Specs for Corona

15 Nov 2020 Hi, Simple protection against evil eye Corona – Sun glasses during day – Night Vision specs at night As the slow dance poem says: When you worry and hurrythrough your day,It is like an unopenedgift  …Thrown away. So pls try it and see if it works, otherwise it is an (non-priceable) unopenedContinue reading “Specs for Corona”

Sovereign Risk Management

5/4/16 Salam. We cud still manage if there were not 2 sorcerer nations (usa n uk) with embassies, looting banks n so called donor agencies that actually does grass root level r & d again 2 either loot or poison our foods (gm foods) n worstly slowly change our religion in2 intolerance (us aids imamContinue reading “Sovereign Risk Management”

Wot am I Getting Out of These “Niger” Teaching Writings?

This is the rite context n the ayah. warning from Allah about the severe punishment equal 2 destroying entire humanity for just killing an innocent human.  Needless 2 say the punishment for the sorcerer killers wud b even worst. Got that clear now sorcerer terrorist of 911 n then blame it  on Muslims liar, hypocriteContinue reading “Wot am I Getting Out of These “Niger” Teaching Writings?”

Niger & Apple Trap 

d 21/2/16 Pls read my earlier blog 2day Apple Samacher. Salam, Did anyl notice apple didn’t mention any dates or leave any address or link for expert/ technical inquiries. There is also no blog or comment space.  Little background I hav been trying for more than a week now 2 get apple 2 respond on myContinue reading “Niger & Apple Trap “

Apple Samachar (news)

Customer Letter – Apple http://www.apple.com/customer-letter/ re: muslim killer Niger’s Apple trap. Salam. I wud say it already exists n I hav recently got 1. The hypocrite nation usually stages these justice dept or congressional hearings drama 2 fool the world when either they r deep in2 it or they r abundaning such outrageous acts 2Continue reading “Apple Samachar (news)”

Growing Flowers on Stone

Soften your mind

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