How to Entrap, the Least is Earn a “Complain”

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Hi ,


Re: ringid, rejudged.

Hav u heard about this candy app?? It seems a bit weird when u start but within couple of weeks, since I started slow, u will b able to master all of it & if u wish I can also guide u a bit.

Some bad elements r there but easily avoidable. Overall an excellent place for fun chat, but no place for serious discussions on spiritual, socio, economic or political intellectual views to b xchanged. But they hav all other categories including legal

Whether I encouraged or discouraged u, i still recommend u to hop in. Only way to find out djts extreme shrewdness. Another example, power was shut down rite b4 starting this draft when i was about to Tweet the ring id customer care emails. Not solving their created obstructions for more than a week, to make me look like a fool & beyond.

Remember an apps that teaches u to b euphorically lazy, so when u feel like a canadian this is the place to b. Let americans b the motherland britain’s retarded commonwealth foreign policy follower

Strange queer west led inhumane world we r living in. O ALLAH! Keep us self sufficient & far away from the harm & alluring shiny vague temporary duniya.

PS: a very private post last nite from me to a friend in usa was blocked giving no reasons & at retry the blog simply vanished this morning. Last week a long & difficult post was snatched away, again in the middle of the nite, in a street mugger style here in g+ while I was at the concluding remarks. None got rewritten, many more b4 that. But cud they kill my indomitable hatred towards shytwan & it’s followers faces made ugly thru unbearable humiliations & from the sin of mutilating their colleagues faces just to blame it on others.

Didn’t mention bcoz i was totally blacked out of a sizeable post again censored today rite b4 this one. Purely intended so that i cannot caution others.

Pictures mashallah chosen during this writing somehow narrated my recent & overall ambiance:

1. My website, it also mashallah symbolizes Islam’s victory over kafirs, 2. To Anglo Americans & their cronies, 3. Wot a slap on them who r trying in every heinous means to keep me detached from Allah, 4. Only to those who r free from bigotry, arrogance, deceits, lies & evil, 5 All praise to Allah the supreme of all super powers ever was or will b combined, 6.strictly follow these.rules according to the sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.


By Munir