B Careful! Another German WW in the Making.


Recently germany was again in the news about challenging muslims obeying islamic dress codes. intl hijab/ nikab day’s blog was slightly revamped n posted 2 several sites.

When a war crime is not properly punished this is wot u get.  after grossly violating the jewish rites now they r again starting 2 show off their true  colors of stupid arrogance by trying 2 violate muslim religious rights.  This naked aggression against islam must b arrested now by dealing with it most severly. Punishing them if they ever attempt again 2 insult the muslims, their religion islam n its culture n heritage, and for these matters each n every country that tries 2 follow the footprint of hate n lunacy of germany shud also b severly reprimended.  These alarming sporadic acts needs 2 b uprooted at the very nascent stage, otherwise they will spread roots in2 human society like the multiplications of grremlins under the protection of their liberal n convenient democracy which we call wreckless irresponsibility.  wot an irony that they cant even tolerate our rites 2 express islamic point of views, n 2 please shytwan immediately gets busy in labeling these as acts of terror so that general people never knows or even fears 2 kmow wot is the truth.

These so called human nations r in fact shytwans factories n very much against humanity like shytwan n shows off wots actually hidden under their skins every now n then.  it seems now all they need is a taslima nasrin in place of angela markel (although i wont underestimate her too) with hitlers killer instincts implanted in her. This human race does not need another blood bath 2 know the proper identity n intentions of these bad blood humans.  bfore its too late instead wot needs 2 b done is  2 teach a bit painful lesson 2 the probably best engineering  nation in the world also for failing 2 discover its own bodies software n hardware engineering  by researching its 1 n only authentic manual quran (bcoz quran  came for . human & it dosent  shout bak 2 germans too).  so y not read it?  specially when 2 make a sophisticated expensive car, which is not even close 2 1/10th of the engineering knowledge. required for a  nolife human body , n for that u r studying so hard, so many subjects for so long?  n here it is a simple book  for the 1st time readers with only 114 chapters.  now the punishment mentioned above, not linked with their prejudice against. quran which is rather proving them nonsense,  shud b 2 curve out 15k sq km (roughly the size of occupied land by israel) out of enormous 357k sq kms of current germanys area.  n in this vast land only 81 million. people lives ie, 230 /sq km. n if only half a million zionists added there will hardly change the population density.  it will inshallah b a very fair n practical solution for a possibly later an unimaginably deadly war so massive that the progression of the human race might reverse n humanity might b brought 2 the edge of extinction by shytwans.  if they dare not agree 2 this (including not harassing muslims in any way)  lets  arrange 2 put away the so called 81 million humans which r repititive trouble maker monkeys in cage n let humans live in this planet  peacefully w/o evil practices but with freedom of choice, brotherhood of trust, mutual respect, cooperation, law n order.

Munir Chowdhury

Munir  Chowdhury

Munir Chowdhury

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