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How often, you wonder, has the direction of your life been shaped by such misunderstandings? How many opportunities have you been denied-or, for that matter, awarded–because someone failed to see you properly? How many friends have you lost, how many have you gained, because they glimpsed some element of your personality that shone through for only an instant, and in circumstances you could never reproduce? An illusion of water shimmering at the far bend of a highway.

Kevin Brockmeier

Wonder why I didn’t meet a single American who precisely reflect my current Islamic philosophical thoughts, contrary to then when I always thought and uptill recently, my missed opportunities! It seems to be a different literary Àmerica ever since I declared war against working under a flame American (but that also after 2 years after I realized I had been tricked by the axis of evil by getting me frustrated in London), possibly starting off America’s war on terrorism rather Islam.

À General Islamic Perspective

By Munir

Growing Flowers on Stone

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