Lack of Abdul Quader ra’s, Reason for Ummah’s Disdain


First published in Fb on 21/10/17

Abdul Qader ra

A must read/ listen story. how prophetic humans come into existence. it simply lies in purity & devotion – both seems to hav successfully eradicated from the ummah by shytwan.

In this part of the world he is also known as boro peer shaheb. Some r even scared to mention his abdul quader name thinking it will b considered disrespectful. but it is a bee’dah.

if we r allowed to say the name of allah & his prophet by his name mohammad (althou we r advised to send salam ie saw to him), then we can & shud call abdul quader by his name. besides allah advises us to call each other by names & to keep meaningful beautiful names.

we shud follow & share more of such stories to trace our identity back & start hating the duniya. althou we r sunk in this quick sand trap of shaytwan upto our foreheads, only due to endless mercy of allah we r somehow surviving. just a taubah & stride for purity is all that is needed individually & collectively as a society/ ummah to reverse the most shameful low point of deen islams history. with time passes opportunities. so don’t wait – repent, commit & ask for allahs guidance & help to get u & the ummah out of the dark into the nur or lite of allah.

Boro peer shaheb, Abdul Quader ra

By Munir