContinue reading “THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN”

Facebook’s Politiking

8/1/17 CONCERN SHARED. AFTER POSTING THE STORY, I FOUND VERY SHREWD CENSORSHIP ACTS ON MY BELOW JUST POSTED STORY. The censorship list: If instead of IG url (the way I drafted n posted it ie., full url text added) u get a complete story, ensure it is the rite story with the rite vid: ttps:// reading “Facebook’s Politiking”


21/12/17 A mashallah very interesting place i stumbled upon today in the i-net. The Republic of Dagestan, or simply Dagestan, is part of federal Russia, located in the North Caucasus region. Its capital and largest city is Makhachkala (famous for the grand masjid) located at the center of Dagestan on the Caspian Sea coast. theContinue reading “RUSSIA & ISLAM”

A Tale of Three Countries

20/12/17 A picture story of mashallah three beautiful countries. Rich in Islamic culture & heritage. Morocco Rich in ancient architectures, impresses with its mosaics, wood curvings & beautiful display of colors. mashallah this country is also famous for its unique designs in clothings eg., somewot funnel shaped the fej hat n the shown silk kaftanContinue reading “A Tale of Three Countries”

AL-NASR, The Help

  18/12/17 a comment (copy n paste) added by me. which won’t b displayed, again, unless some1 wants to write a comment. Munir Chowdhury 18 Dec 2017 — 07:29 They hav created a weird version of wp to hide away my bio n other tid bits those they allow in the blog. it seems one mustContinue reading “AL-NASR, The Help”

Lack of Abdul Quader ra’s, Reason for Ummah’s Disdain

23/10/17 First published in Fb on 21/10/17 Abdul Qader ra A must read/ listen story. how prophetic humans come into existence. it simply lies in purity & devotion – both seems to hav successfully eradicated from the ummah by shytwan. In this part of the world he is also known as boro peer shaheb. SomeContinue reading “Lack of Abdul Quader ra’s, Reason for Ummah’s Disdain”

Growing Flowers on Stone

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