Greedy Barakahless World


First published in 2015, subsequent updates.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)  says:

Interest is such a huge sin that if u devide the sin in 70 parts, its lightest part wud b equivalent 2 having sex with yor own mother.

Narrated by: ibna mazah, baihaki (may allah b pleased with them).

I cant even imagine the magnitude of concern n fear of allah n his severe punishment prophet mohammad had in his knowledge, that being an ultimate example of purity n decency in all aspects, yet he was helpless 2 cite such an analogy 2 make understand the seriousness of sins for dealing with interests in any form . He had 2 warn the dearer than his own life, his ummah (followers) about the severe haram of paying n receiving interests. He had 2 choose the best yet probably the most disgusting analogies of all.

The day i will meet allah i want 2 b free of any acquisitions against me that i hav cozed any harm or burden on others and compensation for that will  not b demanded fm me. Prophet mohammad (pbuh).

All talk, no action.
All talk, no action.

As long as i am within the boumdaries of limits given by allah, my 1 n only obligation.

At times like these when humans r being systematically replaced by  replica humans made of   shytwan jinns human façade it becomes a responsibility of mine to share wot allah has tot me.

Y is the world mum about this heartless killer evil ambitious immoral black magician pres john?

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  1. 25 Jun 2015


    There is a famous hadid of hazrat mohammad (saw) thru which he warned more than 1400 yrs bak that, there will b a time in future (ie., if enuf thots n efforts r not put in2 action) when no1 can avoid the cursed interests. This is the age he warned about we r living in now. He foresaw that n cautioned about it.

    Since our forefathers were lazy, didnt pay full attention 2 allahs orders now we r in a terrible fix. Do we want 2 say, even aft knowing the severe chastisements that awaits for dealing with barakahless interests, that let it b as it is or shud demand n contribute for a speculation n interest free ISLAMIC financial system.

    We shud take notice that so far lazy money earnings made it easy for shytwan to get into their minds just to. keep them lazy 2 think n work against interests, but active & innovative to increase wealth n luxury. May Allah show us the way & give us the willpower to overcome shytwan’s threat of disruption & poverty, & help us develop an interest free world financial, trading, investments & global economic system.

    Rabbi zidni ilmah meaning allah increase my knowledge/ wisdom (Qur’an).


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