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Update on 25/6/17 & 26/12/17

The whole idea of showing Islam as enemy is hidden behind Steve Jobs realization of wot life is all about, like most kafirs, when it is too late. Even then they do not realize that their belated wisdoms which they were robbed off r very basic fundamentals of Islam.

In other words these govts r blatantly lying about Muslims & Islam for EVIL purposes, They serve not the purpose of humanity but shytwan’s, which groomed him to b in power.

Original post earlier today:

Late Steve Jobs the founder of Apple computers.

Aren’t u awestruck how clearly he at the very end of his life Steve Jobs wrote Qur’an’s ayahs almost word for word in thematics.  Probably the only thing he said but still missed the relevant point is when he said that the only thing that u take with u is love.  He didn’t realize that its love of allah n following his commandments which includes leaving behind pioused kids who, according to Islam, can pray for his parents souls salvation, which inshallah r highly likely to b accepted by Allah.

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After last nites finding


Steve Job’s Story.

y censor such a beautiful story? is it bcoz it is referred to quran & also bcoz I had discovered (?) 2/3 weeks after I had written the steve jobs blog, an old controversy or is it at all worth to b called a controversy? The verdict probably requires the exact measurements of the dimensions of both ka’ba & apple glass cube r to b made public.

After i had read the glass cube stories few snapshot words, the story was snatched away for about a month or so until last nite. Y enact such drama for a stupid logic based act of evil controversy since october 2016? Y such evils r hyped up about the structure built infront of the Apple hq in nyc? Y simple facts r not made public to find out wots the intention of this all glass construction which is otherwise a “unusual & beautiful” structure

The whole blog saga under brutal pain & irresistable compulsion. Obviously some con evil is exploiting & cashing out from my situation, as well as cleverly pretending to b humane with a leash. Let it b anybody’s guess who cud such sadistic foul mouthing power wielding moghul b.

Also called house of Allah

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