Translation of the sura she recited:

1.By Time (swearing eternity).

2.The human being is in loss.

3. Except those who believe (in Islam), and do good works, and encourage truth, and recommend patience (like prophet Mohammad saw).

Quran #103



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Wonder wot made her choose 1 particular sura out of 114 – is it bcoz it is a small sura, does she want to change the arabic meaning of the word asr to bangla meaning of the word meaning possessed  (she is from West Bengal) or she believes only in khatimun nabiat (Prophet Mohammad saw is the seal of prophethood) of Islam. Maybe she thinks Quran is just another poetry book.

We shouldn’t b fooled by these stunts. Maybe she has an extremely controversial n deeply disrespectful towards Islam movie plan in the future n gearing up to it. Y else someone not believing in Islam wud want to draw muslim’s attention in a press opportunity unless she has ill intention or not having a minimum respect for Allah, who has made it a book for knowledge seekers (wonder again which tafsir she read to understand sura asr) & Muslims. Remember shabana azmi n her role in a distasteful n haram promoting movie fire? I wouldn’t b too surprised if something so nasty comes out from the miss universe of the president mr universe🙏☠️.

A spammed link was loaded in the original post  Still can’t get the source link.

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158840804945615&id=614945614  or,

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