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18 Feb 2018

Twilight Zone

In this demonic world most of our 5 senses r covered with bandages like the one from the twilight zone. while back in the 60s america confused the human minds with showing twilight zone, the planet of the apes, the land of the giants, star wars etc. to show imagination rules over minds, who actually were writing these scripts?

These films decayed human morality faster than probably in any era of the humanity by slowly embedding creator confusion to vacuum in the minds & led u.s. to a nation as it is recognized today – a greedy immoral wealth seeking allmost bankrupt of faith, navigation equipments damaged helpless mega ship drifting aimlessly fast towards the deeper waters where no ship has ever dared to sail in.

Now, back to the question who were the script writers – jinns or humans? did even a single human gain wisdom out of these jinn cheating acts? wot is that? it is the wisdom, knowlesge, priviledged info sold as divinity & bought by the illeterates & dull brains. please refer to the quranic ayahs on shytwans death defying theft habit. shytwans chased or treated away by the malaikas by stoning them with burning meteroids. this happens when the habitual thieves evaesdrops in the sky to listen to, when the malaikas discuss among themselves the decrees they received from allah while waiting ranked in order for the individual malaikas turn to execute precisely allmightys assigned tasks to them.

These hollywood futuromas or sci-fis seems to me jinn shytwans very effective means for teasing & fooling the humanity specially america, the country it had chosen to groom & take revenge on humans – iblis’s avowed enemy, warned in the qur’an by allah. by choosing a new mighty nation that violated allmost all devine rules in its formation as usa & behind the disguises of hipocritical phrases such as e pluribus unum, in god we trust but in fact w/o giving any second thoughts hav been following shytwan as a religion hoping shytwan will reward the most favored nation status to america in quid pro quo. in fact shytwan very cleverly & judging americas beastly hunger & ferocious inhumane character made it the master opera conductor of the sad song called either u r with us or u r not (in killing muslims and/or blashphemy islam, not mentioned).

Humanity, shaytwan says now, take a look at my created uncontrolled beasts sam, nato & usa. given that iblis hav seen many times wot brings the undeniable wrath of allah on total human race if need b, it has indeed chosen as its best partner the worst terror creator nation on earth ever ie., usa!! wot a success the duet has shown so far in injustice, inhumanity, abuse of freedom, thriving on double standards, choking the voices of conscious by censor or coersion, defying allahs sovereign rule on earth and more. none other than the facts that creates merciful allahs anger r when rights & respects to fellow humans r mocked at, transgressing just to knowingly promote evil & haram physical sex.

Now lets talk a little about the twilight zone attached video. It reminds me of a hadid of prophet mohammad saw where he mentioned that had he not been blamed for ordering something in contrary to allah’s will then he wud hav ordered to kill all dogs in this planet. anyway, its haram to keep dogs as pet. dogs r of jinn offsprings which, i can vaguely recall where i read, was most probably written with the above quoted hadid but not sure if it was part of wot prophet mohammad had said.


Sunrise in Arizona, USA




Day 2 – LIVE UPDATES Delivery at the Azraq Refugee Camp assisting Syrian families.

Munir Chowdhury (@MunirUNT)  03/20/17, 05:59

Salam. That’s how we the entire Muslim ummah shud help n respond to the needs of Syrian families. They shud b made felt at home than refuges…

A free nation 5 years ago woke up 1 day to find out that it has fallen victim to the conspiracies justified by the nastiest lies ever said against Islam based foreign policy of a tyrant nation, which is repeatedly being run by nothing less than idiots who learns about Islam by consulting with shytwan.

How did they get such priviledged position which they cudnt achieve thru camp Israel occupying golan heights for more than half a century for the same intentions? Just by patiently upbringing a dictators son. He was taken to uk for education, my foot. So was I taken in the name of Citibank na. London is nothing but a mega sorcery hub of the Anglo Americans. A looser that looks like an idiot named bashar al asad was made a monster during the long period of the clowns study tour.  Then paths were cleared for this shytwan to take over the family bizness of running the country. They then launched the lethal Arab Spring to loosen the nerves of the Arabs b4 they made the farce drama of regime change must (mainly to find out who cud b the real trouble maker after invasion) in Syria. Once illegally inside Syria they started the usual game of theirs to complicate the situation thus introduce some external or new factors to make everyone forget their names. While a few wars within the war continued they hav made the necessary ground works for the next stage of kill. It cud b 1 or few n only they, iblis n of course, Allah knows wots next.

Despite repeatedly warned in the Quran about kafirs, wot did the Muslims do? Nothing practically. We r desperately looking for another non believer to save our face. Better late than never, but is that the final solution? R we still following Qurans guidelines? Y r we so scared like the non believers about the Islamic ummah n not taking any initiative to make it a truly single body of operational Islamic unity? Is there any force in the world that wud dare cheat, misbehave, abuse, occupy, extort the Mashallah 1 billion strong Muslims against our combined n shared intellectuals, resources (both human n natural), hard works, ethics, ideas n innovations, honesty n wisdom, above all courage under the supreme commander in chief of all chiefs combined in the world – Allah.

It is hi time that we do the necessary n do it fast with consultations n perfections bcoz time will soon run out n we all will b crushed by the new Mongolia of not chengiz Khan but 3T (trump, theressa, tony). Allah is eagerly waiting to help us against the oppressors, conspirators n transgressors provided we respond to his call n act accordingly to Allah n his prophet Mohammad saw’s guidelines.  The only way to survive the perverted n twisted yet extremely clever, shameless liars, hypocrits beyond imagination, wrecklessly using dangerous sorceries, consciousless evil plot n trap setters, illegally power abuser rouges is to get the ummah moving n with urgency.

With the target set to dissolve the wests created clever obstacle for ummah named OIC, setup a new ummah unity forum with the peoples chosen representatives from each mandatory 4 membership n as well represent Muslim majority countries. Make the body most democratic n accountable as prophet Mohammad saw did (did so 2 show his true ummats can n shud do) from masjid e nab’awi.

Inshallah start meeting twice everymonth, each meeting by law at different member countries n covering all member countries, perhaps in Arabic alphabetical order in honor of Allah’s chosen language. How about inshallah besides name finding make the 1st meeting agenda a common language program for the entire ummah ie., Arabic, to b rolled out in all non arah countries as mandatory second language at all levels of educational institutes. This can inshallah b easily put in place by exchange programs. Arahs providing Arabic language teacher for 2 years will b compensated by the other country by sending their surplus teachers in other subjects or professionals as required by the language teacher’s country! If there is a cost of leaving adjustment requirement that  will b from the common fund of ummah.







It was long due.

Like everybody’s death, allah also predetermines when 1 shud do wot thru guidance, prudance n wisdom or leaving the recalcitrants for the shytwans. This is either bcoz he wants 2 reward or humiliate some1 depending on 1s actions. That dosent mean he interferes in2 1s life or coerses certain immoral, unethical  actions n if can’t (astagfirillah) enslave him, isolate him n put him under blackmailing and/or death threats. Even when that fails then slowly (sometimes abruptly like car accidents) keeps attempting on his life over a long period of time so that everyone wud think death occurred due 2 consequences of chain of events n so called diseases like Parkinsons Disease.  Just illustrated god acting outrageous certain schemes of brit n us govts (possibly Israelis too). Instead of such coward evil acts, allah gives full freedom 2 both evil n good n tests both.

Then time passes but evil can’t supersede or kill the truth despite its might.  Then truth comes out mashallah crushing the spell n by the wish of Allah starts humiliating the shameless axis of evil who r still using technology n sorcery 2 save their skins much more than ever just 2 b ridiculed n called gods of ambitious small brains.

Allah is probably luffing at this hapless idiots bcoz he has locked them with a death date.  Hopefully inshallah after they r publicly proved as evil, liers n bigots who r living in a fools world thinking they hav fooled us. In such confrontations usually 1 survives n that is ALLWAYS allahs team mashallah bcoz he says in the Quran no 1 knows wot is comprised of his hidden forces.  Not only that he is the only 1 who has the creator priviledge of fixing the death date as already mentioned n all encompassing knowledge including about the unknown future.

So how it works? Simple. He is just keeping an eye on the transgressors n for their each n every action (which he knows but leaves undisturbed) he had already defined their fate.  More clearly for their certain actions they might b recalled immediately or probably delayed by a few more days. Does he changes fate if action changes?  It’s already answered above. Does he forces change of action or fate sometimes? A foolish question. When he wants something 2 b done all he does is that he says “qun” or be n that gets done immediately.  So if he c’s few lunatics r trying him everyday thinking themselves smartass gods bankers, president s n pm’s n all together r trying 2 change his defined destiny eg., use nukes 2 kill all on earth bcoz they hav been exposed n humiliated n will hav 2 face trial – y wud Allah allow that before his predetermined day of kiyamah.  All he will inshallah do is say “qun” for wot he has decided for these n that will b done in a blink.

I earnestly pray 2 Allah that their evil wishes, unjust actions, immorality, unethical actions thru sorcery that they achieve, 2 b immediately n directly returned bak upon them w/o hurting any1 or anything they want 2 hurt or destroy n bak on 2 their governments n innocent people (not so innocent like ours bcoz they never take the pressure off their govts 2 keep the economy growing regardless n doing nothing about the barbaric noexcuse wars of killing muslims n looting their resources n wealths). Also bcoz these lunatics r killing large #s of innocent people everywhere indiscriminantly just 2 make a point which is again a setup of lies n deceits hidden behind it indiscriminent making of money.  We r not trained 2 think n act like mafias least 2 allow our government s 2 bring these cultures in. Plain n simply we want 2 hold on 2 our highly priced n rare truth culture of Islam – LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

I want 2 c how far arrogant n stupid can this super my foot power nation can go with evil sorcerer president Obama.  How can a govt n nation actually can sustain on shyrwans help n friendship. They hav created banks 2 loot n kill, with iblis shytwans brain the retard nation has nuclear weapons 2 destroy the earth several times but their president who thru cia n ambassadors kills innocent peoples dosent even realize since his birth he is locked by allah for an or no ocasssion, or mayb like Hitler this muslim killer will choose suicide.  Who cares so long justice is served n truth prevails, the sooner the better.  The next 1 won’t b any better as was the case with the  previous 1s, n probably even worst.  Craps like British pms n us presidents come n go trying 2 make a vicious, hostile, greedy, shameless liers n crooks world.  They only succeed with the “confused” n “compromised” opportunist few. Otherwise these r clowns of history n now proven evils.  I feel pitty but unforgiving 2wards Obama n his xsectioal followers frm brits, hindus, sauds, Jews, church of england, buddists 2 vatican clowns.  Bcoz  all 2gether they r evils now beyond control but soon inshallah will b spotted by the conxious world for evil cleansing. Allah is watching over all things.

Munir Chowdhury

Dogs of Homo Iblis

Source of American Power

After many excuses n techs of censors since 27/2/16, inshallah trying again.
It is a continuity of two blogs on “fair(?) observer” publishers.



Here is a perfect example of kafirs plans n action bringing in unimaginable result. These “fair? Observers” published a very lengthy n glossy phd thesis like article on “deprived” blak american muslims (all of a sudden popping up on my screen). Thats how they drew my attention. The rest u can c in the mail xchange.

They r simply too comfortable under us government, all hypocrites generally r. Thats y they hav chosen THE monkey niger n his muslim killer natión over allah. If not, they (possibly a cia shop) wud hav tried 2 find out the minimum bakgrounds n circumstential evidences or even facts of the matter. Wot made them 2 totally write off some 1 who is whistleblowing on a proven killer govt n its associates? Wot is their evidence that i am wrong? Y r they absolutely non caring for but insteaf going against the ummah?

Pls note that it took the learned johnny the so called journalist (mayb he got a license but definitely not working 2 inform his audiences adequately n informatively) just 2 minutes (I sent @ 00:48 n received @ 00:51) 2 open my mail responding 2 his enquiries, read it, analyse it, was able 2 gather info on my reports, take a decision n write an answer 2 me – secret 2 American knowkedge of staying ahead n knowing all before all else. They get the news of unseen frm their unseen friend shytwan iblises team who r allways evasdropping in the skies n sometimes capable of stealing allahs orders 2 his malaykas (angels). With that news the bhogoban shytwans negotiate with us presidents 2 give Duniya 2 America in xchange of plotting n killing muslims, the only nightmare of iblis shytwan. I guess these can steal up2 only 20 yrs of allahs few decisions n that’s y u (also future telling thru astrology) hear common saying America is 20 yrs ahead in cing n planning the future frm the rest of the world.

At the end a small reminder fm quran 2 both humans n jinns. It says shytwan plots but allah is the better planner n he claims (n we mashallah allways c) it is allah who allways wins. All knowledge, power n wisdom lies with Allah, the 1 n only.


Too Clevers or Absolutely Fools


Praising (or blaming) Allah
(23/12/15 renamed n revised, original 17/11).


Beautiful write up! however, there is another side of it of which we shud b cautious of.

While Allah says shytwan conspires but he is all knowing n he has plans too. Thats y we c at the end Allah’s plans allways wins. But the humiliated shytwans try n unfortunately hides behind such reasonings n swiftly n cleverly shifts the whole burden of blame on Allah as if, astagfirillah, the whole saga was designed by him sadistically 2 try his subjects
So when u r making up such analogies 2 a person or a situation u shud take xtra care n make sure u know the true story. May Allah protect us fm lying n deceiving shytwan.

Also remember the following 2 grab the shytwan by its forlock



Praising (or blaming) Allah




Fathima shanya
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I Trust my rab #Trust Allah

Rïdhã Ahåmëd🈵17 hours ago

muhammed thelha A16 hours ago

Munir Chowdhury12 hours ago
Salam. Beautiful! While Allah says shytwan conspires but he is all knowing n he has plans too. Thats y we c at the end Allah’s plans allways wins. But the humiliated shytwans try n unfortunately hides behind such reasonings n swiftly n cleverly shifts the whole burden on Allah as if, astagfirillah, the whole saga was designed by him sadistically 2 try his subjects.

So when connnecting such analogies 2 a person or a situation we shud take xtra care n make sure we know the true story. May Allah protect us fm. lying n deceiving shytwans.

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