Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.). Qur'an 08:46


Salam. 20/03/17 Day 2 - LIVE UPDATES Delivery at the Azraq Refugee Camp assisting Syrian families. Munir Chowdhury (@MunirUNT)  03/20/17, 05:59 Salam. That's how we the entire Muslim ummah shud help n respond to the needs of Syrian families. They shud b made felt at home than refuges… A free nation 5 years … Continue reading Saving MANKIND


2/5/16 Salam. (REBLOGGED). NOTE: MY MOTHER EXPIRED 2 DAYS AFTER THIS BLOG WAS POSTED. It was long due. Like everybody’s death, allah also predetermines when 1 shud do wot thru guidance, prudance n wisdom or leaving the recalcitrants for the shytwans. This is either bcoz he wants 2 reward or humiliate some1 depending on 1s … Continue reading WHEN & WHERE IT ALL ENDS.

Dogs of Homo Iblis

Source of American Power After many excuses n techs of censors since 27/2/16, inshallah trying again. It is a continuity of two blogs on “fair(?) observer” publishers. 02/3/16 Salam. Here is a perfect example of kafirs plans n action bringing in unimaginable result. These “fair? Observers” published a very lengthy n glossy phd thesis like … Continue reading Dogs of Homo Iblis

Too Clevers or Absolutely Fools

Praising (or blaming) Allah (23/12/15 renamed n revised, original 17/11). Salam. Beautiful write up! however, there is another side of it of which we shud b cautious of. While Allah says shytwan conspires but he is all knowing n he has plans too. Thats y we c at the end Allah’s plans allways wins. But … Continue reading Too Clevers or Absolutely Fools

Praising (or blaming) Allah

Salam 17/11/15 +28 Fathima shanya 17 hours ago · Public I Trust my rab #Trust Allah Rïdhã Ahåmëd🈵17 hours ago Hi muhammed thelha A16 hours ago mashaAllah..... Munir Chowdhury12 hours ago Salam. Beautiful! While Allah says shytwan conspires but he is all knowing n he has plans too. Thats y we c at the end … Continue reading Praising (or blaming) Allah

PERIPETEIA (Reblogged)

6/10/15 Munir Chowdhury Hours ago Public Post activities (blogged in g+) 4/10/15 Salam. 2day i recall sura nasr where allah is comforting his favorite prophet mohammad (saw) not 2b disheartened (n slow down his dawaa responsibility) with the good news that soon lots of people will respond 2 his hard work n adopt islam as … Continue reading PERIPETEIA (Reblogged)

Lost in Love; the wrong kind

16/9/15 Salam. Dear friend, yes there is only 1 chance for every human in this earth. we, by nature, want 2 love n b loved becoz thats wot makes us most happy. now the point is we r mashallah exceptionally blessed 2 b muslims. but that dosent truly come free of cost. meaning we hav … Continue reading Lost in Love; the wrong kind