Salam (Islamic greetings, meaning peace to you)

Sometimes I write. I write to express myself as well as for others sake. My most interest lies in Islamic matters.

Neither a scholar nor an specialist in dawah (invitation to Islam) but given my peculier situation & wot I can understand from the basic teachings of Islam, that there is a very deeply planned, complexly camouflaged & covertly arranged plot against humanity. All to create a completely hate, bigotry, fanatism, intolerant & exploitation filled shaytwan’s duniya (satanic world). 

The agressor nations schemes at present although inaugurated against agressed Muslims by falsely setting up Islam as enemy but soon will b a global phenomenon by decreeing trinity has evolved  to quadro, the latest deity of convenience being sam.

The new religion has its roots in the rots & in both jinns & humans that follows iblis. Showing magics & claiming to b gods. Now a days being done thru unbelievably fine tuned massive sorcery program. These short term “gains” will never bring prosperity or peace in the mid 2 long term. for those who r thinking that these r sustainable & evil helps human prosper r in a fools paradise. . The reason being that simply evil never superceeds truth, time & trial proves it (read Quran for numerous proofs with scientific validations). But rather than waiting for that 2 happen, we as Muslims as well as humans hav obligation towards the humanity to point out to the general people of all faiths wot is going on & encourage them not to just b fooled by temporary gains of this evil system, but b literate & find out wot is the truth & wot shuod b done to the deceitful, immorals, evil practicing & lying conspirators. These r just not islams enemy but the whole humanitys.

I m a “special” & for a very long time victim of this lie & evil conspiracy. Also target of the prejudicial double faced arrogants evil plots to exploit me to spread hatred amidst hiding the truth. Since I hav Mashallah, so far survived their tricks & tortures (still ongoing), I hav decided to share it all with the general public. That is my personal side of writing. I hope, better sooner then later, general people can come out of their ignorance, greed n complacency for their &  humanitys future sake & b willing to understand n question these unethical practices.

My write ups r true experiences of my horrific tenure with citibank, na since 1995. I hav been deceived, mislead & entrapped/forced into prolonged  & painful sorcery tortures including family toxiclgy, intolerable filths. All bcoz I started doubting their ill intentions n resigned, which they resisted whenever I tried before the final 1. My writings r subject 2 to all sorts of censorships. My religious activities hav been forcrfully stopped by evil sorcery. To these evils, it seems, human dignity & life has no value. Wot they r upto & trying to hide r in my writings. Please read the following facts:



Their evil plans r all designed & performed 2 show Muslims instead r tobe blamed & called terrorists.

Hopefully soon the evils will b brought to justice b4 severe consequences of conflicts erupts due to the unabated, blatant falsifications & possibly most outrageous consipiracies in the history of mankind against Islam. Inshallah (Allah willing) I will continue  to write with the highest integrity as I did so far & to the best of my knowledge to highlite wotever evil power showoffs & unethical practices (writings, lecturing, connotations, threats etc.) comes in my way. I insist to write with some basic Islamic philosophies and/ or teachings. Hopefully it will create a common ground for understanding each other rather than being ignorant or exploited to create conflicts, which the evil sorcerers want. I, like my religion Islam, want to promote mutual respect & general trust among people of different faiths so that all can live happily & peacefully in this beautiful planet earth of ours. Finally, i wud like to remind that Islam is a complete code of life based on five principals & in no way limited to few rituals or doctorine. 


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