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Languge, Miracle of Allah. I believe all the Muslim countries must adopt a national policy to teach Arabic besides mother toungue upto HSC. We learn how to read arbi (w/o comprehending what we are reading) or telawat the Qur’an. But Allah sent the book saying “Iqra” or read. All we need now is to add Arabic grammar in the curriculum and we will inshallah graduate to iqra level that will inshallah fulfill Allah’s intention to najil (bestow) it on human beings. Humanity’s roadmap and the Noor of Allah that leads to hedaya (His guided enlightened walk of life) for every human being cannot be limited to telawat.

As Allah’s blessed and no doubt one of His best gifts for humanity Dr. Zakir Naik would highlight Qur’an is a book of signs, I, mashallah have concluded the above arbi grammar need. How? Besides Allah making us understand that mother toungue is important He farther says He has chosen Arbi as the (chosen language) for the Qur’an. Many recently scientifically proven theories are “miraculously” already hinted or highlighted in the 1500+ years old Qur’an. So its just a matter of submitting to Allah synonym Islam to inshallah see the secret behind Allah’s all encompassing knowledge, although Allah never promised us He will but neither does He disheartenes His creations in shedding knowledge as and when He feels it is appropriate or necessary.

With all due respect to ur authority and omnipotent power, Allah pls accept my du’a as I wish to be in sujood when in normal circumstances I would, as you have taught us through ur habib Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.

Relevance? My comment to my friend was if I touch the screen my fingers might burn.

Last night a song sent from Helo is still under review. Now they won’t let me upload the vlog I posted.

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