Hang in There HangOuters

Ultimate hypocrits, dangerous liers, best friends of shaytwan, shameless cheats, frauds n thieves, stealth killer SORCERERS now its yor turn inshallah 2 b hanged in public & thrown in2 the ocean (like yor friends or foes or sorcery victims) by the consciense world. in the mean time i wud love 2 c vatican,  church of…… Continue reading Hang in There HangOuters

The Audacity of the Sauds

7/9/15 Salam RESHARE fm FB. Islam Mohamed published a note. Saudi’s Aid to Syrian Refugees is incomparable to what all Islamic & non-Islamic countries have done [Detailed Research] By: Islam Mohamed El-Hoseiny (Abu Islam Al-Salafy Al-Misry). I couldn’t stand all the hate and ignorance that has uprised lately against the country of Tawheed The Kingdom…… Continue reading The Audacity of the Sauds

Growing Flowers on Stone

Soften your mind

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