Same Monkies New Dress

7/2/16 Salam. DU science faculty building named after this nonsense – wot a shame! The learned alems say that names hav asr (influence) on individual’s personality. That is y Allah has mentioned in the Qur’an 2 call each others by nice names. He farther showed the importance of this advise by mentioning that he owns…… Continue reading Same Monkies New Dress

Counter Terrorism

10/11/15 Salam (peace) Islam is under pressure of a massive n most clandestinely designed conspiracies for a very long time, with all sorts of means including super sophisticated instruments/ mechanisms n evil sorceries. My exposure 2 the knowledge of this highest of the top secret project was mashallah (although very painful n demeaning) due 2…… Continue reading Counter Terrorism

Heather Smiley for President-2015 –

23/10/15 Salam A picture of obselete $3 coin of usa.  lady libertys head shown or the next president decided of that inshallah obselete country, hrc s? Munir Chowdhury 2 days ago 20/10/15 Salam Oh dear! that wud b so horrific. Just like the clown bastard husband of hers. Y dosent saudi gazette (a sister conxern…… Continue reading Heather Smiley for President-2015 –

PERIPETEIA (Reblogged)

6/10/15 Munir Chowdhury Hours ago Public Post activities (blogged in g+) 4/10/15 Salam. 2day i recall sura nasr where allah is comforting his favorite prophet mohammad (saw) not 2b disheartened (n slow down his dawaa responsibility) with the good news that soon lots of people will respond 2 his hard work n adopt islam as…… Continue reading PERIPETEIA (Reblogged)

Jihad against Terror or Crusade

30/9/15 Walikum us Salam. Remember about a month bak i warned putin is a cia agent. When he was thd kgb head cia helped him 2 smoorhly transform fm a totally failed state 2 a capitalist country. Later he was rewarded wirh presidençy. N wot a shrewd scheme it was 2 quietĺy make him a…… Continue reading Jihad against Terror or Crusade

Growing Flowers on Stone

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