American &British Terrorists

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (In the name of Allah, the most gracious & the most merciful)

Salam (Islamic greetings with peace for u)



My write-ups r of 2 opposing subjects, 1 is about Islam which means & teaches peace and the other is terrorism of crusaders & zionists aided by sorcery but blaming it on Muslims &amyp; Islam. Thru exposures n experiences of my horrific country treasurer tenure with citibank, na where I joined in 1995 & subsequent sorcery tortures, intimidations etc.on me made me aware & helped me 2 put the dots 2gether 2 realise that the true faces of the peoples i worked with r nothing but opportunists & evils. Allthru I hav been deceived, mislead & later entrapped/forced in2 prolonged & painful sorcery torture acts including unacceptable/ intolerable filths 2 various evils acts. All bcoz I started doubting their ill intentions, blew whistle 2 shockingly find out the chain of command in the evil practices is all the way 2 the top. Then i resigned fulfilling all rules. They allways disliked n resisted whenever I tried 2 resign but last.time finding no excuses set up revenge traps which still continues. My writings r subject 2 all sorts of censorships. My religious activities hav been forcrfully stopped by evil sorcery. To these evils, it seems, human dignity & life has no value. Wot they r up2 n trying 2 hide r in my writings

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Some posts in

Please read & circulate them bcoz they r not only after me but these r terrorists who r relicgiously fanatic extremists crusaders of Britain & America n their friends who r the main cozes for 9/11 & many more terrorists killing acts afterwards. Soon they will destroy humanity if not brought under justice.

By Munir