Wonder Wot Type of NASA Spacecraft is Assigned to Kick it off



NATURAL ATTRACTION | Short Film on Vimeo

NATURAL ATTRACTION | Short Film on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/202245355

<p>Salam. The plan has been getting delayed since last 2 years since their ghost whisperer informed me of the plan with the reassurance I hav made it in the short list of independence day reversed or coopted super royal class idiots list. I must b possessed by Russians is the contingency of the t-p pair bcoz its easy 2 make putin all smiles g-8 with 2 billion raw greenbacks.

Some say the fairy tales or Arabian knights or karl Sagan or Stephen hawkins 2 protect the unimaginable cruel n crooks (just try 2 think wot kind of minds cud plan n execute a 9/11 evil). Then Edward snowden shown as a traitor in Kremlin’s safe Haven 2 help in us coverts (far away even from silicon valley idiots, who knows 2 convert programming knowledge more geniously in2 money making mamoths but pays no attention 2 the ever deteriorating privacy invasion illegal acts of their govts), the Aussie  julian assange in probably Honduran embassy in london. Several connexions 2 keep me under threat, 2 mashallah explained.

The British I worked with when I resigned from Citibank na was in Moscow b4 he came 2 dhk. The bank had lost about $150-200 million (can’t recall) “was shown” (every 5-6 yrs they play the financial mkts crisis 2 reward each other by fooling the innocent general investors) due 2 this blokes credit assessments. Next the pal from Texas that was in honduras n luved 2 call aussies his buddies then was assigned 2 Mumbai 2 look after Hindustani interest along with his bak 2 bak 2 dude bosses. When the sob ordered me 2 become Nick lesson of dhk MKT within 7-8 months of joining the bank & I said thru no action on his order up yors, the all wise had no face 2 drop by my office even as a courtesy 2 say hello when for the next 3 yrs the jerk came 2 dhk at regular intervals 2 report the country as risky (after stealing allmost $2 billions from the capital markets thru dhk n ctg stock exchanges) for bizness (he was the area “risk” manager) being non veg n Islamic. The result we c the influx of bad culture n unprecedented anti Islam activities bombarded on us starting mostly from 1996. There r few more innocence 2b pointed out but since getting too long (never enuf 2 describe the axis of evil) maybe after another 1 hour slept nite. His bud bosses were the same except for 1 arrival day handshake, as if saying hope u got our message thru govt of India employee n us too, r u too yet? Needless 2 say my promotions got stalled, salary raises 2 insult, bonus stolen by chairmans 2 Hindustani basters of sam. Land of the free my foot. LAND OF EVIL INHUMANS.</p>

Quran teaches in general 2 say for all activities:

Au jubilla himinash shytwanir rajim

Author: Munir

Salam. Ex country treasurer of Citibank, na. Not a blogger but a reflector - of life & truth. I only write wot is true, humane & within the decency limits mentioned in the Quran & Hadids (seometimes violated for the sake of upholding decency by exposing nudity, indecency & pornos which r being made cheaply, widely & indiscreamenently available to ALL). Well let me elaborate a little more why I have mashallah taken up writing. Just start reading my blogs & soon inshallah (Allah willing) u will learn something u won't regret. U will understand wot I m trying is to eradicate the ignorance - mostly imposed by the western govts to mislead u. Why? In order to inflict prejudice n hatred in yor mind. That creates opportunity for them to falsify the truth against Muslims & their religion Islam. They don't care for u bcoz these r mostly some power loving, wisdomless, wreckless, irresponsible, evil worshiping bigots, power hungry liars. There is another aspect of my life that I, from time to time, share evidences with the public. my unfortunate job related exposure to the modern times largest, most sophisticated, merciless, religious fundamentalists terrorists plots under the protection & sympathy of their governments. These two combinedly r the cozes for 9/11 & after that many more major terrorists acts thruout the world. They generally use sorcery to set these terrorist acts in special venues, with underlying days/ dates & occasions so that apparently Muslims r doubted & blamed. Purpose is to create hatred against the last & only true religion left in the world, Islam. I will inshallah continue on with my effort to share the evidences & expose the hypocrits & lying crook perpatratots r brought to justice. Truth inshallah will come out sooner or later & the unholy bizness of generally portraying muslims as terrorists will stop once & for all. Munir Chowdhury http://wp.me/P631px-n8 https://www.blogger.com/profile/06605542118879859294 PS: I'm being advised by my well wishers that all machine readable infos on my passport were in the interim linked to the so called terrorists database so that in any foreign port instead of trump, theeresa & the gang, I can b called a terrorist & taken away never to b traced again. Please refer to the name list of terrorists bankers i have published & those who r the true 9/11 planners, executors, criminals. these shud b put into most dangerous watchlist. whereever these animals r traced shud b grabbed by their forlocks to face justice in front of the "neutral press". My website: http://kitabofenlightment.info