Wot am I Getting Out of These “Niger” Teaching Writings?

This is the rite context n the ayah. warning from Allah about the severe punishment equal 2 destroying entire humanity for just killing an innocent human.  Needless 2 say the punishment for the sorcerer killers wud b even worst. Got that clear now sorcerer terrorist of 911 n then blame it  on Muslims liar, hypocrite…… Continue reading Wot am I Getting Out of These “Niger” Teaching Writings?

Citi East India Co.

21/3/16 Salam. A Leader in Every Sphere of Life http://span.state.gov/education/renu-khator/20160301#.Vu5ioFerN0w.twitter rani, a Bengali Indian, president of u of h is highly admired by the Americans. I don’t know her personally but read a few articles on her, 1 of them written by her self. Her leadership seems 2 me is driven in a classical American…… Continue reading Citi East India Co.


22/3/16 Salam. These 25 Companies Are More Powerful Than Many Countries | Foreign Policy http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/03/15/these-25-companies-are-more-powerful-than-many-countries-multinational-corporate-wealth-power/?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits New name for the privileged few.  Basically multinational corporations or MNCs gone “viral”.  Nothing new in it except every few years new terminologies r coined 2 create a hype on basically exploiting the lesser developed world filled with corruption n…… Continue reading Metanationals

Dogs of Homo Iblis

Source of American Power After many excuses n techs of censors since 27/2/16, inshallah trying again. It is a continuity of two blogs on “fair(?) observer” publishers. 02/3/16 Salam. Here is a perfect example of kafirs plans n action bringing in unimaginable result. These “fair? Observers” published a very lengthy n glossy phd thesis like…… Continue reading Dogs of Homo Iblis

Growing Flowers on Stone

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