I believe that I’m being illegally censored


I believe that I’m being illegally censored through my brand new laptop zed air

After I had defined my Outlook account:


and got it verified it through the MSN verification yesterday, I had to stop bcoz of sorcery pains inflicted by the US Government.


Tweet: @MunirUNT

this morning I intended to finish up the set-up. However, everytime it keeps giving me this absurd screen which doesn’t accept any of my Outlook/ MSN related pws, neither the MSN & Google authenticators codes.

Despite the horror evil stories that they r hiding in the web & tweet censored sites of mine, this is the latest. The publict seeker evil promoter clown loves to create such situations to create hate against Islam. Not only that, his intention is to in the name (game) of debugging the blockade, use any/ all of u to reload the machine with sorcery to kill which he missed the first time.

Now is the time for the ill representative of an over ambitious countries evil contingencies. Enuf is enuf. My intention is to warn u of some unholy & unacceptable acts of a few (the little fag with jet plan has some pom pom girls too). He is an evil user wreckless idiot but u need to take precautions, as well as to help make the laptop useable. If u feel for ur future as well as for America’s future then let others informed too.

R u for the evil or the bold whistle blower?


On Sun, Jun 10, 2018, 21:21 Microsoft account team wrote:

Microsoft accountSecurity codePlease use the following security code for the Microsoft account ch*****@outlook.com.Security code: 7909551If you don’t recognize the Microsoft account ch*****@outlook.com, you can click here to remove your email address from that account.Thanks,The Microsoft account team

By Munir


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