As China Looms, India Set To Pledge Billions To Bangladesh: Foreign Media



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It is better to be hurt by the truth than to be comforted by a lie.

It’s allways reassuring n relief when two neighbours r in peace with each other. However, unfortunately there r too many theories, speculations n concerns between the future relationship between Hindustan n Bangladesh. Most of them cud possibly b justified, in my opinion, due to mistakes of both Hindus n Muslims mistrust against each other which wasn’t there before the colonial times. It has come to a point where some even cannot judge the evil outcome on themselves due to their ill decisions which originated in foreign brains, by judging their prejudiced trained minds. These rmostly poisoned minds of foreign educated leaders who spread the evil among locals the selfishness, unnecessary prejudice, audacity to ignore humanity n reciprocate friendship with arrogance taking granted that their foreign ill intended for all.friends will come bak to rescue after they hav ruined all n left. 

Who was wrong or who was rite during the colonial times is a political rhetorics of laymens. Both r losers n in a big way! Whether we got trains or we cud hav invented rockets 50 years ahead will allways b a puzzle. Looking at these severe flaws of seeking foreign satisfaction n sacrificing ourselves lesson from the history shud b relooked at hardly. Bcoz this is again an era of colonialism & being done in more dangerous unethical means. These billions r very hard earned money for Hindustan (which they probably wud hav not earned had they not set about 20 hi commissions in Afghanistan after the war on Islam of america started in Afghanistan. Also if not made the priviledged country to trade with “sanctions n embargo” hit muslim killers Arab springs rite hand Muslim countries). 

 It will b even harder earned money for Bangladesh to repay the p+I of the loans. But for good infrastructures we r allways credit starved by those who wud give 100s of billions if we agree the Chittagong port to b the next subic bay base. From that context modis loan gambit is understandable. Y use the word of chess where one player gives up a very important piece (called gambit) to confuse the opponent n at the same time distracting him with the confidence of a future winner in that game. The underlying motive is to make his opponent under the mostly “psychological spell” undertake the desired wrong moves to fall into the gambiters trap allowing him to make the killer moves of winning within a very few subsequent moves.

Y all these needs to b said where 2 neighbours r just going to hav fine lines drawn for Sahara real estate buyout of trumpreal inc. where the former had shown keen interest in Bangladesh long b4 djt was shown winner but already chosen. Oh! the legal drama? It was to.confuse the evil Muslims to uphold the colonial system promoting opportunist hisdustanis wise words that no matter how ridiculously slow n ineffecient it might b the Hindustani legal system ensures Hindu dadagiri promoting sorcery setups legal cases to get global attention efficiently n expeditiously with modi the ultimate forgiver foto shoots.

Now may question is the seaport n lpg financing loans – wot r they for? R those to b picked up by USA in the future for farther enhancements to suit their needs! Y not convert the huge electricity buying to a permanent solution of setting up electricity plants. Y financing rooppur nuclear plant where experts r saying it might b a global ecological disaster given its proximity to the world heritage largest mangrove in the world.

Inshallah hoping for a future day when the southasian neighbours will earn each other’s confidence n respect thru unquestionable good wills.

Author: Munir

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