Treat everyday as if you are inflicted with an illness that can kill you anytime. Do not look upon a sick person and assume he will leave first due to his sickness.
But level yourself with him. You are departing soon enough, more so than a thousand of sick men or even more.

So why is it that you have instilled this knowledge that you are healthy and more likely to outlive a sick soul. The only difference is that one is wakeful and knows he can die anytime, his sickness has only made him aware of his reality nothing more. You on the other hand have assumed that you will live, and age.

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Just read these Mashallah deep words of wisdom n take a few moments 2 think about wot u read. Think first y Allah in Quran reminded repeatedly 2 think about wotever we read in Quran.

We look at elders 2 justify our death at an old age. Please take out a piece of paper n pen, make 2 columns n in 1 put yor name n on the other the longest lived or living close relative of yours. Now on the left margin put some attributes that u know about the aged person (those u think gives good health n prolongs life) eg., weight, fav foods, prayer habits, contentment, character etc. so forth at 
least 10 of them. Then start ticking the attributes where u think the 2 of u r at least 70% similar on any attribute. I can guarantee u it will b less than 50% match between the 2 of u n don’t b surprised 2c u hav out scored him in matters which r generally said 2b good for health. Now If he lived 99 years then ask yorself whether u can inshallah outlive him. Wot if not 99 but 66, ask the same question again n think honestly whether in a true/ false exam there is a proper answer 2 it, or the teacher is poor on his subject n asking in the wrong exam method. He shud hav put the question as multiple choice where there is an usual none of the above option. Then of course statistics n probability etc based logics come in. Does statistics takes or hav the knowledge 2 take all matters in2 consideration about a persons death or even put him in2 probable age group? Can they explain y 2 souls were chosen by Allah 1 2b Mohammad n other 2b Munir? Mohammad 2 become Mashallah the last n most honoured of all prophets n munir 2b an simple ummat of prophet Mohammad saw?

If they don’t hav answer 2 birth they don’t hav answer 2 death. Did Allah say anywhere he uses actuarial science 2 order azrail aley hessalam? Definitely not. But he has his own calculations n judgements of some sorts which also compensates for generations of an invidual. No 1 can change his decisions.

So y live in a fools world n take base less excuses like wait “for my proper time” ie, religion is for the retired n old age, when Allah said that inexcusable religion starts at age 12/9 depending on m/f. Also he promised he raccepts Taubah very quickly. Then wot is the merit of wasting time n not totally surrendering 2 Allah’s mercy? R u shy bcoz shytwan will b humiliated? Did u ever think that shytwan is actually fooling u making u think in the materialistic n shameless world it will try 2 show u as an idiot using its idiot followers n u r forgetting how much Allah has given u n how powerful allmighty he is?

This is y Allah says he makes whoever reads Quran wiser bcoz all the nonsense, confusion n overconfidence fool maker shytwans run away. So now u can c allahs nur (pure lite) n find the best road 2 enlitement that he starts pouring on u. Instead of temporary glitters n deceptions of this duniya u find the most clean n peaceful road that keeps evil at bay. So don’t waste the opportunity named life given 2 us only once to know n follow Muslims best friend Allah. Clock is ticking n we r fooling ourselves in birthday parties, instead we shud read the sunnahs n Quran 2 understand allahs good intentions 2 reward us n allways keep us unharmed from shytwan. Inshallah with his wisdom we will not b scared of death but very well prepared 2 embrace it when he has decided for us 2 reward us.

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Sura Hud Qur’an #11:1-6



Notes: border points (not all) with the 2 neighbours. The masjid sign is the grave of hazrat shah Jalal (r.a.) considered 2b the greatest aulia ever in this country. An Arab who settled in sylhet 2 work for the dawah (invitation) of Islam n pioneer in spreading Islam thruout the current Bangladesh. May Allah forgive his soul with the other aulias, merchants, rulers who dedicated their lives for the coz of Allah. We owe 2 them n pray for them for the highest jannah. It’s due 2 their wisdom n consistency 2day we r mashallah a tolerant n middle path follower bangladeshi ummat of prophet Mohammad saw.

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