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It seems 2 me these arrlcles r sponsored 2 condition general peoples mind so that baton passing of the current failed system of creating n maintaining 1 super economic power is continued by keeping the principles same but add a little twist 2 it then assigning countries like China 2 take the leadership for a short period of time. 

Given the principles being almost same with no character, credibility, true assets 2 bak up the currency (as we have seen in dollars case that creating a psyche that big country, huge natural resources, war n exploitation based economic growth etc r sustainable n wotever the country does is devinely credible cud not hold its both value n credibility) it will also fail. It can even b made faster now that there r plenty of examples since Brenton woods “conspiracy” wot situations leeds 2 wot economic conditions, thus replicate the scenarios n do them harder n frequently then show the world Anglo American brains r better in creating n managing an absolutely baseless economy thru currency maneuvering (with an ambition of global political dominance).

There were nothing wrong with the gold standard ie., money printing in accordance 2 the gold reserves held by individual countries. The only problem with it is shytwan dosent like it bcoz gold comes from Allah n thru his devine mechanism for providing sustinance for humans it is made available n affordable at certain measures 2 each nations. Here shytwan has no role 2 play in “potential strength” money printing superpower making schemes. Also trade settlements in net basis settled with golds with the trading countries will stop another dangerous scam of exploitation created by shytwan which is called foreign exchange trading market. Which is nothing but a shrewd way of stealing individuals as well as a country’s forex reserves in the name of trade but actually highest stake gambling, where everyone is unaware that this is controlled by select few where most of the earnings goes. Moreover the gold system helps 2 eradicate the evil curse of riba.

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Author: Munir

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