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For those who hav been following my writings but still in doubt due 2 possible reasons of taking excuses of me using profinities which i hav already explained is a dangerous sorcery setup of falsely accusing n intimidating the 1 who is the whistle blower of a few audacious nations evil acts. Thus they r actually helping the evil 2 achieve their desired goal of making my credibility doubtful.  While others, I m sure being mind controlled by shytwans,  2 forget about Allah’s warnings of giving in2 shytwans powers w/o seeking Allah’s help n show patience while upholding Iman, as they try with me all the time with ultimate humiliation mashallah. Where as 1 shud never give in 2 earn the shytwans futile promise of a stinken duniya instead of infinite abundance of jannah.  Finally, unfortunatly, there r a few lethals who instead of considering a persons integrity n piety falls for race, color sorts of criterions 2 accept anything as credible coming from these branded evils who rose from the disgusting backgrounds looks polished but filled with evils of bigotry, slyness, crookedness, double standards n arrogance. That is how the inroads r made for helping the colonial evil world, these days also thru multi or meta national companies which seems private but actually serving its governments ill intentions.

Wotever the reason maybe for some1 2 underestimate the damaging capacity of the present evil n not taking in2 account my forewarnings, may Allah b kind 2 all Muslims n show them the truth from the false (furqan) n create 1 ummah 2 challenge the multi faced, very obvious Muslim haters, killers n users, unlawful power (mind readers n blog writers, now I m convinced knowing their evil patterns) users has started an earthquake just now but STOPPED (alhamdulillah) n shytwans world makers. Earthquake linked n publicized with my activities bcoz ovalevils wants 2 stop me from writing by proving me a liar based on my iman related wrirings just now above, n thru their monkey ambassador 2 “prove with evidence” 2 the pm that I m evil sorcerer in order 2 hide her evil acts n her bosses n stop me from writing which r most of the time hijacked by them 2 promote their evils n destroy my reputation. They want 2 turn tails now (but not w/o cozing some more loss/ damage 2 me). Hav truly their overconfidence been dented where by they ridicules the consideration that when time comes Allah indeed holds the evil by its forlock n humuliates before taking bak 2 him for the severe most eternal punishment?

The GIF best describes my full integrity in all my writings (including their filths n wotever garbage 2 undermine Islam n me), Allah is the witness 2 it all n alao the fact that wotever goes on here 24x7x365, only possibly 50% of that is written 2 the outside world.

Allah is the Witness

By Munir


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