Islam Vs. Shaytwan, Not USA


Today morning after two stumbles (almost completed comments or blogs written in surreal pains wiped out) and attempt to delete app’s contents by getting me physically stuck (not essential though) all of a sudden, I said enough! My other site has been blocked for few months Chatted twice called 4/5 times but they haven’t done anything.


bogus message (obviously not the above. A bogus message from another app which was being explained by me & deleted at the moment of posting). Everyday I am being harassed and blocked with such nonsense’s. no matter how many times I change the pw it finds another lying excuse and finally through very many vicious circle takes me out of the app and at least for that day doesn’t let me in again. They then destroys e – commerce related important informations, mutilating to disappearing my blogs (,
paid orders e.g.ali Express orders paid off but not yet delivered etc. not possible for anybody to remember store name, cost etc. wonder where these are taken by the thieves .. possibly these types of trades are  most safe in oval office! seems also Google have been Instructed by a gay lover evil to push me to the point to create another frustrating Muslim , then spells them for Americas finances to be kept as a fat cow through 9/11.

Month or so back google CEO and Islam hater a block head president met, perhaps to draw the final prints of next terrorism and blame it on Islam. Illiterates r the worst of fools, proved repeatedly