27/9/15 Salam. its hi time that we make these agents of west n crooks accountable 2 the ummah.  these sauds in my judgement r too clever for the ummah but likes 2 b  dumb n surrendered 2 camp israel n anglo americans.  just imagine on the 5th yr of theirs 3  best frnds middle east…… Continue reading TAKE ACTION

Lost in Love; the wrong kind

16/9/15 Salam. Dear friend, yes there is only 1 chance for every human in this earth. we, by nature, want 2 love n b loved becoz thats wot makes us most happy. now the point is we r mashallah exceptionally blessed 2 b muslims. but that dosent truly come free of cost. meaning we hav…… Continue reading Lost in Love; the wrong kind

পিতা-মাতার ভরণ-পোষণ আইন, ২০১৩

Connotations:  wot the pilgrims n puritans did 2 them (american red indians) in the name of christianity – is our future. 9/9/15 salam. an interesting law.  didnt know the law.was.passed on 2013. interesting bcoz those who revised the constitution 2 make the west.happy by dropping allahs name, they have interpreted qurans ayats in2 law (supporting…… Continue reading পিতা-মাতার ভরণ-পোষণ আইন, ২০১৩

Moncho’s Agenda Never Ends

Mitulmahamudonik Mitulmahamud Bangladesh Google+ 13 hours ago amar shadhinotar kotha originally shared: একটা মিথ্যা-বাদী, জঙ্গী অর্থ্যাৎ শূয়রেরর বাচ্চা ও হিংশ্র-জানোয়ার এবং “সন্ত্রাসী নামাজী”র তুলনায় একজন “সত্যবাদী বে-নামাজী” ব্যাক্তি অনেক-অনেক গুনে শ্রেয় ! Imran H Sarkar, Jonotar Moncho, Shahbag, Dhaka 5/9/15 Salam View original post Comments section: M kamal 11 hours ago নিকৃস্ট শুকর কে গালি…… Continue reading Moncho’s Agenda Never Ends

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