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This is how these evils fools us, they think (well makes us suffer for sure). Once they r humiliated back on their evil intentions like day b4, they break their piggy bank to use deep islam. 

While the idiots think they hav cheated us from this duniya & we r fools to think there is a hereafter, they harass & restrict our normal life. That is y they keep a stock of good islamic literatures to use at critical times to hide shame & pretend that they dont mind our blessings in disguise, whereas behind the doors the chuckle – unfoetunately to their illeteracy to arrogance to the dangerous ill fates awaiting them. 

An excellent article used by a stinken john to threat or order renewal – of continued saga of americas no more place to hide public humiliation, period.

It is not only an evil decesion but a reality of using & abusing islam as they please. Brilliant Shaheed Syed Kutub to Dr. Zakir Naik & also hypnotized bin laden all r victims of this christian evil.


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Mashallah a post by Munirah Qahtan that beautifully illustrates a true beievers stage of being close to achievng his ultimate luv of allah. We shud b grateful to her & wish her all the best in her devotion.


This Is Our Aqeeda:

[Do prisons ‘really’ come perfumed?]

Sitting alone in this room (my cell) i look back to when i used to be free. Free from all restrictions.

That free bird has been caged now. In past i used to wonder what this phrase really meant, “prisons come perfumed”?

Now that i too am in one, i feel what that fragrance is. Allāh brought me out of that fake world of fake people. Brought me out of all those chains of fake friendships and emotions, and brought me close to Himself, where what i see now is Him, what i seek is Him, what i hear is Him, what i feel is Him. Everything is “Him” now!

As i have nothing to look forward to now , i have only Him to look up to. And thus when i looked at Him – at last – after years and years of distraction by fake people – i realized i was looking at the Beauty i had never set my eyes upon. Though my Lord is not visible to the apparent eye, but is visible to the Heart.

I felt His presence in a way i had never felt in my whole life. My Love – my Lord – brought me close to His Eyes through thus imprisonment.

So why should i hate being here, when i feel the Fragrance of His Presence here? If “this” is where He wants me , then here i am, His slave, fully submitted with my head bent in sujūd. My tears tell the story of my heart to Him all the time. And He Listens, you know. Listens to all my pains, with Love and Care.

So why to cry over lost freedom when i have my Loving Lord by my side?

I found the peace i was searching for.

So yes, they have very rightly said; the prisons come perfumed.

[Diary Of a Prisoner (A Bleeding Soul)]


By Munir


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