11  Who is he who will lend Allah ..



gilgit, baltistan!! mashallah, a beauty u wont believe it until u c it.

so close to home yet unfortunately so far. all bcoz mughals had turned into not bit of muslims & revenge seekers of european crusaders who had been humiliated & still looking for a grandeur size revenge. didn’t they get, althou lying, their beyond dream revenge? a mere trading company named east india became the rulers by virtue of the shameless act termed divide & conquer. still to date the poison remains between the two major religions of the subcontinent & they try to dictate as parents who were no match to our civilization, science, humility, tolerance, truthfulness since then.
then they left us divided to prove they were rite in dividing us in the religious line.

the result of it is continuous bloodbaths. wherefrom mashallah bangladesh evolved but unfortunately kashmiris remain devided. inshallah justice will prevail & they will also b in the ranks of respected independent states. bcoz allah had mentioned in the quran the severe punishments for zalems & more so he said forming to creating a nation is under his purview (sura rome).

while we read history we don’t take the qurans teachings into perspective. can anyone tell me where in this piece of our history his promises were not kept? wasn’t gafel & be’dah mughals were replaced by a weaker power brought in from some place nobody knew? were they not used to test us? did the muslims follow the orders of allah still then? we responded with hatred with even more foolish hatred. when allah said iqra we said no way (astagfirillah), but continued learning farsi which is the language of biggest be’dahs. we said we read quran when we actually did telawat not understanding a single word of the essential lifes manual given to us. then join the bandwagon to learn english to hide our stupidity by hoping to become their servants.

all these time allah never stopped in implementing his rules. and will inshallah continue to do so. please remember that when he mentions zalem (unjust) & fasek (transgressor) he is never hung with one religion but all.

praying for health, happiness, safety, well being & most importantly freedom for each & every kashmiris. only having ensured the latter a human spirit can triumph to its best virtues. LONG LIVE FREE & INDEPENDENT KASHMIR!! INSHALLAH!!

Allah says:

11 Who is he who will lend Allah a loan of goodness, that He may double it for him, and will have a generous reward?

Qur’an: Sura #57, Hadid or Iron

Gilgit, Baltistan, Kashmir


Author: Munir

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