Updated 03/06/17

The whole saga of  irresponsible & wreckless terrorism acts since 9/11 were designed by the crusader terrorists, which is obvious from their arrogant power abusing acts n con acts which I hav given in details in my various write ups since April 2015. They r responsible for the 9/11 evil terrorism using the Arabs thru mind control with shytwan jinn aided sorceries.

The same axis of evil made of Hindus, Jews & Christians afterwards designed many more evil powered terrorism acts. They r indiscriminantly killing innocent people specially Muslims, hiding behind government & medias collusion of creating false n blashphemous stories n armed to become more desparate & irresponsible evil power users as they remain cconfidently sheltered. They started the whole conspiracy of terror for the following reasons.

First, to divert attention from me after their locking me up in Britain failed & worried about a slimy Hindustani & to hide the wrongdoings of this liar, crook who is luved by Jews & Christians for his anti Bangladesh destructive activities. With the help of British evils implementing Americas evil intentions in Muslim countries financial, political & economic intervention n destruction it became easier to hide the incompetent Hindustanis irregularities while managing the evil Jewish bank Citibank, Dhaka. Citi  is where Christians put their evil stolen monies confident that it is the most safe haven. Also, do not underestimate the pimp bank hsbc in covering citis evils & doing similar evils. The latter came to Bangladesh about six months later. These two together monopolized the mkt by successfully disallowing other large banks from Europe or elsewhere to enter the local mkt & thru various tricks made prestigious & large European banks to quit locally.  They prevented a mega bank withdraw coming in after they sought permission & was granted, they even chose the local country head. There were some very unusual bizness common grounds, similar policy supports which were to please world bank & imf between the the generally known two “bitter rivals”.

In tune with Bill clintons Islam is enemy policy, was the foolish Hindustani Citibank idiots gestures n actions.  Then came the g w bushes war on terrorism setup showing all out Hindu, Jew n Christian revenge on gay, usuary hater monotheistic Muslims, making every1 forget the mock rivalry between the gays n bi’s vs super perverted so called straights in their power weilding citibank. All these r the real terrorists who r experts in setting-up muslims to be  killed by america, nato n their sorcery appreciating few dictatorial states like Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia to be named among the Americas best kept secret terrorist states.

All of them r busy establishing a crusader global power by killing n looting Muslims & their resources. Acheiving by setting up a very shrewd self incriminating corrupt media helped propaganda where bush to john & blair to may r called only liars even after cing their inhumane war practices n probably also knowing their evil power using illegal acts. Another purpose is being achieved, the evil Hindustani n his promoters r forgotten n an evil lab of sorcery was opened & still continuing on me.

I never imagined my journey of being a normal human being wud b so much envied by the evil eagles eye. Unwinding this evil seems to be even harder. The more their atrocities increases, the more I become helpless n seek only Allah’s help, the more arrogant they become.

History repeats. Similar to Mughal emperor known to Muslims as monkey Akbar who was a temporary new Islam finder just to satisfy his monkey American successors like Clinton libido for minorities, then a Johns mahal building stupid arrogance like akbars monkey grandkid shahjahan – has brought presidents r God making nation  America the final frontier of evils face to face with the evil hating conscious world. The coward nation still remains committed to evil n this contradictory uncomfortable situation is y they r avowed to the evil worlds of Iblis in avenging on me being the whistle blower on nothing else but aunty Sam the evil.

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