Ungrateful Immorals

12/7/15 Salam. 10/7 America’s East India Co. (never heard or read history repeats so precisely). Salam. finally the evils gave up. 2day 10/7/15. @1550.  in front of the whole world, aft 6. days of blatant terrorism against a muslim who had. made them TOO MUCH MONEY,  n stopped working with them with dignity as soon.as…… Continue reading Ungrateful Immorals

H2+O = Survival (water)

29 Jun 2015 H2+O = Survival (water) http://staff.tumblr.com/post/122530008325/marketr-this-is-trends-love-it-or-leave-it Scary simplification of decades of imcompetent political leaderships, similarly scandal burdened religious institutes n leaderships ethics n morality reputation byond repair n tthe legislature n courts enjoying full freedom of accepting and/or writing  argumentative n logic filled with at only any.given point in times populous decisions (necessarily…… Continue reading H2+O = Survival (water)

COB – looting lands n resources.

  Continuity of Business (redindians to middle-easterns) 17/06/15. Salam. Between then (c blow blog written by me on 06/03/15 in fb) n now the situation can b explainled as status quo (as well as 2day).  America with its main chamcha UK is basking in the summer, due 2 all iblisi mixed political n interventional (uneanted)…… Continue reading COB – looting lands n resources.

Growing Flowers on Stone

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