05/05/17 @10:45am

Wot a lying sack full of American social medias helping an Islamic whistle blower on Hindus first then on bloody Christians. That’s y I hav ……Donald @ 2am BST

Sure go ahead please explain both the slides n y u after learning about Islam thru my  5 hours of a very painful 99.99% finished 8/9 manually created slides blog was totally vanished by yor street mugger act of y’day. U think a clown faced coward no power jinn user a girly evil will get away with yor foolish tit for tat threatening the world blog writing opportunistic slimeball acts. Look at the mirror n cry u luffing idiot, inshallah soon to b tried terrorist president.

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05/05/17 again at 10:20am BST

Please refer to my blog dated 17/04/17:

Althou shud hav let u know few days after 17/04/17 when it happened conclusively, but somehow skipped to let u all know that my website has been technically destroyed. The story, which was intended to b an invitation letter was later transformed into an obituary for the site. It is almost impossible to copy or share that e letter but managed thru office suite a 5 pg slide which gives the story in some details.

Inshallah will try to put up a better site in the future when situations r civilized n conducive for freedom of faith n all else. The crook apparently signed a bill underlying freedom of religion few hours back. He didn’t say for gays, retards n bastards like him n those who follow him. Allahs curse on hypocrits.

DESTROYING MY WEBSITE-1(1) and 4 other document(s) shared in Polaris Office





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