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Fb saga of false accusations and India Bangladesh conflict creating slimy acts continues shamelessly



Some of you might be thinking I am in transition. From where to where? From Twitter, Disqus, Instagram etc. to Likee? Well, didn’t that take place a few months back? Is that called transition? No! I prefer to call it adding another quality book into the shelves of a quality book collectors cyber library. Why we do this? To take advantage of the unimaginable access to geographies and bright minds to share, update or listen to an advanced, alternate point of view. All of which would have taken months just with one country out of appx 200 countries few years back.

In the US where libraries are essential part of every communities, skools, juniors colleges, universities etc. had inter library lending services from a common database during the non internet eras. The emails, social sites, websites etc. now serves their hunger for knowledge.

I find it really shocking that recently few of my personal selections from a social site that I subscribed to couple of years b4 I joined Likee were shot down by Likee. Reason given bringing into my attention of their policies. Well in answer I could have gone to their feedback but refrained. Why? bcoz whatever I am doing here is for myself and my Likee friends. A policy cannot be used to create obstacles in getting exposures or earning knowledge. Whether if there is a alhamdulilah insightful value addition from me or a direct repost, that is my and the Likee subscriber’s judgement whether it is plagarism or success transfer. Likee has no say in it bcoz these are not copyrighted blogs/ vlogs. Actually the apps encourage sharing. It is in advantage for their publicity. It can never be an one way street – share ours, not theirs. That was the dark colonial ages, but we are almost at the edge of light age and can not think like a restrictive crown. We are not sitting in a horse cart but keying in the palm held smart phones that’s speeds are expressed in Ghz and storage capabilities by TB (terra bytes). We simply at the age of these highly sophisticated writing pens keep our minds back in the barns. Why have you forgotten the rule of thumb – sharing is knowledge, whereas accounting rule says by giving credit (loans) you increase assets and lastly but not leastly Allah teaches the Muslims in Qur’an that sharing ones wealth (for that matter knowledge that is insightful or learned) is considered giving loan to Allah who hasn’t got any need but promised to give back the loan in measures w/o any consideration i.e., in huge amounts! Subhanallah, glory to Allah.

Published by Munir

Salam. Ex country treasurer of Citibank, NA. Not a full time blogger but a reflector of life and truth. I only write that is true, humane and within the decency limits mentioned in the Quran and Hadids (seometimes violated for the sake of upholding decency by exposing nudity, indecency & pornos which are being made cheaply, widely and indiscreamenently available to all). Well let me elaborate a little more why I have mashallah taken up writing. Just start reading my blogs and soon inshallah (Allah willing) you will learn something u won't regret. You will understand what I am trying is to eradicate the ignorance - mostly imposed by the western govts to mislead us, mostly Muslims. Why? In order to inflict prejudice and hatred in your mind. That creates opportunity for them to falsify the truth against Muslims and their religion Islam. They don't care for u bcoz these r mostly some power loving, wisdomless, wreckless, irresponsible, evil worshiping bigots, power hungry liars. There is another aspect of my life that I, from time to time, share evidences with the public my unfortunate job related exposure to the modern times largest, most sophisticated, merciless, non muslim religious fundamentalists terrorists plots under the protection and sympathy of their governments. These two combinedly are the caues for 9/11 and after that many more major terrorists acts throughout the world. They generally use sorcery to set these terrorist acts in special venues, with underlying days/ dates and occasions so that apparently Muslims are doubted and blamed. Purpose is to create hatred against the last and only true religion left in the world, Islam. I will inshallah, although under most evil ways used to design through complex, difficult, intimidating and hostile situations surrounding me, continue on with my efforts to share the evidences and expose the hypocrits and lying crook perpetrators till they are brought to justice. Truth inshallah will come out sooner rather than later and the unholy bizness of generally portraying muslims as terrorists will stop once and for all. Munir Chowdhury My Bio: PS: I have been advised by my well wishers that all machine readable infos on my passport were in the interim linked to the so called terrorists database. So that in any foreign port I enter, instead of trump, netaneyahu, modi and boris the poven criminals (even knowingly, the presses and government attorneys offices of these countries, which are probably bought with their illegally earned mega monies, are not investigating them). So that instead I can be falsely charged and taken away being probably the only living and willing witness of these barbaric beasts, can never be traced again. These four with the listed bankers wherever traced should be grabbed by their forlocks to face justice in front of the world that they want to destroy. My website:

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