Mashallah a very well researched, documented & eloquently written. I wud like to add a little to it.

Wotever way u start yor day & whereever u continue it, don’t forget who made it all possible for u – it’s Allah. He expects the best, sinless, honest & halal acts from us 24x7x365. To make upto his expectations easier & to avoid unnecessary acts n talks those which usually draws humans into sins & harams, prophet Mohammad saw has told us to dhi’kir during the ideal times in order to achieve purity. He has told us 2 keep our tongues moist with tasbeeh, tahmeed etc. The word ‘tasbeeh’ means the act of saying subhanAllah just as tahmeed means the act of saying alhamdulillah, takbir is saying Allahu Akbar.



“Tahlil” literally means making the “la ilah ha illalah” while “Mawlid” means “birth” being more specifically used for the beautiful recitations that depict and honour the Birth of our Nabi, the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him

The recital of the Tahlil and Mawlid are common practices among many Cape Muslims. The recital takes place at various occasions. Besides the actual Mawlid un Nabi celebrations, its is also recited on the 3rd ,7th and 40th nights after a person’s passing away and often at name-giving ceremonies, birthdays and other social occasions.

Tahlil: Tahlil (La ilaha illallah) was the thikr of all the prophets (alaihim salaam). Rasoolullah salAllahu alaihi wasallam said that whoever last words were tahlil… will enter Jannah. It is not enough just to recite Tahlil 10 or 100 or 1000 times; we must recite it as much as possible; and all…

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