Unabated Tortures & Killings





It was long due.  Like everybody’s death, allah also predetermines when 1 shud do wot thru guidance, prudance n wisdom or leaving the recalcitrants for the shytwans. This is either bcoz he wants 2 reward or humiliate some1 depending on 1s actions. That dosent mean he interferes in2 1s life or coerses certain immoral, unethical  actions n if can’t (astagfirillah) enslave him, isolate him n put him under blackmailing and/or death threats. Even when that fails then slowly (sometimes abruptly like car accidents) keeps attempting on his life over a long period of time so that everyone wud think death occurred due 2 consequences of chain of events n so called diseases like PD.  Just illustrated god acting outrageous certain schemes of brit n us govts (possibly Israelis too). Instead of such coward evil acts, allah gives full freedom 2 both evil n good n tests both.

The time passes but evil can’t supersede or kill the truth despite its might.  Then truth comes out mashallah crushing the spell n by the wish of Allah starts humiliating the shameless axis of evil who r still using technology n sorcery 2 save their skins much more than ever just 2 b ridiculed n called gods of ambitious small brains.

Allah is probably luffing at this hapless idiots bcoz he has locked them with a death date.  Hopefully inshallah after they r publicly proved as evil, liers n bigots who r living in a fools world thinking they hav fooled us. In such confrontations usually 1 survives n that is ALLWAYS allahs team mashallah bcoz he says in the Quran no 1 knows wot is comprised of his hidden forces.  Not only that he is the only 1 who has the creator priveledge of fixing the death date as already mentioned n all encompassiing knowledge including about the unknown future.  So how it works? Simple. He is just keeping an eye on the transgressors n for their each n every action (which he knows but leaves undisturbed) he had already defined their fate.  More clearly for their certain actions they might b recalled immediately or probably delayed by a few more days. Does he changes fate if action changes?  It’s already answered above. Does he forces change of action or fate sometimes? A foolish question. When he wants something 2 b done all he does is that he says “qun” or be n that gets done immediately.  So if he c’s few lunatics r trying him everyday thinking themselves smartass gods bankers, president s n pm s
alltogether n trying 2 change his defined destiny eg., use nukes 2 kill all on earth bcoz they hav been exposed n humiliated n will hav 2 face trial – y wud Allah allow that before his predetermined day of kiyamah.  All he will inshallah do is say “qun” for wot he has decided for these n that will b done in a blink.
N I earnestly pray 2 Allah that their evil wishes, unjust actions, immorality, unethical actions thru sorcery that they achieve 2 b immediately n directly returned bak upon them w/o hurting any1 or anything they want 2 hurt or destroy n bak on 2 their governments n innocent people (not so innocent like ours bcoz they never take the pressure off their govts 2 keep the economy growing regardless n doing nothing about the barbaric noexcuse wars of killing muslims n looting their resources n wealths). Also bcoz these lunatics r killing large #s of innocent people everywhere indiscriminantly just 2 make a point which is again a setup of lies n deceits hidden behind it indiscriminent making of money.  We r not trained 2 think n act like mafias least 2 allow our government s 2 bring these cultures in. Plain n simply we want 2 hold on 2 our highly priced n rare truth culture of Islam – LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

I want 2 c how far arrogant n stupid can this super my foot power nation can go with evil sorcerer president Obama.  How can a govt n nation actually can sustain on shyrwans help n friendship. They hav created banks 2 loot n kill, with iblis shytwans brain the retard nation has nuclear weapons 2 destroy the earth several times but their president who thru cia n ambassadors kills innocent peoples dosent even realize since his birth he is locked by allah for an or no ocasssion, or mayb like Hitler this muslim killer will choose suicide.  Who cares so long justice is served n truth prevails, the sooner the better.  The next 1 won’t b any better as was the case with the  previous 1s.   Craps like British pms n us presidents come n.go trying 2 make a vicious, hostile, greedy, shameless liers n crooks world.  They only succeed with the “confused” n “compromised” opportunist few. Otherwise these r clowns of history n now proven evils.  I feel pitty but unforgiving 2wards Obama n his xsectioal followers frm brits, hindus, sauds, Jews, church of england, buddists 2 vaticans clowns.  Bcoz  all 2gether they r evils now beyond control but soon inshallah will b spotted by the conxious world for evil cleansing. Allah is watching over all things.

Munir Chowdhury

Published by Munir

Salam. Ex country treasurer of Citibank, NA. Not a full time blogger but a reflector of life and truth. I only write that is true, humane and within the decency limits mentioned in the Quran and Hadids (seometimes violated for the sake of upholding decency by exposing nudity, indecency & pornos which are being made cheaply, widely and indiscreamenently available to all). Well let me elaborate a little more why I have mashallah taken up writing. Just start reading my blogs and soon inshallah (Allah willing) you will learn something u won't regret. You will understand what I am trying is to eradicate the ignorance - mostly imposed by the western govts to mislead us, mostly Muslims. Why? In order to inflict prejudice and hatred in your mind. That creates opportunity for them to falsify the truth against Muslims and their religion Islam. They don't care for u bcoz these r mostly some power loving, wisdomless, wreckless, irresponsible, evil worshiping bigots, power hungry liars. There is another aspect of my life that I, from time to time, share evidences with the public my unfortunate job related exposure to the modern times largest, most sophisticated, merciless, non muslim religious fundamentalists terrorists plots under the protection and sympathy of their governments. These two combinedly are the caues for 9/11 and after that many more major terrorists acts throughout the world. They generally use sorcery to set these terrorist acts in special venues, with underlying days/ dates and occasions so that apparently Muslims are doubted and blamed. Purpose is to create hatred against the last and only true religion left in the world, Islam. I will inshallah, although under most evil ways used to design through complex, difficult, intimidating and hostile situations surrounding me, continue on with my efforts to share the evidences and expose the hypocrits and lying crook perpetrators till they are brought to justice. Truth inshallah will come out sooner rather than later and the unholy bizness of generally portraying muslims as terrorists will stop once and for all. Munir Chowdhury My Bio: http://wp.me/P631px-n8 https://www.blogger.com/profile/06605542118879859294 PS: I have been advised by my well wishers that all machine readable infos on my passport were in the interim linked to the so called terrorists database. So that in any foreign port I enter, instead of trump, netaneyahu, modi and boris the poven criminals (even knowingly, the presses and government attorneys offices of these countries, which are probably bought with their illegally earned mega monies, are not investigating them). So that instead I can be falsely charged and taken away being probably the only living and willing witness of these barbaric beasts, can never be traced again. These four with the listed bankers wherever traced should be grabbed by their forlocks to face justice in front of the world that they want to destroy. My website: https://www.munirchowdhury.blog

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