A Tale of Three Countries


A picture story of mashallah three beautiful countries. Rich in Islamic culture & heritage.


Rich in ancient architectures, impresses with its mosaics, wood curvings & beautiful display of colors. mashallah this country is also famous for its unique designs in clothings eg., somewot funnel shaped the fej hat n the shown silk kaftan wrapped around the young girl.


a mostly occupied land now but a fully independent n sovereign country upto the end of world war two. the pictures show the markets of an ancient city nasara where allah’s second last prophet isa ibna mariam alyhis salam used to prophesize mashallah. thus his followers r called nasaras (christians).

Saudi Arabia

the holy lands of islam. the birth & death places of last prophet mohammad saw – mekkah & medina accordingly r in saudi arabia, so is islam’s holiest shrine kaba. mashallah another ancient country with rich traditions.

heartiest best wishes for all those who live in these countries.

By Munir