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Friday, 11 December 2015



Confused World

I dont know i just feel like when people block me they hate me but i havent done anything I try to be nice and keep everyone happy but seems I am one always getting hurt and I want to rip my heart out and leave somewhere I cant find it

Rebecca Woods (7/12/15, Fb)

It’s complicated…… don’t worry, b happy. Who needs peoples approval, if u r not immoral or anti-humanitarian. U r not a god damned liar politician who wants 2 invade a country, destroy it n keep up the arrogance n full of liedq excuses habits under different schemes n names.

When big lies r painfully later proven, tax payers like u n morally hurt like us find out it wasn’t really WMD but size 9 hush puppies – very well deserved not for only 1 but all these scoundrel politicians beginning fm planning, executing n continuing till 2 date. It’s all interconnected but don’t take it personally bcoz we r all victims of these bigotry evil 1way or other. But we must agree that 2 maintain this so called American dream (also hav bcom all of prosperous Europe’s dream), that it seems some unknown monkey God allows these political scoundels specially of US n UK 2 play with people’s lives n at their whim 2 do mockery with humanity.

We the people of the world want justice n peace w/o affecting our relationship with each other. So before they turn all of us fm humans 2 animals wanting us 2 bite each other so that theirs hiding the truth, blaming the innocents in order 2 cover their incompetence n prophesizing failed economic theories for the sake of only vanities n pride can continue, while the victims unfortunately come 2 a point seeking more of revenge then of justice – u never have a peaceful world rather it becomes hell in earth.

Finally, I firmly believe that all sorts of immunities shud b removed from these political mafias n their respective ctzens shud arrange for public prosecution for them on the above mentioned grounds n more if necessary. This is the least Americans n Brits can n shud do 2 walk the talk of fair n just society n cool the soon 2 b erupted global vengance of these unprecedented murderous injustice by these 2 totally gone mad n out of control governments of theirs. It’s gonna b even worse if the rumour turns into the fact that England will soon become the 51st state of USA. Can they continue with such oppression n exploitation being 1 county or can they stop the world hating them for their outrageous acts.

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