T(w)oo Low, America?



Two songs heard by two friends on their first journey to America. The two of us went to same high school and higher secondary college in Dhaka. We were interviewed for visa on the same date. He went to mid-west and me to south-west.

He heard (me too) song America in Bangladesh. But I never before my journey, from Heathrow to JFK in British Airways, heard Elton’s song.

Once in America (traveled on different dates but same route and airlines) when I told one of my friends going to that MW university (also interviewed on the the same day, all coincidentally) that I was as if transfixed and heard the Too low song repeatedly almost the entire journey between Heathrow and JFK (and puzzled later why?), he told that our common friend had similar experience in BA but chose to listen to Neil’s song repeatedly for the cross Atlantic trip.

Both of us graduated and returned home.

Wondering was it just a coincidence? Why? Wasn’t twin towers demolished site was named ground zero? Probably worth recalling when a few years later I went with my friends to visit Manhattan for the first time during winter breaks we couldn’t visit the sky scraper WTC’s top floor due to dense cloud and fog. Instead we were taken to probably 20 – 30 stories (assigned for tourists during bad climate days) below.

Worth recalling. On my onward trip to New Orleans in Pan Am after 4 – 5 hours of transit in JFK my ears were almost close to be blown away when I could not ask for any help. It was just when the jet plane taxied and was at full throttle and about to take off!!

Coming to America

Too low for a zero

Lyrics for both are available in Google search engine.

By Munir


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